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  1. I've had dinner at Blue Duck before and enjoyed it. Brunch on the other hand was very expensive and not good at all. I ordered the fried chicken and waffles. The waffle was OK, but I didn't care for the syrup at all. You would think for $20 they could afford to give you a piece of white meat, but nope, you get a wing and a thigh. I also ordered the polenta with blue cheese for $9. It had the consistency of soup. I could have done a better job of cooking it. The fries cooked in duck fat where nothing to write home about. They were bland. So for $50 apiece I got what I would hardly call
  2. We had brunch there. I would definitely go again. Not sure I'd drive that far just to go to the restaurant, but if you're in the area I'd suggest you give it a try. We didn't order one, but the desserts looked really good.
  3. We're looking for a cabin near Harper's Ferry, so we've spent some time in Shepherdstown. Here are our observations: Stone Soup - food was OK, service was incredibly slow, the floor was so uneven that stuff was falling off the table. Probably not again. Bavarian Inn - we liked this place. I would definitely go again. King's New York pizza - very good pizza, it's mostly a take-out place, there are about 4 tables for eat-in. Would do again. Nearby: The Mediterranean Cafe in Charles Town - horrible. My greek salad had dried oregano so liberally sprinkled over it that was all you could
  4. The other half and I will be attending. Thinking bacon and blue cheese coleslaw. Also will be bringing some nice cold hard cider.
  5. I've ordered delivery from Crystal Thai and Bangkok 54 more times than I can count and consider both of them to be pretty good for what their strengths are. Yellow Curry Chicken from Crystal Thai and Beef Kaprao and Pad Thai from Bangkok. We eat at Rabieng, our favorite, a couple times a month. If only they delivered. I've driven by Thai Square a million times without giving it much thought. After reading about it on here we decided to give it a try. The Crispy Honey Duck sounded right up R's alley and the Sun-Dried Beef sounded good. Throw in that they deliver to my condo and I thought
  6. I've had some really nice lunches at Jestine's. The pickles they put on the table are wonderful. Both the fried chicken and the pecan fried chicken work for me.
  7. My sister and I stayed at the Killarney Park Hotel which was absolutely wonderful. My only experience with a true 5 star hotel. We had a very nice meal at The Cooperage. The Ring of Kerry is amazing.
  8. Reid and I plan to attend. Not sure what we'll be bringing. Looking forward to it!
  9. We've eaten at Julep twice while in Richmond and have enjoyed it both times. It's located in Shockoe Bottom. Avoid The Tobacco Company. It's a tourist trap. Joe's Inn in the fan is a local favorite. It's Greek/Italian.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I go to New York a good bit, so this wouldn't be the only reason for going. Yes, gotta love Ray's!
  11. Anyone eaten at Peter Luger's? We've been thinking of going up for a weekend to eat there.
  12. Ilaine you need to try Flavors in Falls Church. I'm from the south and think this is probably the best fried chicken I've ever eaten.
  13. Used to live in Columbia ages ago. If you want a good cheap lunch eat at any of the Lizard's Thicket restaurants. It's a meat and 3 sides. And yes, I definitely wouldn't set foot in a Maurice's. He only recently removed the Confederate Flag from all his billboards.
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