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  1. Ha, ha! When I get pulled over on a bs violation (which rarely happens), I don't go to the trouble of looking up the officer's record, I'm happy you were able to acknowledge his accomplishments.
  2. Lizzy & I were going to check out The Block today, but I am past the 'sell by' date-I will let her explore that w/ her friends. Besides, I was interested in Nua Haus's Yelp reviews (overwhelmingly positive)-I thought it was good, but I've been to lots of good & great Thai restaurants, so while I thought it was good, I can get good Thai closer to me. But I am thinking about checking out the Corner Q in Lorton (Filipino)-I have NO experience w/ Filipino food, other than that they sell frozen bangus & lumpia in the commissary.
  3. My son tricked me into watching this & after the first dog was killed,I started screaming at him. He promised there wasn't anything else like this, but there was (I've watched enough horror movies to tune things out, but cruelty to animals finishes it for me). Now he wants me to watch 'Veep', should I be scared? Just joking, I probably let him be exposed to much worse things, & I love Julia Louis Dreyfus.
  4. I just realized that I should add this-An excellent Vietnamese restaurant in old town Fairfax (right next to Havabite Eatery, old school Italian/Greek/homey, also very good). We went here last Sunday w/ a group of 6, since it was cloudy & cool, we went for pho. 1 beef, 3 chicken, loads of spring rolls (don't judge) & chicken & veg for my Mom who is doing a whole 30 (& driving me mad w/ her queries about the miniscule amount of sugar in saucešŸ™„). i think this is the 3rd or 4th time I've eaten here & it is wonderful-great food, great service. This is the first time we ended our meal w/ sticky rice pudding topped w/ coconut cream & sesame seeds, & mango slices (gratis). It was the perfect choice for a celebratory lunch & I look forward to more meals here.
  5. Funny/ not funny addendum to the street tacos-my husband ate one of the large peppers, because he thought they must be poblanos instead of jalapeƱos (wrong) & was suffering. I thought he was being a wuss until the day after, I tried to make a chicken soup w/ various leftover items & put in 1.5 peppers. My niece tasted & turned red, I tasted & started swearing (even though I have a high tolerance for heat). I kept dumping out broth, diluting w/ more chicken broth & water, & finally conceded-it was unsalvageable. I have never made inedible chicken soup before.
  6. I had lunch here today with my daughter. We ordered too much food, because we wanted to try all our favorites-chicken ka prow, chicken pad see ew, chicken larb (yes, we overdid it on the chicken) & a spicy salmon roll. We were the only customers at around noon, service was great, & the food was very good. I prefer the larb from Thai Nakorn because it's spicier (& Le Thai, which replaced ThaiBox near Ft. Belvoir, has a great crispy tilapia larb w/ cubes of fried fish), but this was good, tart w/ lime, & they brought out the condiment tray so I could spice it up. i should have tried the papaya salad, because they have some interesting variations, but we went w/ our benchmarks (& my dining companion isn't fond of papaya salad). We now have tons of leftovers to get us through the weekend. Our other food related event was my son's graduation from GMU this weekend-I had incoming family from across the country, smoked 30+ lbs of pork, had various salads, veg, fruit, & poundcake & ordered street tacos from El Paso (a huge hit w/ the fam). I am recovering & get to do it again in 2.5 weeks for Lizzy's HS graduation. & now I realize I should edit, because the giant picture is El Paso's street tacos, I didn't take pics at Nua Haus-maybe later
  7. Uni

    Which location of Jaleo? I'm a lazy sod & prefer not to cross the river, if I don't have to.
  8. Uni

    Thanks, this is exactly the kind of response I was hoping for. I think I will try to plan a dinner at Nasime in Old Town, as long as uni is on the menu somehow.
  9. Uni

    I had a dream about eating uni last night (it was scattered like bacon bits on top of a rice bowl, which didn't seem right). I have never had uni, but if I want to live my dream, where should I try it?
  10. That chicken sandwich looks the best-(of course, as a home smoker, I feel free to say that brisket does not look appetizing at all). What's the stuff in the lower left corner of the photo?
  11. I'm trying to get back into baking myself. I (on a whim) replaced my broken Zojirushi bread machine w/ a Hamilton Beach model (I like to use it to make dough & proof starters). So far, I've made sour corn rye bread & pain ancienne (recipes from 'Rustic European Breads from your Bread Machine" by Linda Eckhardt & Diana Butts). Although I keep a stone in my oven, I've never tried the peel transfer (I think once I used the bottom of a sheet pan w/ cornmeal). i also went on Chowhound the other day for the first time in ages, & the baking cookbook of the month for March is 'Classic Home Desserts" by Richard Sax, which I've had for ages. I made the Piernik (Polish Honey cake) last T'giving, wasn't overwhelmed w/ the first taste, but after a couple of days, it was very more-ish, not too sweet, perfect w/ a cup of tea.
  12. Lizzy & I had lunch today at Afghan Bistro- delicious, 1 beef tenderloin & 1 chicken thigh kebab, rice, eggplant, potato, rice, the delicious bread & all the spicy sauces. I'm definitely going to try a version of the avocado/yogurt/garlic sauce.
  13. No tips on Ashburn, but try not to be too dispirited before you settle in. We live on the southern fringe of Fairfax county, out of the way , but you will eventually find local places. Also, probably more CSAs, farms, wineries out that way...
  14. I'm rewatching "Foyle's War" on Netflix to escape from current news, & this looks like a book that I would enjoy reading.