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  1. I disagree. On July 7, 2018, I had an extraordinary dinner, one of the best in 2018 at the Chef's counter of P&P. As always, P&P exceeded all expectations. In my opinion, P&P remains the BEST restaurant in DC.
  2. Dan Fogg, baker for Paisley Fig, Ellē just posted on Instagram. From a post the day before, he mentions Sourdough bagels. Limited batch of Sourdough Everything Bagels!
  3. I was told it was Erik's decision, but I don't know the reason. Will have to ask Erik.
  4. Last night, I stopped by Spoken English to find out that James Wozniuk is now at Maketto and Mario Almeida is now at Spoken English.
  5. Washington Post article by Maura Judkis: "D.C. gets a welcome taste of Nordic food that has nothing to do with Ikea"
  6. Zucchini, yellow squash and pattypan squash. Two ways: Grilled. Raw and marinated. No cucumber on top. Also, the Washington Post published the recipe for the Sweet & Sour Strawberry Salad. The photo below is also from my dinner on July 1, 2018. Both dishes are my current favorites on the menu. Yes, Zucchini. Your game is 💪 or should I say fierce 😉
  7. Yes, Ellē. The dish in the photo is one of my favorites on the menu. SUMMER SQUASH PANZANELLA Cherry Tomato, Sourdough, Roasted Peppers, Basil, Goat Cheese
  8. Great guess, but it is not Rose's Luxury. It is a new restaurant that began dinner service in early 2018 and included in the Washington Post 2018 Spring Dining Guide.
  9. From July 1, 2018, Cagla Onal's delicious cooking from Green Almond Pantry at Palisades Farmers Market: Stuffed Squash Blossoms with Arborio rice, sweet onion, fresh herbs, lemon, cinnamon stick Braised Fava Beans! Local Zucchini Caponata with sweet onion, carrot, celery, golden raisin, pine nuts, capers, wild honey, red wine vinegar, tomato puree Marinated Beets with balsamic, extra virgin olive oil, spices and fresh herbs Local String Beans with crispy Serrano ham and Sicilian pine Nuts, local fresh shelled peas braised in Cava Braised Local Yellow and Green Roma Beans with sweet onion and heirloom tomatoes Roasted Mini Sweet Peppers with olives, red wine vinegar, fresh garlic and fresh herbs
  10. For accuracy, title of the thread should read: Spoken English, Erik Bruner-Yang’s Tachinomiya-Style Restaurant, Chefs de Cuisine James Wozniuk and Matt Crowley at The LINE DC Hotel in Adams Morgan
  11. TACO OF THE DAY: Lightly sautéed Maitake Mushrooms with chopped bulbs of Purple Spring Onion in Dashi Tobiuo; Roasted Mini Sweet Peppers with red wine vinegar, fresh garlic and fresh herbs (Green Almond Pantry); healthy smear of Organic Mousse Aux Cèpes (Trois Petits Cochons); topped with slices of Avocado; chopped tops of Purple Spring Onion; Dried Chipotle Chile Pepper and Dried Cilantro served on Sprouted Corn Tortilla (One Degree Organic Foods)