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Rabble-Rousing for Rocks


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You know what I hate?


Discuss. Somehow related to food. Which they don't eat because, hey, DAYWALKING.

I love daywalkers! Either spit-roasted whole or braised, they're just so tender and flavorful!

JimRice, your smelly face is inappropriate and divisive!

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Actually happened to me at least once, except it involved Vader and the rest of the Empire. Well, not exactly but exploited children were definitely part of the problem. Chicken Nuggets, If i had taken the bait and made them, those nuggets would have ruined McDonalds fer dem brats forever..

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I like your Union Thug avatar. My four year old now sings Solidarity Forever at the drop of a hat.

See... No food content at all!!!

Thanks. Dame Edna took that picture at a rally in support of the Wisconsin public sector unions at Dupont Circle earlier this year. That kid was just too cute.

And, what is Wisconsin known for? CHEESE!

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