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  1. I suspect there may be a few other grinches like me who aren't willing to wait in line (or otherwise go through special effort) to eat at a particular restaurant, who as a result may have stayed away from Rose's entirely (as I did) or otherwise opted for it less frequently than otherwise desired. So for that micro-category of diner, I'm pleased to report that we were successful at getting a pair of seats at the downstairs bar this past Monday evening, on a walk-in basis without a wait, by arriving shortly before 9PM. We had a lovely and completely relaxed meal, and will certainly come back ag
  2. There has been a huge amount of discussion and argument on this issue on the CP listserv over the last several years. A significant minority of contributors believe that a key factor is the 25% restaurant overlay cap, which limits the number of restaurants and bars, and the general reluctance of the neighborhood (via ANC & local citizen association input into key decisions such as the cap and maintenance of the service lane) to entertain changes in urban planning and regulation. The DC neighborhoods that have experienced the greatest growth over the last few years have taken a more moder
  3. I will echo MMM that Abbey Burger Bistro is an ideal spot to bookend a visit to the American Visionary Art Museum. Burgers were excellent - both the build-your-own (try the house-smoked black angus beef), and the ones that sound kinda weird (the Peanut Butter Burger was shockingly good). Interesting beers on draft and in the bottle, and very reasonably priced especially for the offbeat stuff. Saturday early afternoon was comfortably busy - about a 20 min wait for a table, but we were able to get seated immediately at the bar and that worked perfectly. Not a destination restaurant, but now
  4. Without factoring in the administrative work it entails, I agree with this approach and believe it would add real value to the (already invaluable) Dining Guide. But considering your (Don's) point regarding the additional work involved in managing the multiple-site restaurant listings, I think your proposed solution of placing them at the bottom of each city is a reasonable compromise. That said, if you wanted to take it a step further, some finer granularity might be warranted. For example, you can probably make the case that local enterprises with three or fewer locations warrant the same
  5. Four of us had another fine meal at Dino this past Saturday evening - I was able to grab a same-day reservation which I always appreciate. A couple of roaring cocktails launched the fun for half our group (Ginger's Cherry & Budda's Backhand, the naming of which I decline to speculate upon). Some of the dinner highlights included the deep-fried baby artichokes (eaten whole); risotto with salumi (rich and creamy, if a bit salty); local yellow perch (whole fish, fried lightly crisp, very tasty but watch the bones); and the outstandingly flavorful Peposo (short rib stew). This is my kind of
  6. You are not alone in your head-scratching. The only thing keeping a lid on the short sale market is the fact that Groupon sold such a small percentage of the company. The analysts who think highly of Groupon mostly believe that the company will successfully move away from a sales force-intensive model to one that requires less sales manpower (more business driven online, e.g., through offerings like Groupon Goods), and will innovate with new products that don't look much like the current daily coupon. All that said, even if Groupon does succeed with the kinds of innovation and agility that
  7. I was at Tackle Box last night and had the posted Tuesday night special - one whole grilled Maine lobster, with fries and slaw, for $17.99. The lobster was medium-sized, tender and flavorful, and I'll definitely be looking to stop by again on Tuesday's if this is in fact an ongoing deal. As always, the folks who work at Tackle Box seem to work hard at making it a friendly and unpretentious spot for quick and nice quality seafood. BTW, the liquor license is still on track, if much delayed... Dave
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