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  1. Quick update, as a year has elapsed. Chef Whitaker has indeed settled in well at the Ashby and is turning out some fantastic food. This won't be a full write-up since its been a few weeks, but I was in three times last month (tasting menu, a la carte dinner, and brunch) and can confidently say that the Ashby should certainly be on your radar if it has slipped off. Granted, I'm in frequently because I (mostly) live close by, but for those traveling out a wonderful weekend could be made of a dinner at the Ashby one night then Field and Main, staying either at the Inn or in Marshall at The Rooms Up There (theroomsupthere.com), or one night a piece.
  2. Psyched to hear that Chloe is firing on all cylinders out of the gate, but nothing about the above sounds polite. I'm beginning to find myself in the Carole Greenwood camp when it comes to restaurant photography. #fyourinstagram
  3. Gotcha. I’m not a Jet Blue flyer, but have had luck with the Legal Test Kitchen and the Legal seafoods by the United gates. The LTK menu varies, but at the other Legal I have had good luck making a meal out of the Crab Bisque and the tuna sashimi.
  4. Which outpost at Logan? I can think of at least three throughout the airport.
  5. What with all the construction we didn't make it to SP's this summer - hope to have some excellent pizze etc at a place of yours next summer!
  6. dr.com Picnics - It Has Been a Long Time

    I've only been to one DR.com event (the beef tasting at Vidalia), but would be happy to attend events going forward if folks want to organize them.
  7. I have to say, this thread is remarkable. Usually out-of town chefs get skewered, no matter the pedigree (see Lee, Sursur and especially Ripert, Eric). Yet ice cream from an absentee chef is nearly universally praised. Wow. Guess these other chefs should get busy making ice cream in the flyovers. I've had the ice cream in Columbus and thought it was very good, and The Whole Ox in Marshall carries it. That said, its no 2 Amy's, or Moo-Thru. Or maybe it is, with better marketing --- 2 Amys (DonRocks)
  8. Veterans Day Lunch

    The Ashby Inn will be offering free lunch for Veterans on Veterans day, FYI.
  9. Aureole - Cafe Un Deux Trois - Quality Italian - Orso Cafe Un Deux Trois is the worst of the bunch, but still serviceable. Honestly, I'd probably go to Aureole or DB Bistro.
  10. Where Do You Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey?

    Don’t know about Bart, but we get our Turkey from the Whole Ox and have done so for years. We usually get two - a larger local turkey and a smaller Kelly Bronze. I’ve been very happy with both the birds and the store!
  11. I ate at Mirabelle on Monday night, and sadly have to echo the service issues documented upthread. But, first the food - let's focus on the positive. Everything we ordered was exemplary. We had the gnocchi and foie gras pate for appetizers. Anyone remotely familiar with the gnocchi from Palena knows what to expect, and these did not disappoint. Listed as a "fricasse of black trumpet mushroom gnocchi and petite gris snails, this tasted exactly as I remembered from Palena. The pate, which was called All Parts of the Rabbit or some such thing was an ENORMOUS slab of foie along with some rabbit confit, some mushrooms and bread. There was not remotely enough bread for the dish, but more was provided and the amount of food here was astounding - easily enough for two portions. Our mains were the roast guinea hen/ boudin and the navarin of sea scallops and urchin. The guinea hen breast was brined in a way similar to the much remembered chicken at Palena, and the boudin would have given Marcels a run for its money. Just superb. The sea scallops looked to be fantastic, but I didn't get a bite. All in all, we could not have been more pleased with the food. The space is also beautiful, btw. Service was supremely odd. Things started off well enough, with drink orders being taken quickly and our drinks (the Colonel) were well made. That was the high point, though. Our server was pretty frantic - she spoke very quickly and in a very rushed tone - we must have been asked three times if we were ready to order yet. Very quirky, and not in a good way - reminiscent of the server back in the old days at Palena who always volunteered to cut your chicken. Perhaps the most noticeable error in service was the treatment of the wine we ordered. We went for a '96 Beaucastel, which was in fine shape, if a bit heavy for the scallops, but oh well. The sommelier working the floor decanted the wine, but didn't use a screen or decant carefully so consequently each sip was filled with sediment, from first to last, hindering our enjoyment. This issue was so noticeable that our server came over to change out our glasses, tut tutting at the somm all the while. I have to admit that I didn't voice my displeasure with the treatment of the wine, but perhaps I should have. Not sure who is doing the training here, but there is a long way to go until the service matches the food.
  12. As luck would have it (or not), I found myself at the Springfield location last week for the first time in about 17 years and asked for "Chicken Alamo", per the discussion upthread many moons ago. Wow. Totally revolting. I should have known, but went against my better judgement. Oh well. Fortunately it will be at least another 17 until I return. Incidentally, this location is directly off of "Bland Street" - seriously. Too funny, and perhaps the best descriptor for this area ever.