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    Preserving the tradition of good conversation over a beautifully crafted meal. Food is everything . Sharing it with the ones you care about about is love.
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  1. At least at Tysons II there is valet. BTW, its complimentary if you are dining inside the mall. Tysons is free too. Free parking for all, kat
  2. Taste Test : A Pop Up Reimagined I wrote about these several pop ups a few months ago. Taste Test now has a brick & mortar in the Royal Square neighborhood of York city. They serve a delicious selection of goods ranging from muffins to bagels sourced from Brooklyn. While you are indulging on those amazin' pastries, you can sip on an espresso-based beverage drawn from La Colombe coffee beans. Anyone who knows, knows La Colombe. The location will serve as a cafe offering free wifi, and home to future pop ups. There are two listed so far, with many more to follow. The kitchen" incubator" will provide a place to mentor,& facilitate successful food businesses. Students, and advisors from York College Department of Hospitality will serve as a bridge of both support& mentorship. This could possibly launch a new model for urban revitalization. I will certainly be following their progress. Bravo to York City! Hometown proud, kat
  3. I appears that you read the NY Post. The dining revitilazation has also been equated to" New Portlandia", if you read Paste. All good, if thats whats bring travelers to Lancaster. The city has seen an influx of artist, musicians, culinary talent(I may add have roots in Lancaster), as well as humanitarians that will no doubt receive recognition on the national stage. Locals travel away from their hometown for many reasons. I have been away for nearly twenty five years. I am home. My intent is to bring Central Pa their due. One bite at a time. I have cherished memories here in PA, and look forward to making countless more. Perhaps, I may become the food voice of Central Pa. Dare to dream. Dreamer, kat
  4. Please do!! There are so many amazing choices. POUR on Prince, The Pressroom, John Jeffries, Ma(i)son, Luca,Square Coffee, Passenger, Barberet Bistro& Bakery, Silantra,Thistle Finch Distillery, and I could go on & on. I lived in the District for many years, and my expectations have been set high. All of these places are contenders even among DC's, as well as NY's finest. If you find your way back, please let me know. Ill be more than happy to be your guide to all things delicious in Lancaster County. Food Guide, kat
  5. Dinner at Ma(i)son This is just a preview of what may be instore for all who may be joining me on 2/25 for dinner. Incredible, kat
  6. any dish on the progress of A Rake's Progress? You may say Im a bit curious. nothing new. I may very well be the Kevin Bacon of the food scene. I worked for Spike & Charlie back in the early 2000s. Spike certainly has come a long way. Good for him. former waitstaff, kat
  7. I applaud Chef Silverman in his decision. In my opinion, $280 all inclusive, is a great value for not only for the food, but the experience of joy to be had by the diner. Not to mention moments that are your, & yours alone in sharing with friends about what an amazing meal that was created by a team that clearly enjoys what they do. I look forward to writing my review of Pineapple& Pearls after my birthday. I just wish it wasn't until May. So excited, kat
  8. Did this dinner come to fruition? If so, awesome, if not, doesn't hurt to gather another!! See you soo, Ferhat! Corduroy family, kat
  9. New York Times Travel feature for Luca: "A Pennsylvania Restaurant That's Hot in More Ways than One" by Kathryn O'Shea-Evans on A sister restaurant to Ma(i)son. Luca, unlike its sister, serves liquor. Its nothing short of amazing. Central PA eats, kat
  10. Lancaster is not limited to the Amish Several reasons to head north of the DMV for a weekend a fun, tasty adventure.
  11. Welcome, Brian!! I fell off the wagon myself a few years ago, and landed in Central Pa. Several years ago I move into a once sleepy foodie city,who has exploded into an all out destination food giant. Youll find a wealth of resources here on the cite. You may even make new friends at one of the events. Above all else, you've landed in a good spot. Welcome, kat
  12. Meet Leean & Taylor Mason the owners of both Ma(i)son, and Luca. I find the more you know the backstory of a restaurant, the more inclined you are to support the them. This is solely my opinion. I will support this family, and hope friends will follow me. Supportive, kat
  13. I am more than happy to have people join us, regardless of they are part of the Don Rockwell community. Perhaps after our meeting, I will encourage them to chime in. After all its free, and it will expand my base at the same time. In the meantime though, they can contact me directly at, and I am more than delighted to add them to the event. Thanks!!
  14. Men Who Built America is by far one of the most informative,binge worthy series I have found to date. If this was the only available show to watch, I can honestly say I would not be disappointed. Curiosity did not kill this, kat