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Best Sandwiches in DC


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On a quest. Taking suggestions for a trip around DC trying stuff. Here is the tentative list. You will not hurt my feelings insulting this list, but I am more looking for suggestions we have missed.

Wagshal’s – Brisket

Wisemiller’s – Chicken Madness

Eden Center – Banh Mi (song que or banh mi so 1

Lost Dog Cafe - ?

American Seafood Corporation – Blackened Fish

Italian Store – Milano?

Earl’s – The Pearl?

Horace & Dickie’s – Fried Fish

SUNdeVICH – Athens?

Taylor – Island Ave or Church St?

Fast Gourmet – Chivito

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Ooo, this is a good idea. On the Italian Store, I would personally quibble with the Milano - I think the Roma is more interesting with the prosciutto base, but it's one of the bigger salt bombs there (!) so it's probably not a sandwich for everyone.

I love A. Litteri's subs and some of the sandwiches from So's Your Mom, but don't feel qualified to name "bests" so maybe someone else can?

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Even with Anthony Pilla gone, I'm still a big fan of the sandwiches at Seventh Hill Pizza--especially the veggie or the prosciutto versions.

I'm still most fond of the spicy tuna, but the sandwiches here definitely rate inclusion on a best of list.

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i'm finishing the other half of jamie's pastrami and yes, it deserves to be on that list

stachowski's - pastrami

fast gourmet - cubano (i adore culinary traditions but find the chivito repulsive but really, every single one of those ingriedients needs to be on there!?!)

2 amy's - soft shell on sourdough

am wine shoppe - admo (yes iam biased because this is our sister joint)

taylor - ive had the same pork-provolone-raab thing there twice in the last month (t st): 1 was outstanding; the other was atrocious

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We ended up doing:

Wagshal’s – Brisket (I had it before but it was even better than I remembered, and the winner overall)

DC Banh Mi combo #1 on par with Song Que in EC

Lost Dog Cafe -Turkey reuben, pretty much as good as a TR can be, and they had The Fear on tap, so winner

American Seafood Corporation – Blackened Grouper, very very good, some people had it number 1 overall

Italian Store – Roma The peppers here are a notch above other places with good Italians. Some of the group have Santucci's Italian cold cut above it, I put them on par. Proscuitto makes it an unfair comparison

Earl’s – Pork and Fries, I didn't care much for this although the pork was good. Group loved it.

Horace & Dickie’s – Fried Fish lol at this being in a sandwich competition but great stuff

Taylor – Chicken cutlet with brie, pesto, arugula Good to great sandwich, would eat again.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions

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