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  1. Sorry to read this. Always enjoyed our meals there. Has Foo opened another place?
  2. London

    In London this week-staying in Kensington. Any recs appreciated!
  3. Portugal

    in Lisbon next week. Any updates appreciated!
  4. We dined at Blue Hen recently-liked not loved it. Service was off but friendly. First time I've seen rabbit on a beach menu. Charcuterie platter was pretty good. Very loud space-I hate yelling at my dinner companions. We'll probably get back at some point but not a top priority. We did have at good meal at Dewey Beer Company in Dewey-duh. Short menu but all dishes well prepared. Team service well done and there are a few parking spots on the side. My niece and nephew enjoyed the beer brewed in house. Wine list not overly priced-Cline rose a bit sweet but refreshing on a hot day.
  5. Never had a meal there I would call better than average at best so no loss, IMO.
  6. I liked the bread but was underwhelmed by our dinner last week. Seafood in my dish was either not fresh or overcooked. Excellent team service and a good happy hour with fun drink and food specials-I'd probably return for that.
  7. Classic TV Commercials From The 1960s and 1970s

  8. Cheesecake

    I ordered an expensive Juniors cheesecake a few years ago shipped to a party I was attending. It was dry, tasteless and nobody ate it. Never again.
  9. Jaleo has an excellent wine program and they are totally ok with corkage. I thought the Bethesda location better than the original downtown.
  10. New Orleans, LA

    The fest was a blast and the food booths were excellent. While we enjoyed our meals at Shaya, Sylvain and Clancys it reminded me how far our area has come in terms of quality dining. Shaya was probably our least favorite, Zaytinya overall does this type of cuisine better. The room also was extremely loud and affected our enjoyment of the meal.
  11. One of our group has many events at Ripple so he got the corkage waived. Excellent stemware and plenty of it.
  12. Wine Storage Units

    I think wine chillers are basically a rip off in general though I've had no issues with the units I have in both our houses. It is very important to get the fridge in place and then let it sit for a 2 or 3 days to let the refrigerant settle before plugging it in.
  13. We dined at Ripple last night. Usual informed service-Lauren was great but the meal was the best I've had there; everything top tier. I had the 4 course tasting menu for $49 which I think is a bargain. We brought our own wine.