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  1. I think Sheldman asked a very important question. Unfortunately, in everyone's rush to anoint or bash michelin not enough people have thought about ratings, dining guides etc... under the context of who is their audience. Taste is subjective. Different people are looking for different things from an experience at any given restaurant. Anyone that is blindly using any guide is bound to be disappointed at times if they're basing their decisions solely on that guide. I've eaten at restaurants that you've raved about and had great meals, and I've eaten at restaurants you've raved at and had m
  2. wondering if they're going to include a sort of "cuisine" section like they do in the Paris guide.
  3. To clarify the foie, personally I'd like to be with at least 3 if not 5 other people to order the whole roasted foie. We got 6 lovely slices out of the one we served tonight.
  4. your next trip to France you need to head to Chez Hortense in Cap Ferret for their moules frites(southwest France). Absolutely to die for albeit a little different than the northern version. No broth, instead it would seem they're oven roasted as opposed to steamed. Garlicky, bacony bread crumbs, very respectable french fries and some inexpensive white bordeaux (specifically we had the graville lacoste for about 20 euro). Absolutely delightful dish regardless of origin. These are small bouchot mussels so if you prefer the giant PEI type skip it and save the table for us. :-)
  5. Being a huge fan of the Cava in Ballston/Clarendon I was quite excited to see that Cava was opening in Fox Chase. Their fast casual here means basically everything is coming out of a steam table. I haven't been back.
  6. If you're talking about the 2 & 3*s I would tend to agree. one Michelin star represents a “very good restaurant in its category,” while two stars denotes a restaurant boasting “excellent cooking” that is “worth a detour.” Three stars, however, is the ultimate accolade, afforded only to those restaurants that offer “exceptional cuisine” that is “worth a special journey.” I think it's tough to be "worth a special journey" if someone comes in and orders a single course. The obvious exception being the tongue taco at La Taqueria in San Francisco.
  7. To clarify, tax is additional, service is not. So if you order the wine pairing it's already priced with the idea of it being service included as well. I'm one of those that thinks the current system is antiquated and broken. Personally, I'd be very happy if that's the future for the hospitality industry.
  8. Yes, legislation would make it easier but I don't actually think it would be that difficult for restaurants to handle it internally if they want to. Service included written on the menu as well as removing the gratuity line from the Credit Card receipt would make it pretty clear for most people. (I say most because there might be some people that still pay their tab with that archaic thing called "cash") I was in Europe for a little while in August, some places have moved away from service included, but they all have the tip line which I found really annoying and frustrating, I see this as
  9. sorry, meant to post this a few weeks ago but had to reset my password for the umpteenth time. If what we saw when we walked past the restaurant (now several weeks ago, but right after the salmonella reporting) they're gonna have no worries getting people back into the restaurant. Place was packed!!!!
  10. If you're a fan of moving away from the current gratuity system then it's great that Bar Marco has been able to get as much press and publicity as they have for what they're doing. While it's probably in some ways more 'simple' to look at the restaurant economics there are IMHO two major issues with changing to gratuity system which are much harder to address. Public perception, and finding staff. Don has repeatedly said that he would gladly pay the 20% extra if the need to tip at the end of a meal was removed. I certainly don't question his sentiment, and am good enough friends with Don
  11. We're looking to fill a position in our kitchen. Hours can be long. Experience is preferred. Right attitude is even better. If interested in learning more please reach out to me at: EZiebold@mohg.com (202)787-6600
  12. I personally don't own a camera, and only on rare occasions take photos of anything, food or otherwise. Did have an inspiring dish the other day that caused me to want to take a photo: Had this at a Jolie Feuille gallery viewing just the other day. Absolutely delicious. Only problem is that the 'restaurant' only has seating for 4 ppl. (6 if they're very friendly) They're only open sometimes on Sundays and Mondays They don't take reservations. And they don't accept cash. (payment is only accepted in the form of a shared bottle of wine) Besides the great dish, it's nice that if you're w
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