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  1. not quite dc but pretty close india a1 market in arlington has them also, along with many indian staples, very friendly operators. (703) 841-9626 - 4815 Lee Hwy, #A
  2. Cantonese, szchwanese, if you can't do it right why have it on the menu, I used to be a regular at mark's but something happened about two years ago and things seem to have declined. I am really busted up that lucky 3 dim sum is gone, that place rocked for getting all u can eat dim sum , really a fraction of the price compared to marks. Any options on that? all u can eat dim sum that is ....
  3. I showed up for mine, ... , your place kinda reminds me of Olivetos in Oakland, havent been to Olivetos with kids though so can't relate the experience .....
  4. What restaurants would you go to from this list ? Is the Lafayette a deal ? thanks for the info
  5. I have had an AL's before , pretty yummy, does anyone know how large is a large or any benefit from getting a large as opposed to two mediums ? The atmosphere of AL's is great , reminds me of an old sandwich shop called Taneytown in Catonsville, just a counter with a guy yelling NEXT!!!!!
  6. I used to go here about once a week when I worked days. Always got the same thing, shrimp dumpling noodle soup with pig (not roast pork that is a different option) and roast duck. Personal nickname the barnyard special , as some times that what it smelled like, not sure maybe its the chinese 5 spice . You can also customize the soup with extra noodles, and probably whatever else you would like. I cannot remember the exact price but believe soup is $6 and extras $2. I like Vinh Kee as it seems to be a family run operation and the service is always great, I cannot say that about other places like Miu Kee, Full Kee, Marks Duck House, anyplace in Eden Center, were the service can vary from overbearing to well I am not sure what to classify the other extreme. The portion is a little larger (bigger bowl) than the other kees and places that serve this soup. Other places that will add duck etc, to soup do not have the variety of toppings avail that Vinh Kee has. Sometimes there can be someone smoking up front but if you sit far back in the big dining room it will not bother you. Place is kid friendly, except for the smoke. A funny side note , one time we walked in and could see into the kitchen, a cook noticed, he quickly ran up and slid a little door shut. Not sure what that means and probably would rather not think about it. Overall recommend this kee if you are in the mood for the some chinese. There is a jumbo shrimp with chinese vegetable dish that is great also (may not be on the menu)
  7. We went last saturday for lunch, third time jinx I guess, restaurant was empty but service was slow and forgetful, portions small and overpriced, two thin slices of baguette with a 8 dollar cup of white bean chili (too much white pepper, need heartier meat, white turkey meat just evaporates in weak broth, where were those fresh herbs?), and chopped up veggies on a pita for $9 , hmmm I think I have had bigger samples at trader joes. The lee highway location of death may have another victim. Beer list is the high point but the food and service seem to be sliding.
  8. Thanks Don , we are running through Culpeper next week. We ate a Foti's last year, late summer, based on those post reviews, was a tad expensive for what we got, I only remember the scallops and they were good. We had the brie appetizer also, I remember the portion being small. I do remember the most memorable things about the trip were Calhouns country ham sandwiches and Kountry Kettle (sp) Whiskey, a little off the beaten path, but a great personality there to show you how he makes his shine. There was also a wine / kitchen shop up the street from Foti's with a friendly proprieter , they had a great tasting with cheeses, wine and beer.
  9. Thanks for the great tip, have not been to faccia luna for like 5 years, my wife will love it for next monday!
  10. Hi I should amend the title, should be Looking for Discounted Clarendon eats, sorry ... Longtime 1/2 price Whitlows burger afficionado, looking to branch out , anyone know of other monday night specials in walking distance of clarendon metro? We might try http://www.osullivansirishpub.com/ 1/2 price burger, we have two wee ones in tow.
  11. Hi My name is Rob, I moved to Arlington from Baltimore in August of 2000. I found the food to be better down this way and have since become something of a closet foodie. I think I stumbled upon don rockwell, oddly enough, looking for some crabs, I ended up going to dc fish market. Great to see this area is only getting better and more diverse in terms of food choices. Looking forward to the great chatter on the boards. And collecting my discount card Oh and btw , taste of the nation tickets are discounted to $75 through 12/31, went last year and thought it was a good time, hope this is a decent charity.
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