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  1. Agree - we revisited after a long break and were happy with our meals. Charcuterie plate was well above average and a good value. Of the two entrees, my wife had the better (the salmon), but I also enjoyed the rabbit pot pie, which wasn't actually a pot pie. The smell of the latter was divine, but couldn't match the butternut puree and accompanying mushroom side that went with the salmon.
  2. I think the underlying issue is English. Many line cooks don't speak it well enough to interact with customers, which runners need to do. I wonder if there's a non-profit that could partner with kitchens to do English lessons during a slow stretch 2x per week at restaurants. Probably a meaningful benefit that wouldn't cost the restaurant much at all.
  3. In news that delves into the absurd, Panera is buying Au Bon Pain. Delving into history here, St. Louis Bread company was purchased by Au Bon Pain, which renamed itself Panera after selling off the Au Bon Pain business to an outside group. Guess what's old is new again.
  4. He was quite outspoken on Obamacare several years ago, arguing that it was going to destroy the economy (and increase the cost of pizza). He's also made some university donations in concert with the Koch brothers that were later revealed to have conditions that essentially granted the donors the right to approve faculty appointments. I'm sure others are better informed on this than I am, though.
  5. Pre-theater, day after Thanksgiving meal

    Becco has been mentioned earlier if you want to go red sauce Italian. Totto Ramen if it's cold and rainy.
  6. These are the owners' political views masquerading as a rationale for poor performance. If this were really the cause of their same store sales decline (which is what drove the stock down), you would have seen it elsewhere. Domino's same store sales were up more than 8% year over year in the same quarter, suggesting that bad pizza may not be the issue either.
  7. Think you got that reversed, actually. Game is at 8:20 pm EST, or 5:20 PST.
  8. A 1972 Italian Pinot Grigio - probably retailed for a couple bucks when purchased, but I sampled it around 2003. Have to say it smelled a bit like paint thinner when it was first opened, but tasting really brought the paint thinner essence straight to the forefront. I'm lucky I didn't die and am still not sure what I was thinking. My wife's grandfather, who didn't drink, had been saving it for a truly special occasion.
  9. We were able to order from both on Labor Day, so I'd assume (famous last words) that this is true on the weekends as well.
  10. Nobody is arguing that they don't need to cover their staff and fixed costs. I think most of us - but perhaps I'm just speaking for myself - believe that a lower price point on a product they're selling for 88% gross margins would induce more buyers and volumes that would more than compensate for the lower price. Would you rather earn $28 before FOH staffing and fixed costs and sell 2 or earn $20 and sell 5 or 6? As far as the math - you come out better in the latter scenario. They can charge whatever they want - I'm not going regardless as I'd rather make my own steak (meat or otherwise) at home. I'll pay top dollar for quality chefs making great food, not line cooks doing an inferior grill to what I can do.
  11. Why do places think they can charge these absurd prices for a cabbage? It's $2.50 at the grocery store. Perhaps it's artisinally grown and you lovingly execute two knife strokes to extract that perfect slice of cauliflower, but come on...
  12. Morocco

    Went to Tangier in June. I'd suggest other locales should be higher on any agenda.
  13. The kneeling was actually the result of him being told that sitting during the anthem was disrespectful to the military. The kneeling was suggested by a former Green Beret as a way of showing respect for military members while still getting his point across.
  14. TS actually called out the deteriorating service at Fish in the chat and suggested the Voltaggio restaurant over it in that same chat on Wednesday.