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  1. My memory of most nights I've been there the menu has the salmon with hijiki and rice, a pasta dish (often fettuccine with mushrooms) and a pork dish (either cheeks or a loin preparation). I might just overlook the beef shoulder all the time.
  2. Corduroy bar is great value....but often no beef dishes. And the ambience is not good...
  3. Dinner last night was really good. Had the ricotta ramp dumplings mentioned above, asparagus vinaigrette, green tomato soup, and, for the first time, the roast chicken. Everything was well done and tasty. For dessert the crema fritta with rhubarb and a grand marnier vanilla ice cream float was lovely.
  4. How is that different from most, if not practically all, wine lists in DC? And most of those other overpriced lists are insipid.
  5. I'm not sure that their list has much higher mark-ups than most other places, and it at least has interesting options. The worst part is they don't allow corkage. I almost always BYO. We had a very good still pinot noir from Champagne. $125 before tax/tip. Winesearcher has the bottle at $40 in Chicago and $70 in NYC.
  6. Had a good dinner here recently. Food was well done with lots of good seafood (scallops, rockfish, dover sole), some nice meats (cornish hen, veal) and an interesting, overpriced wine list.
  7. I dressed casual and don't recall feeling out of place at all (though casual not in the American, not tennis shoes and under armour shirts). I seem to remember restaurant prices including service.
  8. Da pan ji was real tasty. Noodles in it were better than in the laghman, too.
  9. First visit to Tosca in years. Busier on an early Saturday evening than I expected. Ordered the 5:30 - 6:30 menu. Soup (asparagus and crab), salad (radicchio, candied walnut, pear, gorgonzola), pastas (beef ravioli, mushroom and pea risotto), and desserts were strong. Only weak dish was grilled octopus - tough and overcooked. Mostly good service (some trouble opening my wine) and $30 corkage. A nice visit and decent value.
  10. Just finished a second dinner here....reminded me much more of Palena, right down to the busted bathroom ceiling. Consomme with foie, beef tartare with razor clams, duck pate, tete de porc, and roasted turbot all tasty, flavorful, and very good. The matcha and rhubarb dessert very good. Baba was kind of ruined by a large pour of raw rum at the table....but if you like alcoholic heat in your dessert than you'd love this. Besides the baba, my only nit to pick: $35 corkage, and the stems are Rona? Can't explain the difference between tonight's food and the last time!
  11. Wet City has nice beers. Never had the food but it looks ok. A Dukem is right by there....and they actually serve pretty rapidly.
  12. I have never been. But if what Michelin writes ("Maine uni is downright epic") is true I'd be disappointed...$595 for food and they don't serve uni from Hokkaido?!?
  13. Had dinner here tonight. Not awesome but not bad. The people seemed nice, they have booze (probably allow BYO with some corkage or bar purchase) and are much friendlier than the Queen A folks. The eggplant salad featured perhaps too much zhenjiang vinegar. The lamb kebab was tasty with cumin. The "mom's" laghman tasted good (are the noodles made there??? They were chewy but lacked the toothsome bite I associate with hand-pulled fresh noodles) but seemed much like lomo saltado; maybe a bit less soy sauce, a bit more vinegar, and some hua jiao would be an improvement to that dish. I'll return again to try the da pan ji and their dumplings.