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  1. Today, I visited the Chinatown location and enjoyed an exceptional Sunday lunch focused on the Spring Mezze and Salatim menu: Roasted Cauliflower, Salt Roasted Onion, Charred Ramps & Sorrel Eggplant, Pickled Red Cabbage, Tahini & Green Schug Cabbage, Sweet Dijon & Peanut Dukkah and the fluffiest pita
  2. Began my early dinner at home with these exquisite Flat Green Beans braised with Sweet Onion and Tomato from Green Almond Pantry
  3. Yes, Green Almond Pantry. Her name, Çağla is Turkish for Green Almond. Cagla's cooking is so exquisite. I just want to eat her food every day.
  4. Heirloom Spring Artichoke was featured yesterday as a Lunch Special. When I left the restaurant after dining in, there were approximately 10 individual takeaways available in the market pantry refrigerator. The restaurant's instagram suggests that the Chef will make more for tomorrow. I follow the restaurant's instagram so I am informed of any new dishes that the Chef is inspired to offer that day. If you like 2Amys, Etto, you may like this Shaw neighborhood restaurant, which only serves lunch Tuesday - Saturday from 11:30AM to 3PM. Dine-in option is 8-counter seat capacity or takeaway of Lunch Specials till 3PM and open till 7PM for pick-up of Market Items in the pantry refrigerator which includes dinner-to-go specials. This is my current favorite Chef and restaurant in all of DC.
  5. Yes, Heirloom Spring Artichoke stuffed with Green Garlic and Green Almond. One of the best preparations of artichoke I have had the honor to enjoy by my favorite DC Chef.
  6. In awe of how Shouk keeps innovating! 2 new TASTY dishes debut on the menu: GOLDA'S SALAD mixed greens, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot, radish, red cabbage, potato, chickpeas, dried cranberries, pickled turnip, za’atar-tahina vinaigrette HUMMUS SALAD hummus, cherry tomato, cucumber, radish, sweet potato, roasted cauliflower, pickled red cabbage, chickpeas, tahina, olive oil & lemon
  7. District Space in Brookland neighborhood: https://www.districtspacedc.com/
  8. I stopped patronizing Chaia altogether after quality issues I experienced at the Georgetown location during the time the Chaia team was ramping up for Chinatown opening. No desire to even try Chaia Chinatown.
  9. Don't go. I stopped patronizing restaurant brands that have over-expanded or are high volume over consistent quality. I am loyal to smaller restaurants that don't compromise and consistently deliver thoughtfully composed brilliant dishes with impeccable ingredients and exceptional execution.
  10. So close, but not Rose's. Grandmother's cheese crackers are Eleanor's Cheese Crackers. And Rose's menu does not change as often. Yes, Ellē
  11. Great guess, but neither Momofuku CCDC or Bresca. 80 percent of the restaurant's dinnerware is vintage china. The restaurant is named after one of the owner's late grandmother, whose cheese crackers appear on the menu. This is my current favorite preparation of duck since my last favorites at Spoken English (Chef James Wozniuk) and Hazel (Chef Rob Rubba).
  12. Great observations. The whole duck, dry aged for 21 days with crispy skin was presented as a ssam platter with Lollo Rosso, Sliced Apple, Charred Onion, Black Rice and Kimchi Ketchup (not in photo) The duck appeared twice so far as a Dinner Special at a DC neighborhood restaurant where the Chef changes the menu often. ‘Grandma chic' is part of the design concept. As a walk-in customer, I was seated at the counter opposite the bar, which was already full. And the dining room was completely booked on a Saturday evening. One of my top favorite restaurants in DC.
  13. Cara Cara Orange + Agostino Recca Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil with dashes of Japanese Shichimi Togarashi
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