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  1. My husband and I had a delicious meal at West End Bistro on Friday. I went in with low expectations, given some of the recent reviews on this site, but it was the only restaurant near our apartment we could reserve on short notice. We shared the "molten goat cheese" as a starter, which really was more like goat cheese fritters served with a tasty beet salad. Very tasty. My husband ordered the short ribs, which came with a side of seriously rich mashed potatoes. Not a huge portion, but rich and delicious. My salmon was perfectly cooked (medium-rare), as were the brussels sprouts that came with it. I think our favorite part of the meal, though, was the hazelnut millefeuille we had for dessert, an ethereal tower of puff pastry and hazelnut creme. Not the easiest dessert to eat (we made a mess), but one of the better desserts we've had recently. I should note that neither of us ordered wine; given Don's excoriation of their wine program, I thought we'd better steer clear. But I enjoyed my cocktail, and my husband enjoyed his beer. All in all, we had a wonderful meal and wouldn't hesitate returning soon.
  2. I took my husband here last night for his birthday, and we both really enjoyed our meals. I had the roast chicken, which was impossibly moist and delicious, and my husband had the guinea hen, which he contends is some of the best guinea hen he's ever tasted (I only tasted the leg roulade and not the breast, but the roulade was outstanding). The cocktails were also killer -- $15 price tag and all...
  3. I'm headed to Cafe Atlantico tonight for drinks... Can you order food at the bar?
  4. Best. Carrot cake. Ever. (The Commissary in Philly, that is.) I have the cookbook and it has some really solid recipes, particularly in the dessert section. I'm pretty sure my version of that carrot cake is one of the reasons my husband proposed to me . I gave the unrelated DC Commissary a try on Sunday and thought it was so-so. The breakfast potatoes that came with my eggs were pretty flavorless, and my friend's oatmeal was clearly of the instant "pour-on-boiling-water-and-stir" variety. Eh. The atmosphere was nice, though -- reminded me a lot of Logan.
  5. I haven't been to Hook in a few months but I'm heading there tonight. Anyone been recently? Recommendations?
  6. I went last night and ordered the halibut -- fantastic. Really light and perfect on a warm spring evening. My fiance ordered the bass, which was also excellent. We hadn't been in a while, but I think we'll definitely be back again soon!
  7. Sounds great. Anything special at midnight??
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    Beef Short Ribs

    I've made the shortribs out of Daniel Boulud's "Cafe Boulud" cookbook, and they were excellent: http://www.danielnyc.com/recipes/shortribsbraised.html High praise from my taste testers .
  9. I had a very tasty dinner here last Tuesday, but I must say...the service was atrocious. I know they're new, so I'm willing to cut them some slack, especially since the food was quite good. But considering I rarely ever complain about service...this was pretty bad. Our server took our cocktail orders and then disappeared for 20-30 minutes. He then disappeared until we ordered dessert. Our entrees also came out before we'd even finished our appetizers, which we had to scarf down in order to make room on the table for the entree plates. Definitely something to work on...
  10. I haven't been there in almost a year, but the lamb chops were some of the best I'd ever had.
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  12. I stopped in last night with my SO. We each ordered a tartine, and both were very, very tasty. The pastries we tried were just so-so, but I'd definitely go back for a tartine or to try one of their salads (or to have bread and hazelnut spread for breakfast...mmm...). It seems that a certain Michel Richard was also interested in checking out the LPQ buzz... As we were waiting for our food, he walked in, sat down at the communal table and began chatting with the manager. On his way out, the manager insisted that he take a pastry or sweet with him, and Mr. Richard (pastry chef extraodinaire...) politely refused, but finally settled on a Belgian sugar waffle to appease the insistent manager... I don't know if Mr. Richard will return, but given the freshness of their food and their proximity to my apartment, I will definitely be back.