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Anybody have any thought on (and ideally recommendations for) single bottle wine chillers? I'm thinking about getting one for my dad for Christmas. Maybe it'll stop him putting ice in his Pinot Gris. One can hope, anyway. Anybody know of any good ones? Are they totally useless? Thanks!

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Well, the answer is to commit suicide. Who cares if it works! If you take all the beauty out of winemaking (uh, the earth, perhaps), it just sucks! And that's before even drinking it.

But I will come back to say that I am fond of the touting at the bottom of their webpage:

"WinePod personal winery™

Web-enabled, state-of-the-art winery for your home or office"

For my office? REEEEAAALLY? For what office? Is this in Enron's code of ethics?

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Josko Gravner is the lead investor in this firm.  He's using it as a way to throw his competitors off the scent whilst he develops a technique even more primitive than buried amphorae for his own elevage.

Ohh come on... just think... I can program a Ricardo Coltarella 95 point Parker score and not have to buy any of the 25 merlots he consults on! Just think of the reduced inventory I will have to carry. Crap... I don't carry ANY Riccardo Coltarella merlot's!

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Not again... :)
Yes, hopefully none of you saw me driving into work this morning laughing my head off (just having read this thread before hitting the road) when this story was broadcast (between traffic reports) on WTOP radio.

This is for a competitor of Wine Clip -- the Bev Wizard, although they both share magnet technology....

Is there a scheduled PR blitz every couple of months?

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