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  1. New Orleans, LA

    Thanks all for the recommendations - not surprisingly we ate well. Was a bit surprised that the daughter chose the Zoo, but we actually had a blast there. Of course we also walked through the French Quarter and Market as well. Fortunately, I'm going to have many opportunities to visit again over the next few years. Oh - and Galatoire's is going to have to wait. Was not about bringing a coat and tie with me on this trip.
  2. Low- and no-carb recipes

    Trader Joes Cauliflower rice, sautéed for about 10 minutes comes the closest for very low carb. I tried the keto diet once - for about two months to support a certain someone who was put on it - and that was a mainstay, as was cauliflower mash.
  3. I'd add a bit of color by pointing out that Bill Frick has championed the issue (it's been one of his signature items in Annapolis) of ending the DLC. I think your statement is closer to Berliner (supportive of ending but not going out on a limb) while the other two have acted repeatedly to protect the DLC.
  4. Perhaps if MoCo residents simply refused to vote for candidates that support the DLC, that would get the message across. What groups are working on the broader business issues? After nearly a decade working in MoCo, I'm running across one of these for the first time - but it's completely absurd.
  5. Also a couple doors away, but did get to go a few times (working on the same block for 6 years). Enjoyed the casual, cheap vibe but not a big beer drinker, so didn't do much for me. Will miss seeing people's reactions when we took them there for the first time.
  6. New Orleans, LA

    Girl - who will be with her father. We'd like to be able to look each other in the eye after all this.
  7. New Orleans, LA

    Question for the New Orleans experts here. Any recommendations on where to take a 17 year old who could use some fun after a rough few weeks? We've already got a nice meal planned - and I'm sure it will be fun - at Herbsaint, but are there any places that I should hit up more for the fun aspect? This is not for Mardi Gras celebrations, so I'm expecting things will have died down.
  8. ChiKo and Q are doing a prix-fixe event dinner at Q restaurant on Chinese New Year (Feb 20th) for those that can't get down to DC for restaurants that don't take reservations.
  9. Chicken Wings

    I've stooped to making my own wings at home the wings in MoCo are so bad. Don't have a deep fryer (and don't love doing it on the stove top), so I either steam or sous vide the wings, then bake at 450 until golden and crispy. Buffalo style, of course.
  10. Tom Sietsema's Online Chat

    I think this might make the list of Top 10 things never to say to a woman. We may get to see a new drop kick record from Tyson's. I set the over/under at the Key Bridge.
  11. He's arguing that this was not a full review. It says review at the top, but doesn't include a stars ranking. I can't say I disagreed with his assessment of the pho - too much star anise for me as well. I did enjoy my meals at TapaBar. Was sorry to see it go.
  12. Rasa Grill

  13. Try Artechouse with the kids. Saw some pretty neat augmented reality exhibits there. That plus a lunch makes for a great afternoon. Plus you can pick up seafood to bring home.
  14. This was my gateway cider while living in London.