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Huh, I just realized I forgot to note in my earlier post that we followed Joe's good advice and had an excellent meal at Sello's. We were there early (5:30ish), so had no wait issues. The wife had homemade pasta, in purse form, with a pesto cream sauce, and they were great. Huge portion as well, plenty fo lunch the next day. The boy had a cheese pizza, and had no complaints. I was watching the pizza guy, and he seemed to be very skillful, to an amateur. I had a pasta with sausage, also very good, and also plenty left over for a full lunch the next day. We will definitely go back. Sorry for the brain fart!

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I guess Berlin, MD material is part of the Ocean City thread.

On an overcast Saturday we swung by the Berlin, MD Oktoberfest.  Much of the historic downtown area was shut down to street traffic.  The main stage featured traditional German Oktoberfest music, a second tent had more contemporary bands.  The streets were lined with various vendors, food stalls, and a couple of beer tents.  Burley Oak Brewery had the main beer tent, their porter was decent.  Gilbert's Provisions was serving homemade brats with mustard, kraut, and/or kimchi.  Island Creamery was dishing up some tasty ice cream.  The Oktoberfest isn't large, but Berlin is definitely quaint and it was a fun way to spend a couple hours.

Street parking was a little tough, but we found plenty at the nearby Stephen Decatur Park, which has easy access to Rt. 113 and is a short 5 minute walk from the center of town.   


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