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    I am an attorney with the firm Rich, Rosenthal, Manitta, Dzubin and Kroeger who practices business law, employment law, real estate law, domestic relations and other civil litigation matters.

    I enjoy volunteering, eating, reading and other casual pursuits from time to time. I also love my bichon puppy Max, and my really sweet hubby, Matthew who indulges my foodie tendencies.
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  1. Any updates for 2016? I find I will be in that area tomorrow night. Tell me about Batik, it came up on my google search and looks like something my Mom might like, she loves dumplings.
  2. Hello Board, Tomorrow night I am taking my Mom to Germantown to test drive a car. We likely can do a quick dinner before or a more leisurely dinner afterwards. What is good in this area of town or on 270 south of Germantown (we are coming from NOVA)? Mom is pretty adventurous and likes ethnic cuisine. We are also fine with general purpose (pizza, etc) but I prefer not to have to do a big chain or fast food because we have been on the road a lot lately.
  3. Actually no. Downstairs has a few tables, then the bar area. The upstairs seating area because of the kitchen is pretty small. I would compare the seating space to the wine bar across the street. Certainly nowhere near as close as the others mentioned who all have large seating spaces downstairs and upstairs, maybe even half of their space or less, the seating space is limited. (I had my engagement party at 100 King upstairs, but I forget what the max number was...)
  4. I live in Ballston, there are enough fast casual spots within walking distance of Ballston, we just don't go out that far unless we want something special, and then yes- we normally make the trek into DC or to the burbs. We used to really like Fuego (closed), GPB menu just doesn't change often enough, why go to Screwtop when we have Cheesetique, why go to Citizen when we have Big Buns, I do still really like Lyon Hall, but I liked Clarendon better when if one place was full we had lots of other options we could walk to... I would love a good Italian place and would go to Clarendon for that. We really haven't been going out in DC that often though- we are just so darn busy on weekdays and weekends.
  5. Well I would venture to guess 100 King wasn't well run on a business standpoint, and was recession time. You knew the Thai place that took it's place couldn't support the enormous rent of that building. Carluccio's redid the layout, somewhat. But- it was too expensive and didn't have good variety for a work lunch and I think there is a lot of selection for dinner and it just didn't ever wow for the price. I work a block away and went- once, the next time I went in to try to pick up an Italian sandwich to carry out for lunch, they were out of them (no offer to make me one), so I have never gone back. I think they need a chain restaurant likely to support the rent, it's a big building right in the heart of things. I think it needs to have a menu that attracts people for lunch, as well though. I don't think there is a ton of seating, so I would actually think something with quick turnover, or that also has more communal seating would do better than a fancier sit down style restaurant. That is just my opinion as a lay person. We struggle on where to get lunch sometimes- Blackwall takes too long, we don't want the calories of BBQ, Momo is too small for a group, Virtue is pricier than we generally do for most lunches, Fish Market is so-so and touristy as is the Wharf. We end up at a lot of lunch meetings at Chadwicks, Mai Thai and Union Street based on price point, variety and space. There are a lot of tourists in that area of Old Town, and there are lots of nicer places, they need a mid to low price point with high turnover that could fill a bigger space, but not a huge one.
  6. Last night was chicken pita and a Food and Wine recipe for pea and cucumber salad that turned out pretty well, a little thinner than the picture looked sauce-wise, they likely dried their peas and cucumber a bit before using them. Tasted good though.
  7. Nooo, that would ruin the look of OT, don't give them that idea. (Please, oh please, Wagamama hear my prayer.)
  8. Well I will say, since coming back to cooking from my vacation and travel hiatus, I have been on quite the run of pretty darn good dinners. Although it can't continue for that much longer. Part of it is a I am letting us eat a little more pasta than I normally do in a two week span- yolo. Tonight was buttered egg noodles with shredded 72 hour sous vide short rib, reduced beef sauce with red wine, rosemary, green beans. Mountfair, Hope an excellent wine. Last night was cod cake sandwiches with homemade tartar sauce, leftover fried yuca, succotash remnants and leftover strawberry crumble pie. Saturday night was lobster tails and shrimp broiled in garlic butter, old bay crisped potato wedges and succotash of limas, zucchini, sweet corn with olive oil and rice vinegar, tarragon and oregano. Saturday night was also the night I made the strawberry crumble pie, it isn't the best strawberry filling I have ever made in my life, but we haven't dilly-dallied in eating it either. Friday night was spaghetti with zucchini and meat sauce and garlic bread. I also made vanilla pudding (sugar free, don't tell Hubby) with chocolate pearls.
  9. If it's a nice weekend and you are willing to sit inside at a crab house, they have some big spaces inside sometimes because most people want to be outside. I don't know if Mike's or Cantler's does reservations per se, but I think sometimes you can do call ahead and get your name on the list? For big groups they might let you reserve if you reserve your crabs too.
  10. Just starting back up cooking from my long crazy work, vacation, brother's wedding hiatus. We had a two links of hot sausage from the pig we get processed every other year in the fridge that needed to be used, so I took the casing off and crumbled them in a pan, browned a little, then added 3 cloves of garlic, pepper, tarragon, some white wine from the fridge, two little packs of Papa John's garlic butter sauce (I have a weird fascination with trying to use extra condiments we get), and about half a bag of frozen chopped spinach and some frozen green beans that I chopped up. I then cooked some linguine and mixed it all together. It was delicious, Hubby ate two big bowls.
  11. Went to Ballston last night due to the fridge being pretty sparse, I need to take some things out of the freezer and get creative, but last night I was too tired. I had the half chicken medium which had good flavor, I used the garlic sauce for some fries. The macho peas may be high in calories, but they are so good, I can't pass them up. I knew it wasn't a low calorie meal, but I only had one other meal yesterday and was hungry. If you are looking for something lower calorie, the pita sandwich is pretty darn good, I like it with fairly spicy chicken.