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    Isn't it kind of disheartening when you fill out an online address and it forces you put it in "Washington" for CITY (historically accurate) and "DC" for STATE?
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    New Orleans, LA
  1. New Orleans, LA

    Lunch st Galatoire's is a must- I vastly prefer Arnaud's to Antoine's but that is just me being me
  2. New Orleans, LA

    Crawfish will be in full swing then so you should definitely hit up Bevi in midcity, Harbor out by the airport (always my first stop when coming back home), Clesi's, also in midcity, should be done with renovations by then - all have excellent crawfish and are close enough to get to easily For lunch/afternoon Cochon Butcher has excellent sandwiches though is always packed Pho Tau Bay has the best Vietnamese if you don't want to trek out to New Orleans East or the Westbank- it's across the street from Charity Hospital on Tulane Marjie's Grill on Broad by the courthouse is a rad place to jam (yes the owners are dear friends of mine but the food is dat damn good) Finally, shameless self promotion: go to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art to see my wife then sit on the patio at Herbsaint and watch the streetcar roll by and the sazeracs flow... ⚜️
  3. New Orleans, LA

    Happy Mardi Gras y'all!!!!!!!!!!
  4. New Orleans, LA

    Happy Bacchus Sunday y'all!!! 🍾
  5. New Orleans, LA

    Dat's an itinerary dere chere!
  6. New Orleans, LA

    How was it!?! Every year, I'm always surprised how good Rouses' Crawfish are..
  7. Upstate South Carolina

    Duke's BBQ in Aiken. That's all that needs to be said
  8. Yes I have, unfortunately. Nile was abysmal, Abyssinia less so- Le sigh... we used to live a block from Zenebech way back when, last time we were in town I could hardly recognize my home turf
  9. New Orleans, LA

    Happy Mardi Gras y'all!!!
  10. Tempier Rose really is better than any other Bandol Rose, despite the price difference, is always worth the splurge
  11. Our Miami farmteam, formerly the Zephyrs, have been recently christened.......................The New Orleans Baby Cakes. I SHIT YOU NOT Edited cos I can't figure out how to get the picture of the tough, street wise, angry King Cake Baby on to the post. Seriously tho, just look it up, he is incredible
  12. New Orleans, LA

    Angeline and Peche are both wonderful, I've not been to Toup's South but have been underwhelmed by the original in the past (I've not been in well over a here though, so...) However you will be in the decidedly different museum that is the Southern Food and Beverage, which you can (naturally) peruse with a cocktail from Toups in yer hand, so, you know, there's that. Haven't been to R'evolution, bit too high falootin' for my tastes, though that's obviously just a personal thang. Heard laughable things bout Meril but that was during their soft opening so presumably those issues should've been addressed by now. Happy gut hunting!
  13. New Orleans, LA

    Damn! Jaime texted me right after I had left for the day, oh well...