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The Classics (Formerly Ray's The Classics) - Elliott Ratley and Nick Lopata Take Over from Michael Landrum - Closed

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It will be surely missed.  Wondering if this was caused by following a flawed business formula.  All of the Ray's permutations are popular, who doesn't like a great piece of meat.  But they all seem to suffer from business issues.

I once owned a software company and had a similar problem.  We had 100+ staff, sales were growing and I could never figure out if we were making a profit.

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We ate at the bar last night. So going to miss this place. I have a thing for movies, so the ability to go to the Silver and then have a good, affordable dinner has been great. Love the food, love the staff and will miss Nick and Elliot so very much.

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We went on Sunday night to sit at the bar for one last bisque and hanger steak. Even at 5:30p, there was already a wait for tables.

Tonight is the last night - we had thought about going, but I think there will be a line at the door when they open at 5p. So we said our farewells to Nick and Elliott on Sunday. :(

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On 2/26/2018 at 1:18 AM, soapy said:
44 minutes ago, DanielK said:

 one last bisque and hanger steak.

 Food was delicious. I will miss the crab bisque, and all the other good food! 

The Classics and Rays do/did a great bisque.  Rays still does it.   No solace for the MD folks but it is still out there in the region.

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11 minutes ago, pras said:

Rich story.  True in my case.  Interesting sociology.  

Restaurants close for many reasons as the story reminds us.  Sometimes its because of property issues as was the case in the Philadelphia example.  Trends change.  Sometimes the business volume dims, as the owners themselves stated with regard to The Classics.  For many folks those closures feel an emotional hole.  Happy to have read the story. Now I don't feel so alone with that perspective.

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