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  1. I wouldn't go to Little Gem Saloon for the food but certainly worth a night out if you can catch Kermit Ruffins playing there.
  2. I have used the private room at Luke and currently have the private space reserved at Domenica for a passover seder in April. Both might be good options.
  3. They are open for lunch and in addition to the main menu. Have a $19 menu in the bar that includes a drink, entree, and dessert. Had an outstanding veal stew for lunch there two weeks ago.
  4. I was just there a few weeks ago and had their usual great wings and a few beers. Although I did find it strange that they were our of Guinness, Boddingtons, and Smithwick's on draft that night. I will certainly miss that place.
  5. I promised my wife and kids we could try this place. Friends of our recenly recommended it. Has anyone visited it in the past year? Has anything improved?
  6. We have had delivery in Silver Spring from the one on Georgia Ave. Most recently tried the Italian Calzone. LIke many of the commenters, while it's nothing out of this world (and I probably would not eat or take out there), it is certainly a better delivery option than many of the alternatives in the Silver Spring area.
  7. I have only been here a couple of times for lunch at this point, but it is already far and away the best lunch spot in this neighborhood. I've had the Italian Cold Cut and the Pork Shoulder and Broccoli Rabe sandwiches and both were fantastic and on excellent bread. The price is a little high for take-out sandwiches $9 (incl. chips), but well worth it and they don't skimp on the meat either. Lots more delicious sounding sandwiches to work my way through and the pizza (which I haven't tried yet) always looks tempting. Haven't tried the gelato, but I understand that it is homemade as well.
  8. I was at Good Stuff for the first time in a while and noticed that the burgers seemed smaller than I remember them. I usually get the burger formerly know as the 5 Napkin and now called Sunnyside Up (There must have been some trademark issue with 5 Napkin Burger in NYC here). I definitely did not feel like it was a $7 burger. Having been disappointed with the fries too many times, I ordered just burger and shake, so it came to about $13 for the burger and shake, but I definitely agree with the assessment of the shake.
  9. Haven't been to Poste in awhile and we are heading there tomorrow with some friends visiting from out of town. Would appreciate thoughts on two questions: 1) Any standouts on the menu that cannot be missed (whether it be cocktails, apps, entrees, or dessert)? 2) Are nice jeans with a dressier shirt suitable for attire there? Thanks.
  10. Heading up to Olney Theatre on Sat night. I am taking my wife to the ballet up there for her birthday and am looking for the top 2 or 3 options for dining close to their or between Wheaton and Olney (if there is something better on the way). Thanks in advance.
  11. Was there today for lunch for the first time. As many have observed, line snaked down Penn. Ave., while the line actually inside the restaurant was no more than 10 people long. Only burger place, I have ever been to with a bouncer at the door. Fortunately, it was the coolest day we have had in awhile. After planning on ordering the generic "Lunch Bag" (Cheeseburger, Fries, and a Drink), my eyes caught one of the line cooks preparing the 5 Napkin Burger. As he put the top bun on, the yolk from the fried egg dripped down the side of the burger and I was sold. I would say the burger was
  12. Poste has private rooms that can accomodate that group.
  13. Went there this weekend. We were coming from Silver Spring and meeting friends from the District so it was great halfway point. I guess there is a free parking lot accross the street (they have signs on each side of the building), but the fact that the building is on a corner of three streets intersecting made it difficult to find. We ended up having two park about two blocks down Georgia. Oh well! It's definitely one of those places you really want to like. It's very nice inside and it was good to see that they were pretty busy. There was plenty of diversity among the customers there wh
  14. While I don't have much to say about the food, Eggspectation makes a pretty decent bloody mary served in an Old Bay rimmed glass. My only complaint is the use of celery stalk as opposed to a pickled green bean. In the city, Tabard Inn usually has a pretty solid bloody mary as well.
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