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  1. To this wonderful community on its 13th anniversary-- and to its tireless founder, DonRocks, who made this all happen.
  2. My copy is blue, with clouds on the cover. DonRocks recently bought the 20th Anniversary Edition, which is white with red lettering. Both are about 2 inches thick. "Infinite Jest" is a time investment, but a worthwhile one.
  3. K1 (Beer Advocate rating) is a neighborhood gem for beer and wine. I am planning to visit Belgium, so I stopped in at K1 to buy a bottle of Chimay. I was delighted to find several types of Chimay here, but I didn't buy any because there were so many other interesting beer selections from Belgium. I wound up trying two beers from Bruges, where I am planning to visit for a few days. This store is small, but it has a great selection of adult beverages--particularly beer.
  4. Mulebone didn't make it, and neither did "Ancient Rivers," a restaurant that took over the space last fall, but not for long. "Short-Lived Ancient Rivers Has Closed" by Warren Rojas on Eater.
  5. DIShGo

    Dining in Clarendon

    Sounds good! I will try it.
  6. I went to Convivial for the first time during Restaurant Week and enjoyed an exceptional meal at the bar. We were given the choice of three courses for $35, choosing one item from three of the five different categories. From the first section, I ordered the brandade, a rich, satisfying starter of salted cod, potatoes, creme friache and rustic bread tuile. My friend had the confit duck gizzards with puy lentils and a duck egg. We shared these dishes, and I loved them both. If I could only have one, however, I'd order the confit. For the second courses, I had bouillabaisse (with sea bass, prawn, crab, scallop, clam, mussel and octopus), and my friend ordered the daurade, with sauteed squid, celery root and sofrito. Again, my companion edged me out with his ordering skills. The bouillabaisse was fantastic, but the daurade was by far my favorite dish of the night. Unfortunately, my blurry photo does not do justice to this wonderful dish. We ended our meal with two cheese courses--actually the cheese ended up in a take-home bag as we were already stuffed when it arrived. The tasting menu would have been the perfect amount of food for us, had we not ordered one extra item from the nibble section--the latke, two portions each of celery root and dried lamb, and whitefish salad and golden caviar. This dish was good, but not necessary with all of the other courses that came after.
  7. We went there last night and had the $1 nigiri. I thought it was really good, particularly the yellowtail. It isn't Sushi Ogawa, but it is a great neighborhood spot. I plan to go back often. They have their license now. We enjoyed sake and beer with our $1 nigiri last night.
  8. I loved "Miss Everything" the moment I saw it. And I think this is a wonderful portrait of Mrs. Obama.
  9. DIShGo


    Mmmm. Es Teler sounds good! I'll give it a shot!
  10. DIShGo


    I bought this on a whim the last time I was at TJ's. It is sitting in my pantry, unopened, because I don't know what to do with it...
  11. This restaurant closed on Jan 31, according to this Eater article and Cafe Ole's tweet.
  12. I just saw this film at the Drafthouse in Arlington, and I loved it. "Lady Bird" and "Get Out" are the two frontrunners for Best Picture for me from what I have seen of the nominees so far. I lived near Sacramento for more than 20 years, so I enjoyed the references to the area. Plus, both of my children attended Catholic school, so this part of the film hit home as well. This is a funny and heartfelt coming-of-age film that rings true throughout.