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dr.com Charcuterie-fest at PS 7's


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I talked with DanielK & Company, and this event is going to temporarily displace the $20 Tuesday that evening at Cava...

Peter Smith is hunkering down for us invading his lounge next Tuesday, and is giving us some deep discounts on his outstanding charcuterie, brats, dogs, and drinks.

Charcuterie: $9 per person (roughly 2 slices each from 10 different types, all house-made).

Big Brats: $7

Happy Hour pricing on the best cherry-wood smoked hot dogs you'll ever scarf down, seriously good beers, and the revolutionary Bolshevik.

I had all this stuff last week and it's fantastic.

Please reply here so we can get an approximate headcount. No prepayment necessary, eat and drink as much or as little as you'd like. I think everyone here is going to be really, really happy when they see what's coming out of Smith's Smokehouse.

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So far we have Cmmp and Miss October coming to their first event. Let's all make a special effort to hunt them down welcome them as part of the gang. Tiffany (our own Talk_to_Tif) will be working behind the bar that evening, so she can be our central rallying point.

Any other new members up for the smoked-meat smackdown?



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Hope this was a blast, got trapped in an evening work meeting w/ da bosses. Would have much preferred to attend the charcuterie-fest, the food I'm sure was fantastic!
Thank you DR, for setting this up. Heather, the charcuterie was fantastic! Also the brats and dogs were great. Thankfully my husband allowed me a bite or two of the brats. Also, to our waiter, whoever you were, sorry we didn't get your name. Thank you very much, we probably ran you ragged, but you handled it effortlessly. It was a wonderful time, and I'm glad we finally got out to see a few familiar faces, it's been a while.
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Events like this make me happy to be a part of the dr.com community. Good folks. Good food. Good times.

I "second!" that sentiment. New faces. New foods.* New memories.

(*OMG! Who knew you could redefine the hot dog!)

A shout out to all who made last night happen.

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