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  1. Was in the area for lunch and hit Jimmy's again - consistent and hearty Steak & Cheese. Actually ran into owner as I left and he encouraged me to try the pizza next time I was in. This place is very hard to find as there is a tree blocking the view from the street, and I knew where I was going.
  2. This place is open and was moderately busy for lunch today - anyone been yet, any insight?
  3. The Deli - In the soon-to-be K-Mart less shopping center: The Deli in K-Mart plaza Second for Thai Luang, very short drive from RTC just over the line in Herndon: Thai Luang Herndon Big Bowl Reston - Noodle soups and other Asian dishes (have not been here in years, but place seems busy and has been there a very long time. WIllards at Home Depot is solid, actually had lunch there today. Cannot help you much with Indian but there are several places on Elden Street about 2-3 miles from RTC and they have all been there for some time. Supper Club Angeethii Paradise The Counter (it is a chain) has a decent burger and is right at RTC: Counter Reston Mortons at RTC also has a great burger for lunch and you can eat in the bar - in/out in 40 mins or so. Mon Ami Gabi has two great burgers (lunch) as well see menu: Burgers at Mon Ami
  4. Another update, this time with a video courtesy of a local news station. RTC Security Kicks Out Television Crew During ParkRTC Report WHAG was reporting on the controversy over paid parking when security told them that filming was "no longer" allowed at Reston Town Center. The Latest and Greatest video for RTC Parking Story
  5. Boston Properties: Reston Construction Workers Have Ample Parking, We've Handled It BXP says as soon as they heard complaints about construction workers parking on streets around RTC, they reached out to the contractor. By Dan Taylor (Patch Staff) - May 12, 2017 10:53 am ET RESTON, VA — Boston Properties told Patch Friday that they've heard the concerns coming from Reston residents about construction workers clogging up area streets, and have reached out to the contractor employing them to make sure there aren't any problems in the future. Patch reported Thursday that locals were complaining that construction workers at Reston Town Center don't appear to have access to RTC garages and are therefore parking on nearby streets, prompting at least one business to put up a sign telling them not to park there. Kathy Walsh of Fallston Group, which represents Boston Properties, told Patch that it was simply a miscommunication: construction workers have access to a free parking lot near RTC with several hundred spots, and shouldn't have to park on nearby streets. "As soon as Boston Properties was made aware of the issue, they reached out to the contractor, who addressed the issue with foremen, just to remind them of the parking guidelines," Walsh said. She said BXP doesn't want the workers parking at RTC garages because they don't want them to "impact the availability of the parking garages for patrons," and that the free parking lot should have ample parking for them. Now that workers have been reminded of parking guidelines and the free lot, it shouldn't be an issue in the future, she said.
  6. Construction Workers Avoiding Reston Town Center Garages, Clogging Up Streets, Locals Say Boston Properties didn't deny that RTC workers are denied use of the garages, but said they aren't aware of any issues. By Dan Taylor (Patch Staff) - May 11, 2017 12:09 pm ET RESTON, VA — Construction workers at Reston Town Center are avoiding the paid parking garages and parking along streets nearby, irritating residents and businesses alike, locals are claiming. But RTC manager Boston Properties says they're not aware of any issues. Anti-ParkRTC Facebook group "Reston United" posted a picture this week of a sign supposedly put up by Best Buy that reads "No Town Center Parking, No Construction Parking, No Commuter Parking, Towing Strictly Enforced." "Ridiculous that Boston Properties can't even provide parking to their construction workers who are building THEIR buildings," the caption by Reston United reads. "I'd watch the construction workers park in the Best Buy shopping center every morning and walk over to their job site at The Signature. I'd be shaking my head thinking 'this is unbelievable.'" Suzanne Zurn, one of the leading critics of ParkRTC, told Patch that she has noticed construction workers who are building BXP's new apartment building at Reston Town Center are parking in the area of Temporary Road and North Shore Drive rather than in RTC's parking garages, and that "dozens of construction workers can be seen coming and going from there." They're hard to miss because of their clothing and safety gear, she said. It appears that Boston Properties does indeed require that workers park in areas near RTC rather than in the garages themselves. Kathy Walsh, a spokeswoman for Fallston Group, which respresents BXP, told Patch that "approved and permitted Reston Town Center construction workers have use of a free parking area contiguous to Reston Town Center while working onsite." She added that Boston Properties was "not aware of any issues or complaints regarding offsite street parking issues."
  7. Made it by today and got a pulled pork sandwich and 1/2 rack to share. Fantastic as expected - was a steady stream of people and it was later than the typical dinner time rush. Nice people, and a welcome addition to the Reston area.
  8. This place used to be packed all the time and on our way to the Cactus Cantina two weeks ago it was literally a ghost town at 5:30 PM on a Monday evening. Ok, so Monday nite is a tough nite, but CC was ramping up and pretty busy when we left. 2 Amys still had many tables available. Not sure if something has changed recently or just the time we were there. We have enjoyed 2A many times in the past, but it always required a lot of planning or waiting in line to get a table. Food has always been great.
  9. Apparently the Urban designation is being used to justify the instigation of paid parking. The place is dead during the week, even in the early nighttime, typically, happy-hour prime-time. It appears the lack of patronage at RTC now is having a positive impact on the nearby businesses but best I can tell no real #'s have been provided on the positive impact, just observations and speculation.
  10. ...but wait there's more. Boston Properties CEO: We Want to ‘Ensure That Reston Remains a Preeminent Location’ by Dave Emke — April 26, 2017 at 12:30 pm10 Comments In response to a question during the company’s quarterly earnings conference call Wednesday, Boston Properties CEO Owen Thomas said the paid-parking situation at Reston Town Center will continue to be evaluated. Thomas was asked about “an interesting article” about the situation and tenants’ concerns about business being down. In response, the CEO said: “We did implement paid parking at Reston Town Center at the beginning of the year. As you know, Reston is an urban location, it has structure parking primarily, and there is going to be the arrival of mass transit to the region. It’s certainly not uncommon for areas with this kind of density to have paid parking. We are utilizing a state-of-the-art parking systemthat is being used in cities all over the U.S., and actually the use of these systems is growing around the U.S. In Reston specifically, the system has been adopted by 140,000 users so far. Now that being said, as you suggest, certainly not all of our customers — some, but certainly not all of our customers — have expressed some concerns about the system or simply having to pay for parking, and we are continuing to evaluate our execution and make adjustments to ensure that Reston remains a preeminent location for business and residents in Northern Virginia.” Merchants in the Town Center have reported business to be down as much as 40 percent since paid parking went into effect Jan. 3, and an organized protest of the system in March drew hundreds of participants. Jackson’s restaurant has filed a lawsuit over the implementation, and other businesses have threatened the same; however, Boston Properties says it is confident it will prevail in any legal battles.
  11. BTW - they are open now and business appears brisk. Line was out the door on Thursday of last week around dinner time.
  12. Stopped here on Friday evening, pre-Capitals game at VC. Great Sangria, dates, Chorizo, calamari, ham/cheese croquettes, chicken and beef empanadas just to name a few. Staff could not have been more attentive or helpful. Place was moderately busy and we were seated prior to our reservation, which was nice...even adding two to our party at the last minute (not planned). Would definitely go back when not as pressed for time. A little on the more expensive side for what we had, however they have a captive audience for all the events at VC and the area. No complaints.
  13. It appears from a recent announcement that IceBerry is now closing on April 30th after 10 years at Reston Town Center. Nice little shop on the main street - obviously a saturated market being the frozen yogurt variety, but they did what they did well.
  14. Depending on who you are building with, they may offer the option to upgrade to lines like GE Profile or Jenn-Air (now increasing prices and product specs to try and complete with perceptively higher quality name brands), or even Thermador. Typically the builder cost of appliances (not retail) is credited towards the builder cost of the upgraded option (+profit). If you plan on being in the TH for a while and want the appliances you want: 1) the cost is wrapped into your mortgage and 2) it beats the heck out of swapping out appliances after you move in and in many cases compromising other parts of the new home warranty in addition to the appliances. There are also potential issues with granite tops and cabinets housing new appliances as well. Congrats on the new home.