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  1. Uni

    Which location of Jaleo? I'm a lazy sod & prefer not to cross the river, if I don't have to.
  2. Uni

    Thanks, this is exactly the kind of response I was hoping for. I think I will try to plan a dinner at Nasime in Old Town, as long as uni is on the menu somehow.
  3. Uni

    I had a dream about eating uni last night (it was scattered like bacon bits on top of a rice bowl, which didn't seem right). I have never had uni, but if I want to live my dream, where should I try it?
  4. That chicken sandwich looks the best-(of course, as a home smoker, I feel free to say that brisket does not look appetizing at all). What's the stuff in the lower left corner of the photo?
  5. I'm trying to get back into baking myself. I (on a whim) replaced my broken Zojirushi bread machine w/ a Hamilton Beach model (I like to use it to make dough & proof starters). So far, I've made sour corn rye bread & pain ancienne (recipes from 'Rustic European Breads from your Bread Machine" by Linda Eckhardt & Diana Butts). Although I keep a stone in my oven, I've never tried the peel transfer (I think once I used the bottom of a sheet pan w/ cornmeal). i also went on Chowhound the other day for the first time in ages, & the baking cookbook of the month for March is 'Classic Home Desserts" by Richard Sax, which I've had for ages. I made the Piernik (Polish Honey cake) last T'giving, wasn't overwhelmed w/ the first taste, but after a couple of days, it was very more-ish, not too sweet, perfect w/ a cup of tea.
  6. Lizzy & I had lunch today at Afghan Bistro- delicious, 1 beef tenderloin & 1 chicken thigh kebab, rice, eggplant, potato, rice, the delicious bread & all the spicy sauces. I'm definitely going to try a version of the avocado/yogurt/garlic sauce.
  7. No tips on Ashburn, but try not to be too dispirited before you settle in. We live on the southern fringe of Fairfax county, out of the way , but you will eventually find local places. Also, probably more CSAs, farms, wineries out that way...
  8. I'm rewatching "Foyle's War" on Netflix to escape from current news, & this looks like a book that I would enjoy reading.
  9. I just got my Anova circulator & I can't wait to experiment with it. My first item is a tri-tip roast (6 hrs, 130), I don't have the energy to mess w/ it tonight, but I'll sear it tomorrow to add to a salad. Next up, chicken thighs & salmon.
  10. "José Andrés to Trump: Let's End This Legal Beef with Donation to Vets" by Louis Nelson on at least someone's taking the high road...
  11. Not sure how it happened, but my daughter & her friends were supposed to go to Columbia Firehouse for dinner before homecoming at Mount Vernon, but it was closed (or not available for a group that size) & they were redirected to Los Tios. She was not happy, (& she said the DJ sucked, too).
  12. On the day I met my husband (who is a Citadel graduate) I asked him how he felt about women at the Citadel & gays in the military. Despite the fact that we disagreed on these issues (not sure if he still does), reader, I married him anyway.
  13. My son says I need to watch 'Narcos', & I tried Arepas Capitol down in Woodbridge & it was awesome-fresh & delicious. My only experience was years ago at La Caraquena, & this topped it! --- I lucked out again yesterday- I had to meet a friend down in Woodbridge (she lives in Montclair) & I picked Arepas Capitol off of Yelp. It was awesome, & I don't understand why it was not packed at lunchtime yesterday. Next to BJ's, small storefront- I ordered the Reina pepiada (chicken salad w/ avocado) arepa & the empanada pabellon (shredded beef, cheese, plantains) . They were both amazing, delicious, my friend got a regular shredded beef & cheese empanada, but then ordered 2 empanada pabellon for dinner that night. Service & food were excellent, & I'm looking forward to heading that way & trying out more stuff (but I think I ordered the perfect items, if that makes sense).