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  1. Thanks for sharing the pic! If I ever make it Great Wall Szechaun House I'm 100% getting this.
  2. A restaurant can't be both Bib Gourmand and starred in the same year, but there have been restaurants that have been Bib Gourmand that have become starred in subsequent years.
  3. I went here recently as well. I second your thoughts that the scallops in coconut risotto and basil ice cream and duck confit were the standouts. The wings were really good too. I definitely want to go back and try the mussels, but I guess I'll skip the sea bass (thanks for the cilantro tip!)
  4. Every USA restaurant on the list (including 51-100) comes from a Michelin City. Maybe DC will make the list in the near future...
  5. It's like movie reviews and and box office money. often movie critics panning a blockbuster movie has minimum effect on the overall box office (see Batman v. Superman).
  6. Had a chance to go as well Sunday night, sat at the bar and had a wonderful meal. The brown rice bread was incredible, it was so flavorful and well balanced, and something that stands out among all the new great restaurants in DC. All the dishes were actually really well balanced, with sweetness playing into most of the other dishes I had as well (carrot puree) in the ravioli and beets with the lamb ribs, which as a dish was rich and flavorful and decently filling. One thing to warn others who haven't been is that the lamb ribs does come with a lot of cilantro that I had to spend some time picking off. This is in no way limited to Tail Up Goat, as many restaurants do this, but I do wish if cilantro was on a dish it would be noted on the menu. It might be a small thing or garnish for some people, but it is really an offensive taste for others (like me). I can't be the only one who thinks this, right? I know there are a lot of cilantro haters out there.
  7. Also from the Washingtonian: "The seats at the bar are for reservations only, but the experience is different from the dining room and the chef's counter. "We want the bar to have its own appeal to it," Faile says. There, diners will eat the same tasting menu, however drinks are not included, which drops the base price down to $150. Faile's $20 "show cocktails," are available for purchase, and you can also order classics." Although maybe not ideal, and definitely ironic, those who don't want to drink alcohol can get the tasting menu only at a lower price point if they sit at the bar.
  8. First, I think all restaurants should have reservations for one available to be accessible to all types of diners. That said, since some restaurants allow res for 1 on open table and others don't, the ones that don't clearly made that choice not to have that option. Thus, I can imagine them being pretty annoyed if you make a res for two and just show up as one. The best thing to do might be just to call. Either they'll give you reservation that way, or they'll tell you they don't do res for one but that the bar is open seating.
  9. That was a nerve-wrecking episode for Marjorie fans. With two DC chefs in the final six, chances are good at least one (hopefully both) make the final four.
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