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Who Is That Masked Man?


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Check out page E3 to learn where our own Rocks eats during Restaurant Week and see how dashing he looks in a fedora!

I almost fell out of my seat when I saw that article on my ride into work today. What a great pic! There should be tons of unregistered guests today.
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My husband is Express' tech support guy, and was woken up an hour ago - on his day off - to figure out why the pdf for today's paper isn't available. I'll post a download link whenever he gets it sorted out, so everyone can see Our Noble Leader. Well, bits of him.

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Great interview!  The question is: Have you resolved to be more fabulous at work?

(See sidebar if confused)


Well, I do admit to having a soft spot for the headline on the front of this section.

"Feel Sick, Look Great"

Be smokin' hot

when you've

got a cold

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There's a typo (2006 should be 2005) and that looks mysteriously like pinot noir in a Bordeaux glass.

Flash is so bright, that it looks more like a glass of rose than anything to me.

Nonsense.  It is clearly Mondeuse from the Savoie.

It was a 10 AM photo shoot...

it was grape juice. :)

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