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Presidential Race 2008


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Ah, politics...it was only a matter of time for someone to bring it up in this town. Where is the best space with the most lively enthusiasts following the primary results, news, and action?

Much as I like spending my free time watching the debates and cheering and yelling at my tv, I would find it more worthwhile to meet others who are just as passionate as I am regarding this election, and maybe sharing our views over a cocktail or two.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Server: "Greeting, sir, it's Super Tuesday!"

Old man, hard of hearing: "It's what?"

Server: "Super Tuesday!"

Old man: "What?"

Server (shouting): "SUPER TUESDAY!"

Old man: "Oh, thanks, I'll have the soup."


(Sorry, it's a terrible reworking of a mildly dirty joke.)

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The Park at 14th is having a Super Tuesday party, with CNN and Fox News Channel broadcasting live from the venue. It's going to be tough to get in however. www.TheParkat14th.com


Will viewers have menus written by Karl Rove? Maybe a polar bear burger special?

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From your mouth to G-d's ear. Here's the Rovian bill of fair. I was trying to think of the menu at that beer garden on Fenton Street in Silver Spring in the 60s, but that would have been too good for him.

I grew up in Silver Spring (Montgomery Blair '64) and the only beer garden on Fenton Street in the '60's was the American Legion Hall near Fenton and Sligo, off the public parking lot. The Quarry House, on Bonifant, is more than likely the suggestion; this was adjacent to the bowling alley which, then, had human pin setters. Serious. I almost killed several with my wild balls...

Still, Karl Rove was in nursery school then...wailing and flailing as babies are want to do.

...I must apologize to those on this board. I am not the world's biggest fan of the Bush Administration.

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