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  1. TS actually called out the deteriorating service at Fish in the chat and suggested the Voltaggio restaurant over it in that same chat on Wednesday.
  2. Gik Blue Wine

    I think I've seen this stuff years ago:
  3. The funnel fries aren't bad. The baked potatoes are my go to, though. Perhaps that tells you what you need to know. My wife is saying there's a crepe place there. In boca al lupo.
  4. Ate there last night - Stone Fruit Burrata Salad for the appetizer, Mushroom Canneloni and Spicy Shrimp and Grits for the Entrees. Food is typically well executed and good, which is what they're aiming for. Didn't notice any hiccups last night with the new chef taking over the kitchen. I would encourage you to try the food, though, as it's on the higher end of the quality scale in Bethesda. And the wine list is very good if that's your thing as Laura (the owner) was the top bartender in Bethesda for a long time over at Grapeseed.
  5. Communal Tables Have Got to Go

    When Frank Ruta was co-hosting dinners at Bread Furst we had a memorable communal table experience. Chatting about schools and our kids, our table mates launched into a short sermon on the superiority of school X - based on the premise that it didn't pander to wishy washy modern norms and instead taught only the 'one true religion'. Delivered without any sense of who they were speaking to (an atheist and someone who grew up in a dual religion household). More wine, please!
  6. Had a pleasant Labor Day lunch at Q today. Stuck with Dim Sum and appetizers along with a bottle of the house rose mentioned above (thank your for pointing that out - we were quite pleased with that bottle for just $22 and might have skipped over it). Favorites were the Emerald Noodles, Cold Szechuan Noodles, and Hot and Numbing Wontons. The dry fried eggplant was good, but seemed far more 'toned down' than I've experienced in Rockville location - bring back the spices! The BBQ pork bao, chicken baked bun, and bubble pancake were all good as well, but were just superseded by the first dishes mentioned. Surprisingly, it was a relatively cheap lunch for four at under $100 including the bottle of wine, proving that although it might be slightly more expensive than its sister restaurants, it's certainly not an expensive meal out. Will definitely return soon as this one's just blocks from the house.
  7. Looking for a new winery in Northern Virginia

    Ditto to Glen Manor recommendation. I've also heard Black Ankle Vineyard in MD recommended (by some of the staff/estate owners at Linden and RdV so I tend to trust them.) In Charlottesville, you should give Barboursville a try. They have more everyday drinking wines than most of the higher end vineyards, but their high end wines are among the best. As an aside, Linden also just brought out two new vintages last week, both of which I enjoyed during the tasting. They also released the new Hardscrabble Chardonnay, but that one's not on the tasting menu.
  8. I'm with you there - the second one was blocks from my house in the Loop. We shopped for bread twice a week for the first few years.
  9. When St. Louis Bread Company first opened, the breads were quite good - not Fresh Baguette or BreadFurst level good, but close. Quality and 1,900 stores are really not things that go well together.
  10. Well - just to be clear, I wouldn't order a $500 bottle of wine. I'd much rather order 3 bottles at retail and enjoy them at home. Check that, I'd rather order 2 cases of $20 wine and enjoy those at home. How does one go about getting one of those expense account things?
  11. Well - the other thought in the back of my head is that this could actually be a way to shift some of the generous tipping to those in the back. Not sure how pooling works at Komi (or virtually any other restaurant today). As for not averaging 20% pre-tax, I find that mind-boggling. Maybe if I ordered a $500 bottle of wine, I wouldn't top 20% on that, but - just - wow. One can rationalize that they can afford $150 for a meal, but not $30 to tip?
  12. I find this odd - with the level of service I got at Komi, I definitely would never tip 20% pre-tax. Are they risking bringing down total salaries for staff by doing this? Or are there more really crappy tippers at a place like Komi than I would expect?
  13. Especially when faced with the god awful wine they serve on the train.