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  1. What Id like to see is someone to take accountabilty for the total lack of quality control and oversight. Two groups, one pretended to own this, and the other pretend not to, just tell the truth and they may have been able to have success. If you have a bad experience and you want to give feedback in order for a place in your neighborhood to succeed who do you give it to at this place? Better yet, who would even take the responsibility to make things better. Places shut, yes, however, this seemed like more of a get rich quick, then a thought out idea,
  2. Went this past Saturday and follows is the report 1. No Tables althought place was fully staffed and about 10-15 tables empty so sat at bar with Wife 2. White Wine was nice and warm 3. Guac was also nice and warm, and tasted like it was beat by someone who was really angry 4. AC was broken, or simply underpowered. Heard they are fretting at the cost at replacing, I think it is much less than the cost of losing customers for good 5. Lobster taco size is a joke, you can get practically half a lobster at lukes for the same price you get two microscopic tacos, the flavor was good, but for h
  3. I have eaten at 15 east., while a great experience, I would rate it about a 9/10 maybe 8.5. Yasuda, Matsuhisa, Nobu London, Im not trying to proclaim Im an expert, again Im simply expressing my personal opinion. There are few sushi places in DC that I feel are worth my money on a consistant basis and the ones I listed are ranked accordingly.
  4. You shouldnt have to sit in front of the executive sushi chef for the food to be good at a sushi restaurant. While omakase with Nobu at Sushi Taro is closer to a 9.5/10 I didnt rate the restaurant that. While Sushi Sono with King is close to a 8/10 I feel like the place overall is closer to a 6.5/10. I understand what you are saying but if 90% of the diners are not sitting with Kaz or Koji, it is not fair to grade a whole restaurant with that. As for Kushi me an a well regarded international executive sushi chef watched their "expert" sushi chefs do some things that would never be done a
  5. Sushi Taro is a 8/10 Kaz is a 5/10 Sushi Ko (Both) is a 3.5/10 Kushi is trying to be a 6/10 but is more like a 4.5/10 If you want Americanized Rolls the VA spots are the best, except for Sushi Sono in Columbia
  6. Had an amazing Lunch at Ris this Monday. Was with some international food industry vets, and everyone loved what they had. Items included the Ceviche, the spinach Salad, and others. Please forgive my poor skills of description, yet I wanted to make sure that everyone knows what an terrific meal, service, and environment DC has at this wonderful restaurant.
  7. If you are still looking PM me and I would be happy to throw some ideas your way.
  8. Just had Pho 75 today for lunch, and all I can say is that pho hot blows them out of the water. Next time it will be the drive to annandale no matter what. Pho 75 had 1/2 the amount of food including maybe at best 5 fatty thin (paper) slices of beef...just plain boring. Not a Pho expert, but Pho Hot was excellent.
  9. Get the Chicken Nachos, they are great, and one of the few places that I have seen that use fresh cut jalapeno
  10. Pulled Pork-Great...maybe second or third best I have had, next to BBQ House in Laurel and Apple House in Front Royal Brisket-Just too fatty for my taste, could have been that one cut that one day, so try for yourself Sauces-I agree combine them, great flavor, but taste a little processed to me Ribs-Havent tried them yet but will Owner-Very friendly and interested in keep quality and product top notch, however does seem a little understaffed when they are busy Next want to try Black Hog in Frederick
  11. Dollar for dollar the best steak meal I have had in DC in quite a while. Service was good, steak was exceptional, sides were a 7/10 (fries and sauteed spinach) and deserts were solid. Great space, and tremendous sommelier.
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