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Crust, Italian-American with New York-Style Pizza in the old El Patio space in Rockville - Closed

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We've seen the slow renovation of El Patio into a pizzeria over the last several months, and after an aborted attempt a few weeks ago (they closed a bit earlier than we anticipated), we carried out a pizza from Crust. They have 14" and 20" pizzas, comparably priced to most local competitors.

The space is big--for some reason, I didn't think that El Patio was this large, and so they must have opened up the space quite a bit. There were 5-6 tables occupied at 9 PM on a Friday night, and the openness is nice. I'm not sure about the layout--a long counter where it looks like you could sit and eat a meal is empty, and without seats; a row of chairs by the cash register (for take-out orders, I assume) seems like an afterthought.

Service was straightforward, welcoming but not effusive, but then again I was only there for take-out. The servers' interaction with the tables seemed nice.

And the pizza: it was good, with a nicely browned, crisped on the bottom, a bit doughy on top, crust. We ordered sausage and artichoke. The sausage was nice; the artichokes a bit off for me--too vinegary, I think that they had come directly from the can/jar, and a water rinse would have been much nicer. The sauce was sweet but not overly so, and the cheese was good. This is NY-style pizza, though many NY-style afficionados would likely take issue. But if judged objectively, I think it stands up pretty well as a solid pizza.

With Pizza CS just down the street, so to speak, Matchbox (which some people love, I'm a bit less of a fan) just a few minutes away, and Mamma Lucia down the road, there are suddenly a lot of pizza options in this area just off of the Rockville Pike. As a Neapolitan-style fan, my first choice is pretty clear, but I'd happily go back to Crust.

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This is NY-style pizza, though many NY-style afficionados would likely take issue. But if judged objectively, I think it stands up pretty well as a solid pizza.

It's close...so close, but not quite there.

I always order a sausage pizza to test out the authenticity. The sausage has to be real, sliced Italian sausage to pass...and they passed with flying colors...excellent topping.

The bottom crust was a bit too thick and crisp though...real NY pizza needs to have a thinner bottom, making it easily fold-able.

It was tasty though...good sauce and cheese.

A lot of competition though as SVT said. For me, Mamma Lucia is still the best NY style pizza in the area (their downtown Bethesda location the one to go to), but I'd also happily go back to Crust.

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ok, went to Crust tonight with the wife and daughter. We have waited over a year for this to open since el patio moved and quite frankly I am surprised that it finally did. That being said I was quite pleased with the result. Best patio in the area aside from Addie's. I cannot attest to the authenticiy of "NY style" pizza. It is, however one of the better pizzas in the area. Cs is good, not so much a fan of Matchbox. The crust was a little crispier than I remember a NY pizza being but really good, my wife had a meat lovers, and I got the Bianco with the addition of apple(not something I usually see on a toppings list) and bacon. the combination made for a great fall pizza. I am a fan of a well made white pizza and this one definitely fit the bill. my daughter got the personal kid's cheese pizza( actually just a 10 inch version if the regular) and it was the most she has eaten of any pizza in recent memory. Parent's take note this pizza is bargain at 5.99 and will easily feed 2 small children. They also mentioned that they do delivery in a limited area. score! I live right around the corner. Desserts were also good. The beer list needs serious work with only 3 options. that is my only complaint though. go out and support the little guy this is great pizza!

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I was just cleaning out some emails from last week and noticed a Groupon was being sold through yesterday for Crust?

Not implicating anyone here, but this is typical of a restaurant's death throes - grab some cash while you still can. Quite often, the coupons will have a very distant expiration date.

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