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  1. I thought this was just going to be a crappy corona-birthday, but we celebrated by ordering from Claritytogo.com. It was just wonderful! We opted for the 3 course dinner for $35 which is a great deal. The menu changes a bit day by day, but if they have halibut, I would definitely recommend it. Our fish dish included gnocchi, beets, and spinach and was delicious. Actually everything was really flavorful. They provide great dinner rolls. We received an extra birthday dessert as well. And they gave us cute little cookies which we haven't eaten yet. I'd strongly recommend as the ordering, pick up, everything was super easy.
  2. I liked Zingers (the raspberry coconut snack cake.) And you are right I did not like Devil Dogs but I did like Yodels and HoHos.
  3. We stopped by this place just to get a drink. While there we picked up a homemade "Ring Ding." Amazing! Don't know if they have this every day, but if you stop in and they do have it, better pick one up as it was delicious. It was the yummiest thing we ate in NYC during a weekend of plenty of good eating!!!! As a kid I didn't even like Ring Dings, but this thing was a winner.
  4. I was in NYC this past weekend and had brunch at Russ and Daughter's Cafe on Saturday and at Sadelle's on Sunday. We arrived early each day to avoid a long wait. I can't totally compare as I had different dishes at each place. The lox, eggs and onions at Russ and Daughters was great and reminded me of my mom's version. (For some reason when I make it at home it turns out yucky.) The restaurant is very retro and has booths (which I love.) At Sadelle's I ordered house smoked salmon (I asked the waiter if he preferred the Scottish or the house smoked salmon and he said the house.) The bagel was fantastic and the smoked salmon was much better than what I get here. I thought the portions were pretty large and were more than I could fit on a bagel. You can ask for another bagel and they don't charge you! They have a bakery/to go counter where I bought a slice of babka. It was very good but not the best that I've had. (I really like Breads Bakery's babka.) In any case, I loved both places.
  5. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Very funny.
  6. Due to the snowstorm, there has been an extension for RW although not all restaurants are participating in the extension. I think you can find out which restaurants are participating and for how long here: http://www.ramw.org/restaurantweek
  7. Arielle Shoshana Scented Luxuries is a fragrance shop located in the Mosaic District at 2920 District Avenue along the street where stores have recently appeared to the left of the movie theater. The shop offers harder to find colognes, perfumes, bath products and candles. The scents are arranged by type of fragrance such as clean, floral, beachy, spicy etc. I found the layout really useful. The staff was extremely helpful - both friendly and knowledgeable, and not at all pushy. They showed me lots of samples without spraying it on me first (which I hate!) There were a few things that interested me. I found when I got home they gave me samples of the fragrances I was considering, but didn't buy. This shop is a great addition to the Mosaic District. Alice Lieberman
  8. If anyone is looking to adopt a cat, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue is holding a cat adoption event on Saturday, November 14 from 11 am - 3 pm. at their Kitty City facility located within Dog Paws and Cat Claws at 5818 Seminary Road in Baileys Crossroads, VA. There is a group of 6 very sweet cats. For further information and photos of most of the cats staying at Kitty City, check out this link! I'll be at the adoption open house.
  9. We had 23 kids which is an all time record for us. Last year I think we had 2. I almost ran out of candy. Gave out Dove chocolate eye balls and Hershey miniatures.
  10. It is tomato season, and Bread Furst has wonderful single serving tomato tarts. Earlier this summer, I had one and it was flatter more like a Ledo pizza slice (square shaped). Now the tarts are more like little pies and seem a bit more substantial. Really delicious. Lovely flakey crust, pesto and freshest tomato slices.
  11. A Cat Adoption event this Saturday, August 29 from 11 -3 pm for Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in their Kitty City facility which is located at Dog Paws 'n Cat Claws at 5818 Seminary Road. This is convenient to Falls Church, Arlington and Alexandria, VA. Here is a link for additional information (by the way, there will be more cats than those just listed.)
  12. In no particular order 1. Restaurant Eve 2. 2941 (had our wedding reception there!) 3. Willow 4. PassionFish 5. Pupatella 6. Maple Avenue Restaurant 7. Rays the Steaks 8. Pizzeria Orso 9. Four Sisters 10. Rabieng
  13. It was a bust! Only a few visitors and not a single adoption. Of course getting the address right would help!!! Homeward Trails Animal Rescue rescues animals from rural and a few urban shelters and tries to find them homes in the DC area. Most of the animals are fostered by people in this area. In many cases, these cats and dogs would otherwise be euthanized. They have been very successful in finding homes for these animals! Kitty City is HT's halfway house for cats who are between the shelter and a foster home. We are trying to get more cats adopted straight from Kitty City. They have open house hours most Saturday's from 11 - 3 pm at Dog Paws n Cat Claws at 5818 Seminary Road in the Baileys Crossroads area.
  14. The Karat Cakery food truck (@karatcakery) sells carrot cake, carrot cake cupcakes and ice cream with carrot cake. So if you don't like carrot cake, don't bother! If you do, however, the carrot cake cupcake with pecans is really divine. They put the cream cheese frosting on the cupcake right after you order it. The truck was at Farragut North yesterday (Wednesday) although I don't know their schedule.
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