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  1. I made my introduction with Shouk's Falafel Bowl with add-on Schug, Harrisa and Hummus (not in photo). Crazy good especially with the Hummus, which takes it over the top. I can't go back to pita! Next, I look forward to trying out the Falafel Bowl with 1/2 mixed greens and 1/2 rice & lentils. Eating my veggies has never tasted so good.
  2. Shouk's Falafel is PERFECTION. So tasty, I enjoyed it twice this week since its debut on the menu. Chef Dennis Friedman is genius!
  3. "Ever since Shouk opened, customers have been asking when it would serve falafel... it was time to answer the people’s chickpea prayers."
  4. I have a savage appetite compared to most folks. I can easily eat 2 pitas. So for most folks, a pita or a salad is plenty. I've seen some folks eat half a pita and take away the other half for later. Sounds like you can eat like me! 🙂
  5. From lunch last Thursday, the eggplant burger is tasty as ever! Full of soulful goodness. Pairs perfectly with the Shouk Salad. The quality of ingredients, composition and execution are so exceptional.
  6. From lunch today, I was excited to order the Edamame Falafel (6) served with Baba Ganoush, Radish and now served with a side of Bing. I requested to replace the cucumbers with Sunflower Hozon. When served, as you can see in the first and second photos, there were 5 tiny Edamame Falafel, fried black on the outside and dry inside. The 2 smaller pieces were one Falafel cut into 2 pieces. For comparison, the third photo is from my lunch I posted previously. When I pointed it out to the manager, she was kind enough to ask if I wanted the kitchen to prepare the dish correctly. I declined and she removed it from my bill. I left to get lunch elsewhere.
  7. At the end of September 2018 for lunch, I ordered the Edamame Falafel (6) served with Baba Ganoush and Radish. I added on the Bing with Sunflower Hozon, Marinated Radish, Sesame to create an insanely delicious 'Falafel Shawarma' experience!
  8. City of Gold and the Richness of the Melting Pot: A portrait of the Los Angeles Times’s food writer, Jonathan Gold, explores how humans connect through food. by Sophie Gilbert on The Atlantic. March 17, 2016. City of Gold, A documentary portrait.
  9. Jonathan Gold did more than critique the Los Angeles food scene. He defined it. by Tim Carman on WP.
  10. Johnny G&T | $13 BWC Shot Tower Gin, San Pellegrino Tonic, Wild Allspice Bitters at the Columbia Room for Bar Spero on July 21, 2018.