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  1. Today, I had an everything bagel at Brooklyn bagel and there was not a single sunflower seed on it.
  2. TODD KLIMAN ‏@toddkliman Attn: food nerds. More sommelier news -- Mark Slater, the dean of DC somms, has left Ray's the Steaks. #DCrestaurants
  3. When they first opened they wouldn't cut the pizza, if it was ordered to go, but I think they received numerous complaints about not cutting the pizza.
  4. I enjoy everything else on their menu but the pan pizza at Del Ray Pizzeria is dreadful. If they removed a letter from their a.s.s.s. pizza, then it perfectly describes its taste.
  5. On Saturday, Rustico Alexandria posted on their Twitter and Facebook pages: “Come on down, we will be open unless we are blown away, or at least until our power goes out.” When I arrived around 9:15pm I was told they were about to close. Uncool. If Rustico is using social media to boastful about staying open during the storm, then they also should have used social media to inform people they were closing early.
  6. DC: Pan fried sweet breads @ Restaurant Eve Fried chicken @ Central Hanger steak @ Ray's Cod and chip butty @ Eammon's Outside of DC: Chicken wings @ Duffs in Buffalo, NY Steak and double cheese sub @ Viola's in Niagara Falls, NY
  7. This is terrible. I'm going to miss Del Merei Grille and Bombay Curry Company.
  8. I believe breakfast is served until closing time daily, with the exception of Sunday.
  9. Last Saturday I headed to the Del Merei Grille for dinner. When I arrived around 9:20pm the dining room was closed. The bartender reported the kitchen had closed early, so food wasn’t an option in the bar area. Needless to say I left disappointed.
  10. I hope you are able to bring some Pâtés.
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