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Fun With Meat (And Other Random Stuff)


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Wandering through the interent from link to link can lead to some very odd little cul de sacs. So there I was reading about cell phones and USB ukuleles when I came across a site on sausage carving. Bonus point for translations

Japanese sausage carving

Also on the same site the "Turbo Tap" beer dispenser. Link here

So now it'll be possible to screw up a decent pour of Guiness in record time :P

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I saw a demo on the tv news for the turbo tap.  It was from Wrigley Field and the speed with which they were able to get the beer lines moving was pretty impressive!  Would love to see it at RFK.

And apparantly because there is less foam, there is less spillage and they can get several more draughts out of a keg with the turbo tap.

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