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The Pita Pit, An Outlet of a Canadian Franchise in the Basement Of GWU's Shenkman Hall, 23rd and G Street NW - Closed

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'bonaire said:

I used to eat at Marathon when I went to school in CP. It was a nice break from dining hall food and the Cluck U I'd order at 4 am. Plus, when most of your $$ are spent on booze, it was relatively cheap for a gyro meal.

I like the gyro from Pita Pit better.

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I have always found Pita Pit to be fairly nasty. It makes decent drunk food but I wouldn't dare eat it sober. But if you must, the chicken pita with Tzatiki sauce is edible.

The only remaining Pita Pit in the area is in the basement of Shenkman Hall (previously Ivory Tower) at 23rd and G Streets.

At street level, on the SW corner of the intersection, you'll see only a Potbelly - once you walk in, you can traverse your way down a staircase into a bleak food court, perhaps the bleakest in all of DC.

In it, you'll see four things: Gallery Market (which includes an ATM and dry cleaning), a Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin-Donut combination, Pita Pit, and Gallery Salad Bar & Grill.

Assuming you haven't headed back upstairs to Potbelly, the best (or, should I say, "the least-worst") of the four is Gallery Salad Bar & Grill which has three food bars where you can get Szechuan Tofu (hot), Summer Rolls, Kimchi (cold), and plenty of brightly colored salad greens, kept fresh by preservatives.

I bravely went to Pita Pit, and ordered a Falafel Sandwich ($6.29) with spinach, cucumbers, green peppers, and a squirt of hot sauce (very Tabasco-like). The gentleman pulled four cylinders of pre-cooked falafel out of a drawer, tossed them onto the flat-top, and squirted some oil on them so they'd begin sizzling. After they warmed up to room temperature, I got the option of "white or wheat" pita (it doesn't matter which you choose), and was told you can order them "fork style" which spares you the pita and 200 calories. I improvised my own fork style, picking the insides out from the pita, and enduring a max-250-calorie meal that I'll never have again.

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Imagine this scene:  Syracuse NY, Marshall Street, circa January, 1999, 5 Degrees.  I stumble out of Feagan's at 2 am into the Pita Pit.  Oh the memories.

Ah Marshall Street.. and Faegans. Pita Pit was where I learned the wonder of Tzatziki.

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