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    Toasted Sesame Paste

    Nah — it was Amazon’s exorbitant price that was motivating me to check out some new grocery stores. I can replicate SoCal in Gaithersburg, what with 99 Ranch and HMart, but I thought I should check and see what’s left in DC. Didn’t know whether there were any ethnic markets left in Chinatown or whether this was something Hana might stock.
  3. I wasn't going to say this before the vote, but I figured it would win in a landslide. People *hate* tipping, and ultimately, they vote with their pocketbook. To servers, bartenders, etc. - Do not panic: If this is an "all-or-nothing" change (which it absolutely *must* be to work), diners will still dine. Any diner with a brain will realize that the *total cost* of dining out will be the same, and not hesitate to go from the suburbs into DC. The ones without brains tend to stay close to home. In the long term, this is a net positive for the industry. Short term, I'm not so sure, but long term, servers and bartenders will now be treated as *professionals* which is exactly how they should be treated. --- The recession is on its way (although who knows if it will be in one year, or five years), so that will affect things, but that's a separate issue from this (you'll be able to tell by Virginia and Maryland restaurants closing as well). --- In the year 2030, I want people to look back at this, and they'll realize it benefitted everyone. For what it's worth, I really am sorry for the people who will be casualties in the short term - this is exactly why I refused to comment on the issue: It was with your well-being in mind - you, the people who have nurtured me through years of hardship. Yes, I care, and yes, I'll still take care of you. Question: If diners decide to tip now, is there any reason *NOT* to tip in cash? Before, there was - restaurateurs *hated* it when people tipped in cash; now, that may no longer be the case, since 100% of tips will hopefully go to the servers and bartenders (I'm not sure about this, because I purposely didn't read the proposition).
  4. Hallelujah! Maybe McLean will finally get some good restaurants!!!! I wonder how the votes broke down....I wonder if there was huge turnout in wards 7 & 8, where this measure presumably would most benefit.
  5. I was just wondering if I've ever been to Rabieng - and now I know. I didn't really recognize the joint because it's been 5 years and this time we sat upstairs.... We had some crispy calamari, shrimp & pork dumplings (siu mais), summer sausage, and a signature dish of "RABIENG’S ROAST PORK (moo obb) - Tender pork loin roasted w/ five-spice, sweet soy & plum sauces, cilantro, pickled ginger & chili vinaigrette." The calamari was nicely cooked with good salt/pepper flavor (could've been more aggressively seasoned though). The shrimp & pork dumplings were not as good as siu mais at a good dim sum joint, but I know the kids will at least eat them. The summer sausage didn't have that herbiness found at Padaek. The roast pork was tender, but again could've been more aggressively seasoned. On a Tuesday evening, it was pretty crowded but the service was friendly and efficient.
  6. Yes appears to be cruising to an easy win with about a 7,000 vote lead (55% v 45%) with 89.5% reporting. (Posting at 9:35pm) Washington Post calls it, Yes for the win. (Posting at 9:53) From what I could tell, the Yes vote jumped out to an early 5,000 vote lead and gained support throughout the evening. Yes organizers are concerned the City Council and Mayor Bowser will step in, most of the Council and Mayor are against 77...so it may not be over yet. We shall see.
  7. I'm not particularly busy lately so I've been watching lots of "football" and working out, which allows me to go eat out even on a Monday night. I checked out the Mosaic Bartaco. It's not Mexican food. They're also pretty small, and individually pretty cheap. They say to eat 5 or 6 tacos, since each is only 2 to 3 bites. I went for 5, from left to right, cauliflower, roasted duck, baja fish, falafel, and rock shrimp. The cauliflower is pretty tasty, especially of garlic. The roasted duck was tender. The fish and rock shrimp (2 in each taco) were nicely fried, crispy exterior but still moist within. The falafels were decent. I think the whole shebang cost $14.5 before tax.
  8. Whoa. "LeBron James Becomes the Only Player in History To Win 10 Straight Division Titles" by @FOXSportsOH
  9. Katya4me

    Lunch - The Mid-Day, Polyphonic Food Blog

    We did these lentil shawarma pita wraps and the depth of flavor in the lentils was fantastic: https://www.connoisseurusveg.com/lentil-shwarama-pitas/
  10. I live a couple of miles from there, but I haven't been yet (in almost 4 years of living here), so thank you all for the reminder to check it out!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Or if he doesn't get a new job before the start of next season, he could pick up a mid-season job (perhaps early in the season if a team is really doing bad).
  13. Good Lord no. I mean, that was doable when I was 20, after a workout, but ain't no mo!
  14. We’re semi-regulars there (about 2-3x a month, which may be as often as we go to any particular restaurant). I still wish the tomato sauce was a less sweet, and still enjoy the ever-changing but consistently good salads, as well as the never-changing but consistently great brownie with caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream. Their arugula pizza (and the great atmosphere) knocked CS out of the rotation for us. There’s a fun documentary on Frankly and Rose’s Luxury called New Chefs on the Block. If it ever streams, check it out!
  15. Some folks think he had his mind made up even before the Cup win. We know he wanted an extension last summer and didn't get one. You can't discount bad feelings about that if he thought it meant "A Cup or else!" after so much (Cup-less) success. Boz may have had it right and the Caps could have come hat in hand with an offer that nullified the extension in favor of something that would wipe the slate clean. I'm sure we'll never know. If he doesn't go to the Islanders he could also look for a position with the Seattle expansion in 2020, maybe with an ownership component.
  16. Did you eat an entire sandwich? If so, I hope you won't have any desire to eat again for several days . . . .
  17. Yes, sorry, that was very ambiguous and poor writing on my part. (The Corduroy menu is still one heck of a deal).
  18. smithhemb

    Toasted Sesame Paste

    Anyone know whether any grocery store in DC stocks toasted sesame paste? No luck at Rodman’s, World Market, Whole Foods, Safeway, or Giant near me. Some days I miss California....
  19. I saw that a little earlier. I don't know how much I agree with his assessment, but my opinion wouldn't change the outcome. I think the 5-year/$5M ask was definitely stretching it, but it could have been done with the knowledge that Trotz wouldn't get it from the Caps and signaling what someone else needs to bring to the table to sign him up. There's a lot of coaching turnover in the NHL with only one having a 9-year tenure at this time.
  20. Host nation Russia on the verge of punching their ticket for Round 2 (With a +7 GD a lot would have to go wrong for them not to advance at this point)
  21. And

    San Antonio, TX

    Will be headed here for work next week. Any recommendations? Places to avoid on the riverwalk? -Andy
  22. Thanks much - Matthew's Pizza looks pretty cool - thanks for the suggestion. Woodbury may be the deal, have to check with friends, but thanks for the recommendation - I will keep you posted.
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