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Congratulations lackadaisi and Jlock!


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lackadaisi - Champagne is calling your name! Congrats to you and JLock!
Dude, to the best of my knowledge, champagne has already called her name ... I believe the happy parents may have toted a bottle to the hospital with them :blink:

Congrats, guys, she's gorgeous. Can't wait to meet the new addition!

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Thanks everyone! We are all home, healthy, and happy!

Although Jlock actually stopped on our way to the hospital to get champagne (as we did not go from home), we didn't pop it until moments ago. It seems these little buggers are very time-consuming and don't really care if you have needed a drink for nine long months! Who would have figured? But, oh so worth it!!!!!

Here are a few pictures of our little baby girl. And, no need to tell us she is the most beautiful child ever; we already know it.

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