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  1. SEI is closing... Saw the restaurant yesterday with D.C. "suspension" signs in the windows (referring to DC Code 47-2026 and DC Regulations 9-415.7, which appear to be related to Certificates of Registration (http://dcrules.elaws.us/dcmr/9-415)). Today, the website has been updated with the following message: " After more than a decade SEI is closing. This will be our second farewell to an industry that we love and has been good to us for 12+ years. We are humbled to have been a small part of the beginning of DC's booming restaurant industry. SEI was the venue for numerous celebrations, met wonderful families, made forever relationships, honored to serve such dignitaries and so many wonderful talented employees, managers and chefs. There are simply too many people to say thank you to and so many incredible experiences to recount. We are eternally grateful to those that have graced our tables and made SEI a DC staple. So to our customers, friends and supporters, you have enhanced our lives for over a decade and we want to say THANK YOU for the journey." [https://www.seirestaurant.com/] Another sad closing. A bit overpriced, but fairly high-quality and innovative food.
  2. excited to see progress on this, and happy for a high quality sushi establishment to be moving close to my work (yes, SEI is good too).
  3. At least the Del Taco's in Missouri in the late 1990s/early 2000s were complete garbage. Made Taco Bell look like elBulli.
  4. I am a big fan of quick service restaurants when done right. Quickway might be the worst QSR this side of Del Taco. Borderline inedible.
  5. Chinatown/PQ location indeed opened today. I went (having never been to the other location), and it was delicious. Long line, but it moved quick and the food was prepared even faster.
  6. Had lunch here yesterday, it was ... ok. The Mediterranean Spreads sampler was tasty, with the carrot hummus (tasted different and more flavorful than its name suggests) being the top star, with the tzatiki (with some roe on top) and an eggplant spread also being quite good. The Crispy Moroccan Chicken salad was adequate; a generous sized chicken breast and a large salad plate (though now that I recall it, I think they forgot the lamb bacon that the website advertises (if it was included, it was easily forgettable).
  7. Has anyone been lately? Going to be dining at the Wharf in a few weeks, and Kaliwa seems appealing, but the reviews above are less than favorable. Have things improved?
  8. Eateries that operate within the designated square count as food court. Anything outside of said designated square counts as an autonomous unit for mid-casino snacking.
  9. I will echo what was said above--- Mon Ami's French Onion soup is truly excellent, and I've had it at many of the better restaurants in the city.
  10. Had dinner at the bar at Julii a few weeks ago. It was . . . fine? Got French Onion soup, the lamb dish, and a souffle. The French Onion soup was a bit breadier than I am used to. Pretty good, but not at the level of Mon Ami Gabi. The lamb dish was pretty tasty. The souffle was also good, but seemed to be a bit non-traditional (aren't these things supposed to be "airy"). I think there is potential there, but my meal recently across the street at Nada was better (and a better value). --- French Onion Soup (zgast)
  11. Also had the "nobody told me about the sauce/salad" bar experience. Having tried basically every hot pot and k-bbq place in the area, KPot surprisingly rates very favorably. I had the Korean spicy tofu hot pot broth, and it was the best broth I ever had for a hot pot. The quality of the bbq meats was pretty good too (and a nice selection), but I found the grilling area a little small for what it needed to be (and some occasions where our server was tied up with another table and we weren't sure whether we were supposed to grill it in her absence). Still, I would happily go again (my 7 and 9 year olds loved it too), and will enjoy the experience a lot more when the service experience becomes more seamless.
  12. Wait, wait... when did Chef Ruta depart? I don't even see that on google (yet). Spill it please, @DonRocks. Edit: this news must be right out of the oven, Ruta and Chin are still mentioned on the Mirabelle website and I even checked Chef Ruta's LinkedIn page for goodness sake (still says Mirabelle)
  13. Sushi counter at Ogawa is my favorite meal in the city. Better than P+P or Komi, and at half the price too! And as far as other sushi spots, it blows Taro and others out of the water.
  14. Opened in Wildwood (Bethesda) yesterday. Tried it for the first time (Nikkea), it was very good. Shocked it was empty at 6pm, but that center seems more of a lunch spot during the week.
  15. I enjoy the Daikaya poke, but I think I like the poke at Poke Papa a bit more, and its cheaper too. Had several of the Poke Papa varities (regular ahi, ahi poke, spicy Korean mix, and lomi salmon) and have enjoyed them all. For you purists out there, both places serve their poke over rice.
  16. In my experience, the former is correct.
  17. I can confirm that Lucky Strike is open, and looks beautiful/super modern inside (just did a peek, didn't check out the food though).
  18. This. When the opposition does something as silly as protest someone accepting an invitation to meet with the President (the President!) to help small businesses and stimulate the economy, it de-legitimizes the opposition's position on immigration etc. Pick and choose your battles. Ok, back to food...
  19. I may not have 2000+ posts (or even an avi here!), but that doesn't mean I lack a decent palette. I have had ramen/wonton soup/other soup from Daikaya on a dozen occasions, from Toki several times, from some of my Rockville spots (Bob's, A&J), etc. so its not like I don't have points for comparison. On taste alone, in my personal opinion, that soup from the Source is head and shoulders above. And you still have not confirmed whether you in fact have had this dish. It may not be as authentic as some other spots (though I don't even think they are going for authenticity), but in my view the Source makes the best soup in the area (perhaps aside from the Floating Market soup (or whatever its called) from Nava Thai). Don't judge a book by its (expensive) cover. And yes, indeed, hit em with the Heeeiiiiiiiiiin!
  20. whoa whoa whoa, stop the clock there... the wonton soup at the Source is ridiculously good, and well worth $16. i say that both from firsthand experience and also my recollection that the Washingtonian (or was it the Post?) put the Source's wonton soup as one of the best dishes in DC this year. other items at the source, you may have a point. but not the soup.
  21. I usually stay far, far away from deli (I find it salty, among other things I don't like about it), so keep this in mind (I don't think I have ever had a reuben before, and I am from NYC!). Anyway, I had a modified pastrami reuben from here today (pastrami, light on the kraut, no russian dressing, sub gouda for swiss), and it was delicious. The egg cream was just okay though. Of note is that they have a few deserts, including the best black & white cookie I have had in the DC area.
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