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  1. I think gastropub was kind of what I had in my head and I was a little disappointed to see something that looked more like America Eats. My husband is a burger guy, JBag57, and I usually order something different every time. If the kiddo is along, I try to share because she is allergic to eggs and frankly there are only so many chicken fingers she can eat. I am excited to see what pans out, regardless of the price point or the menu. I have a wedding anniversary coming up and I don't feel like going into DC on a school night.
  2. With all due respect, Joe, family-friendly doesn't necessarily mean casual dining. I think what everyone was hoping for was a menu with a few more entrees south of $20. It also means a place where I can call my parents and in-laws and say "hey, meet us at xyz at 6 on Monday night" and we can have dinner and not necessarily pay $20 an entree (for us, that's Montmartre, but the menu hasn't changed in probably 15 years). Reston is a dichotomous dining wasteland, unfortunately -- split between fast casual places like Chipotle, Cafesano, and the Silver Diner, and Passionfish, Il Fornaio, and Mor
  3. Had dinner here last night. Cocktails were great, apps were great, everyone at my table enjoyed everything from cocktails to dessert. Prices were pretty reasonable in comparison to the chain places (GAR, Mon Ami Gabi, Clyde's Group). A little lower or the same. Food was cooked perfectly. The mutton and oysters featured the best fried oysters I've ever had in my whole life, and I love them. My husband had the fried chicken (they give you half a chicken, basically, and he couldn't finish) and our friends had the chicken pot pie (which we joked was deconstructed before it came... and they d
  4. We have used PeaPod a lot since our 4.5 month old daughter was born and I've been really happy with them out here in Reston. They're also really helpful for things like cases of bottled water that you don't really want to schlep into the house on a regular basis and you absolutely need to have around in this godawful heat. We ordered 10 cases with our last order because we figured we'd drink them eventually anyhow and they were on sale. I've had good luck with the produce, but I think it also depends on the store your delivery comes from. My deliveries come from the Giant over on Elden Str
  5. My ILs live in Fairfax Station and the delivery options are pretty sparse out there. This place is actually on the rotation and I have to just comment that I am amused to see it mentioned on this site at all. I think the nicest thing I can say is that it's serviceable. Kibbee Nayee, I think it's fair to assume the gyro uses the "masonite meat." Sigh.
  6. Thank you for posting photos! I so wanted to go to this, but I am what feels like 500 weeks pregnant so, instead, my husband and I went to Layalina -- which happens to be one of our special restaurants -- for dinner two weeks ago and vowed to come back after the baby comes (with lots of friends) so we can partake of a similar feast.
  7. It's also the best. Lebanese Taverna is seriously overrated in comparison to Layalina, but I am secretly glad that Layalina stays (just slightly) below the radar.
  8. I have been distinctly underwhelmed by Thai Luang each time I've been in here over the years. First off, the restaurant strikes me as being somewhat dingy, bordering on sticky. I certainly can't say that it competes with Thai Square at its height. My last visit was about six months ago and the drunken noodles were merely mediocre. If I had to take my pick of local Thai spots, I'd still rather go to Sakoontra in Fair Lakes.
  9. Can you use it for lunch or happy hour? It's not that anything I've had here is bad, it's just that it's largely uninspiring for the price point. Even with a gift certificate. Shortly after the place opened, it was fantastic. Now it's a nice value at lunch, but I wouldn't pay dinner prices.
  10. I went in with friends for a leisurely meal last night. It was my first time at New Heights and I was impressed by the way the service struck a good balance of being very good and efficient without rushing us out the door. For my appetizer, I enjoyed the Summer Squash soup with the creme fraiche, and the basil. Due to pregnancy, my sense of smell/taste is extremely sensitive right now and I loved the soup, but it seemed a little overseasoned to me -- just a bit too salty. For the entree, I had the Seared Cobia with the Ham Broth. It was a wonderful combination of flavors and the ham br
  11. Has anyone had any of the call ahead items on the menu? It's been awhile since we've been to Layalina and I think we need to drive up to Arlington for a visit.
  12. New web person checking in. I'm actually Todd's sister (hence my staying quiet on the various places he's been over the years) and I'll be getting the site up in the next few weeks for Todd and Nicole and building a template so they can easily update the menu online. As soon as it's up, I'll let everyone know. Todd and Nicole have been working nonstop since they took ownership. In addition to Todd's experience, they bring Nicole's impressive front-of-the-house credentials which include Chef Geoff's, Poste, and Tonic at Quigley's Pharmacy. Best, Michelle
  13. That sounds right. My original post was terribly unclear. I used to go to the location in the mall, but I spotted the second location while walking around the area at lunchtime when I worked over there.
  14. Yeah, they've got another location in Arlington, not far from Ballston as well. I used to work over there and get a salad from there almost every day.
  15. Most of the Virginia-based vendors at the Reston town center market have had them for a couple of weeks now, as well as rhubarb.
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