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  1. If you are in DC on July 21 & 22, 2019, Doi Moi is hosting a Taste of Sri Lanka pop-up. Reservations are recommended. You can preview the à la carte menu on the Doi Moi website.
  2. Shouk is a great family-friendly option for lunch or dinner in Mount Vernon Triangle and very close to the convention center. Shouk Burger, Sweet Potato Fries and Choco Cardamom Cookie are an easy-to-please winner. St. Anselm is a super easy-to-please popular option for dinner or weekend brunch. Queen's English is crazy delicious and accessible modern Hong Kong cuisine with warm-friendly hospitality and casual atmosphere. Recommend making dinner reservations online. (You can select 4 guests under the drop-drop menu for dining room.)
  3. Thank you @washingtony and @jca76 for your detailed descriptions of the dishes. I was intrigued, but for me, it sounds like there is too little innovation or reimagination of a greek/mediterranean inspired plant-based menu. I fear I would be underwhelmed so I will forgo.
  4. Yes, the crust and toppings are high quality as the bread. It is a matter of individual preference for the composition of the toppings. Usually, 2 to 3 different compositions of pizzas are offered on Friday pizza night. Occasionally on Saturdays around lunch time, 1 to 2 different compositions of pizza by the slice are offered.
  5. Seylou Bakery's pizza night every Friday 6PM to 8PM. I recommend pizza by the slice so you can preview what's offered and select your exact slices. Seylou Bakery usually posts a notice on instagram hours before on every Friday. I recommend checking their instagram site before heading over for their pizza night. Cagla's focaccia by the slice at Green Almond Pantry is insanely delicious. She offers both her basic tomato and her seasonal special showcasing beautiful local vegetables. I recommend following her instagram site and then watch for her instagram stories to see what she is especially offering for lunch that day.
  6. Yes, Seven Reasons 🙂 Chorizo & Lobster Rice (2-3P) is the dish in my photo. My dining companion and I also enjoyed: Sweet & Sour Duck Tongue Chicharron Royal Sea Bass Ceviche Octopus & Lentils Seven Reasons Croquette Cauliflower Tempura
  7. It is a purple water glass. Not Xiquet. Not Arroz. For me, both Queen's English and this new modern Latin American restaurant are the most exciting openings of 2019 to date in DC.
  8. Not Punjab Grill and absolutely not Rooster and Owl. The dish is a reimagined Paella. In my opinion, it is one of the tastiest dishes I've had this year and it surpasses Del Mar's paella. Composition and execution is sublime perfection. The rice is bomba rice. The purple ingredient is a beet. The orange is carrot. The drizzle of sauce on top is Jalapeño syrup. Protein is lobster, chorizo and pork. Yes, black truffle! My photo fails to properly capture this brilliant dish.
  9. Today, I visited the Chinatown location and enjoyed an exceptional Sunday lunch focused on the Spring Mezze and Salatim menu: Roasted Cauliflower, Salt Roasted Onion, Charred Ramps & Sorrel Eggplant, Pickled Red Cabbage, Tahini & Green Schug Cabbage, Sweet Dijon & Peanut Dukkah and the fluffiest pita
  10. Began my early dinner at home with these exquisite Flat Green Beans braised with Sweet Onion and Tomato from Green Almond Pantry
  11. Yes, Green Almond Pantry. Her name, Çağla is Turkish for Green Almond. Cagla's cooking is so exquisite. I just want to eat her food every day.
  12. Heirloom Spring Artichoke was featured yesterday as a Lunch Special. When I left the restaurant after dining in, there were approximately 10 individual takeaways available in the market pantry refrigerator. The restaurant's instagram suggests that the Chef will make more for tomorrow. I follow the restaurant's instagram so I am informed of any new dishes that the Chef is inspired to offer that day. If you like 2Amys, Etto, you may like this Shaw neighborhood restaurant, which only serves lunch Tuesday - Saturday from 11:30AM to 3PM. Dine-in option is 8-counter seat capacity or takeaway of Lunch Specials till 3PM and open till 7PM for pick-up of Market Items in the pantry refrigerator which includes dinner-to-go specials. This is my current favorite Chef and restaurant in all of DC.
  13. Yes, Heirloom Spring Artichoke stuffed with Green Garlic and Green Almond. One of the best preparations of artichoke I have had the honor to enjoy by my favorite DC Chef.
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