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Dining near Dulles Airport

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1 hour ago, dracisk said:

I'm not in the area often, but I enjoyed Mokomandy in Sterling a few years ago. It looks like brunch or lunch would only work there on a Saturday or Sunday.

I had dinner at Mokomandy a week or two ago - it's strongly maintained in Italic in the Dining Guide (nothing was spectacular, but everything was at least good, and the Arctic Char Ssam was the consensus Dish of the Night). The Wild Boar Bowl is essentially a Bibimbap, and cocktails are slow, but serious. If you go, the Kimchi Pancakes ($4) are worth ordering - about eight bite-sized pancakes, tightly topped with kimchi (that's not a typo - the kimchi was almost stuck to the pancakes, leading me to believe it's added during the griddle).

I would also consider Taste @ Hong Kong (note the Fried Pumpkin with Salty Egg Yolk).

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Some good recs but if the visitors are heading to Harper's Ferry, how about some options heading northwest, not east, such as Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton, Ashburn, and Leesburg. All conveniently located on the way to Harper's Ferry from Dulles.

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