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Happy 5th Anniversary


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Five years ago this week Don created donrockwell.com.

Those of you who were around in the very early days began registering today. Why and how we got here no longer seems as important as it once did.

What remains important is that he created a community where all that matters is that you enjoy food. There are few places, virtual or otherwise, in this world where your race, age, job, and, especially in this town, political leanings don't matter. We are fortunate that he has created this space for us to talk about our passion and allowed us to create a community that is not just virtual. Dining experiences have been created just for us, friendships have been formed, a few have even fallen in love (we're still waiting on babies :lol:).

So here's to the man behind it all, and to all of you for keeping the board alive.

Happy Anniversary

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Happy Fifth, DR.com! Had some awesome times! Still can't believe some of the meals we've had. Really miss having such a dynamic, eclectic group to hang out with! It's boring up here in Connecticut! Thanks again, Don, and everybody who made (and makes) this community great!

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