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  1. I've had them for years, the rubber on the lid starts to get sticky for a while. But Pyrex was pretty generous with replacing the lids for free (they actually sent me new glassware+lid).
  2. For Taipei Cafe, I highly recommend this dish called "Ti Pang"; it's a soy sauce braised pork thigh that is steamed for a very long time. Saw it on a cooking show and it took them something like 3 hours.
  3. Oh snap! I guess they decided to change things up a year out after their former head chef (Taipei Cafe owner) left. Word on the Taiwanese/Chinese street is that Taipei Cafe is now the preferred spot for Taiwanese food.
  4. Amazing experience. My fiancee and I loved the food, drinks, and (by some random coincidence) the amazing couple that joined us! Ferhat was awesome (even entertained some of our rather silly questions), the dishes were delicious. I would describe the dishes more, but Choirgirl21 pretty much has all the bases covered. I'm thinking the fiancee and I might make this a regular tradition. 5 stars, 10/10, call it whatever you want, it was awesome.
  5. Dining out on Thanksgiving puts me in a quandary. On one hand, I feel for the person or family who's flying in from elsewhere and unable to prep a dinner on short notice. On the other hand, I also feel for the dining staff, who are basically spending their dinners at work (some may prefer the comfort of coworkers to terrible family members however). But it is not my position to speak for one or the other, thus my feels vex me. I once worked retail, and had to do a few Black Friday shifts, from 4PM to 2AM, I kept asking myself "WTF."
  6. I dropped by with my fiancee during the Anniversary 50% off night. It was a madhouse, took about an hour to get our sakedon (salmon), gyudon (beef), kaarage (fried chicken) appetizer, and ebi (shrimp) appetizer. There were probably 200 take-out orders during that hour, so it was a pretty high energy/insane environment. The food was alright though (since it was half off, my final bill was $14 before tip). Sakedon - salmon wasn't as fresh as I'd have liked, the rice sauce was a tad salty. Gyudon - sauce was a tad salty, beef texture was great. Kaarage - very very good, and was a steal of
  7. Well, we were all very excited to try out this new restaurant since we are friends with some of the owners and staff (and fans of Reese's other ventures). If anything, we hyped it up too much for ourselves (we planned this dinner maybe 1 or 2 months in advance). The dishes overall were just inconsistent (even the ones from Copperwood Tavern), maybe in a few months they'll have stepped out of the growing pains.
  8. So my friends and I have been Mighty Pint patrons for over 5 years now, as in we were there pretty much 10+ times a month for 5 years straight. Many relationships started and ended there, many friends gained, many memories lost. So as a last hurrah for our beloved TMP, we booked a 15 person reservation for Second State on its opening weekend. At first glance, "WOW." They really revamped the entire place, we were all extremely impressed with the new decor. TMP was pretty much the definition of dive, and to be able to convert from that to a fine dining establishment is no small task. We're
  9. The majority of my friends from California who frequent Robek's use it as a substitute for Jamba Juice. Once Jamba Juice opened in DC, it was pretty much the end for Robek's. The quality and taste is notably different.
  10. Alright, I feel obligated to post a review here, as it is one of my favorite restaurants in the area, and one which I frequent at least 2 to 3 times a month (I've been here at least 15 times). Hailing from SoCal, where AYCE KBBQ can be found on every block, I have boiled down KBBQ to one of two options: Quality vs Quantity. Iron Age falls under the Quantity group. And for the price, they really can't be beat (though they've increased prices by about $2 / year). My girlfriend I almost exclusively order Gogi A. For $20, Gogi A includes: Beef brisket Garlic pork belly Soy sauce marinate
  11. I was back in LA for about 2 weeks, and had 羊肉串, spicy lamb kabobs (http://ediblyasian.info/recipes/lamb-kebab-yang-rou-chuan-). Perhaps they're those! Great choices!
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