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    I am an attorney with the firm Rich, Rosenthal, Manitta, Dzubin and Kroeger who practices business law, employment law, real estate law, domestic relations and other civil litigation matters.

    I enjoy volunteering, eating, reading and other casual pursuits from time to time. I also love my bichon puppy Max, and my really sweet hubby, Matthew who indulges my foodie tendencies.
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  1. Heidelberg Bakery and Pastries by Randolph have cheesecake, they also seem to have small ones, so you might be able to go and get a small one to sample and if it's good get a big one?? I will be honest, I hate to say this, but I LOVE CF cheesecake. It is a guilty pleasure and I don't even really like cheesecake that much.
  2. I went here on Friday night REALLY wanting a burger and starving having gone to the gym then showered after work and thinking I was really hungry. I got an angus burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle (I really thought I ordered bacon, but maybe I didn't). I thought the burger was too big- I think I have thought this before, but on some of the specialty burgers didn't notice this. I should have cut it in half, I think it is more manageable to eat that way, but I didn't. I forgot they use fancy American cheese. On a burger, if I order american cheese, I really just like the plain gooey, not really edible on it's own Kraft like stuff. It was good, still. I had cajun fries with buttermilk ranch sauce, and that was killer good, spicy, and cool at the same time. Once I ate it and fries I felt like I really over ate, which I did, but I had been starving and ate too fast. I should have cut my burger in half. Anyway, this place was humming on a Friday night, outside and in. I still think the specialty burgers are a bit better and will get one again next time.
  3. I had lunch at Four Sisters Grill yesterday. I am always happy when I see that place busy, and it was very busy. I got the vegetarian imperial roll cha and lemongrass chicken vermicelli noodles bun ga. I was debating getting a bahn mi, and now am kind of craving one. It was very good, as usual. I think the carmelized pork is better than the chicken, but that is just a general preference. I finished the roll, but not the chicken and noodles, so I am eating the leftovers for lunch I added some lettuce, pickled carrot and radish and soy beans. I explained to the table next door what green papaya was. Service staff is very nice and helpful here.
  4. There is also Coconutz Sports Bar. I have driven by many times, but never gone in.
  5. This weekend MK was mostly working, so I didn't cook a lot. I did make yakitori noodles (somewhat pre-cooked out of a package at the local Asian supermaket- they were great though, looking for them again), with ground beef, green peppers, onion, cabbage, pickled carrot and radish and yakitori sauce. Banana Bread for dessert.
  6. There is a pizza joint that is owned by someone from Pittsburgh and has a number of TVs, I think it could qualify as a sports bar. I would think they would DEFINITELY have a Pens game on, but you could call. (I am pretty darn certain on that one though.) It's called Giuseppe's Pizza. I have been there and thought the food was pretty good, they can have somewhat long waits sometimes FYI, so you might need to get there early, I am sure if you called, they could likely give you good advice on that. It is part of the Serg group down there, which is normally pretty solid.
  7. Leftover pesto pasta with these great hot Italian sausages that our butcher makes when processing our pig.
  8. Hey Everyone, I try not to post things like this on here, but I am selling raffle tickets to benefit the Campagna Center, a really incredible non-profit here in Alexandria that provides services for children and families in need- they provide ESL classes with childcare, mentoring and college prep for high school students, opportunities for middle school students in the Building Better Futures Program, Head Start and Early Head Start, as well as, young mother classes and assistance. I need to sell at least five tickets, and really since I am the Chair of the Junior Friends of the Campagna Center next year, I really need to sell more or it will look really bad, and I will feel bad because they provide really critical services here in Alexandria often covered by the county/city in other areas. So I need your help!!! Let me know if you will support The Campagna Center, and have a chance for a really fun weekend. Matt and I haven’t had time to get to MGM yet, but I hear the line-up for shows is pretty good! I can take payment by cash, check (preferred), paypal, venmo or credit card (least preferred just because I hate to ask for people's information from them), please just Direct Message me. MGM NATIONAL HARBOR GETAWAY Benefitting The Campagna Center *A one night stay for two at the luxurious MGM National Harbor *Dinner for two at Fish by Jose Andres or Voltaggio Brothers Steak House *Two theatre tickets to a show at The Theater at MGM National Harbor For Complete details, visit www.campagnacenter.org/events/brightfutures Drawing will be held at the Bright Futures Benefit on Friday, June 2, 2017 You need not be present to win. Tickets $20 each
  9. That McDonald's I think gets a fair amount of business- especially office workers breakfast and coffee. I think as that is right near the bus pickups in Rosslyn for NYC buses, that helps too. I got coffee and breakfast there sometimes before bar study there back in the day.
  10. Wardensville/ Lost River I spent not this past weekend, but the weekend before at the Lost River Guesthouse. It was a very nice little lodge to stay at- not uber fancy rooms, but the 24 hour lounges, pool tables, etc were really nice for relaxing. When the pool opens, I am sure it would be even more fun. The gay couple who owns the Lodge are very nice. We ate at the lodge both Friday and Saturday night. The food wasn't special, but it was good. We ordered a bottle of wine Friday night. We didn't finish it so took it up to the fridge by our room, the next night they let us bring it back down and finish it. I got a kale salad with beets and goat cheese to start Friday night. I thought the kale needed to be massaged a bit more, due to the variety they used, but the salad was otherwise good. I had crusted trout with mashed potatoes and green beans for my entree. The crust could have been crustier, but it really wasn't bad. The homemade rolls at the beginning of the meal are REALLY good, don't miss those if you don't have to. Breakfast is included in your stay and Saturday morning they had extremely good biscuits, eggs, bacon, potatoes and fruit. I think they also had gravy, but I avoided that. The breakfast was very good, although the fruit was as ripe as you would expect this time of year. We went hiking at Lost River State Park and did Crannie Crow which was a great hike with a beautiful view over 5 counties. Sometimes they run horses on the trails, I would love to do that sometime. I miss riding a horse. We then drove around a bit on some country roads, we saw the iron furnace on Wolf Gap Rd, stopped at a couple little stores just to check them out. There is a little cafe that had good looking sandwiches where I picked up a soda, I forget the name, but it is likely the only cafe in Lost River. That night at the Guesthouse I had a salad with blue cheese and bacon (I got vinagrette instead of more blue cheese dressing) it was a nicely balanced salad with lots of good stuff. I also got a flatbread with carmelized onions, cheese, etc. I found it to be lacking in acid and just kind of one note, but it tasted good while eaten with my salad. (If they added lightly dressed arugula on top it would have likely solved the problem and I wouldn't have needed a salad too.) They had a wine tasting at the Lodge that we missed (it's kind of early in the day 2:00 pm) but some of the people we were talking to really enjoyed it. That night Jimmy Lee was the DJ at the Guesthouse Bar- he played classic rock and it was great. Sunday, they were selling Lost River Doughnuts at the lodge, this is a pop up shop that i think only sells here, these were excellent. But breakfast was pancakes (which I didn't eat because doughnut) eggs, sausage, fruit- again fine, but I am not sure pancakes on doughnut day is the best decision. We hiked Wolf Gap, which is VERY steep, but a good hike when you just ate a doughnut and sausage. Again, a really nice view at the top though, it was sunnier that day and not as cold so we enjoyed our view at the top. We went into Wardensville for lunch at the Lost River Brewery. I had their lightest beer, it was acceptable (I am not really a huge beer person, but I am trying- acceptable is pretty high praise in my book). I drank the whole beer. I had a mahi mahi sandwich which was very good, fish was cooked nicely, had a nice sauce on it. Next time I would ask for my fries a little well done, I thought they weren't quite crispy enough. My Aunt had the corned beef sandwich, which I got a bite of, it was very good. I stopped at the Bakery/Farm Store in Wardensville at the fork- they have good coconut macarons, bread and applesauce cake. They only had greens, but I would buy some produce here in the summer. I was talking to them they were very nice. The Guesthouse has two dog friendly rooms, I didn't take Max, but would go back with Matt and take Max sometime. There are a lot of different sites to hike, and you aren't far from the Smoke Holes or Seneca Rocks. I would think when the river is warmer (that Saturday was super chilly, it had just snowed in Garrett County where my Aunt came from) people likely canoe and kayak there too. It is a nice little get away from DC that is about 2.5 hours, there were lots of DC people there. I talked to some gentlemen from DC and Alexandria who were staying in rooms right by us who were very nice, although sometimes when I am around so many people from DC I try to not really talk about it.
  11. Well I don't recommend the orzo pasta with chicken dish. Matt had it a couple years ago and it seemed pretty good, but I got it this last week and it was just kind of a hot mess. It tasted ok, but the sauce wasn't mixed with the orzo, the chicken wasn't well crusted. I will go back to my more standard orders.
  12. My Hubby used to be luke warm on Cava, I am not sure why, but now he REALLY likes it and is on the bandwagon with me. I just wish the Alexandria location wasn't so darn hard to get to from Old Town during rush hour.
  13. I have been sick for about 10 days and am just coming out of the fog, so I made some homemade chicken won-ton soup multiple days with won-tons I made and froze for such emergencies and bok choy. I also ate lots of frozen veggies warmed up in a skillet and chicken that I sous vided, anything easy, that was about it. But over the weekend my Mom and I made homemade eggplant Parmesan which was very tasty with pasta, meatballs and bread. I have some leftover fried eggplant, so last night I put it in the oven to crisp back up, topped with Parmesan cheese. We ate it with green beans and leeks, and orzo pasta with pesto and peas.
  14. We have had a couple done for my office, honestly, I just haven't loved any of the photographers.