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  1. I’m betting Britton gets traded at the deadline if he comes back and plays well. No sense in the O’s having a great closer at this point. Of course, this assumes that the O’s are competently run, so...
  2. Uhhh, he's throwing live BP now, and will throw a simulated game early this week. Forget about late July or not at all, he will pitch in June - potentially early-mid June. SMH. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-orioles-notes-20180519-story.html
  3. Keithstg

    Boston and Cambridge, MA

    Hard to believe how much time has elapsed on this thread. I'm part of the problem, since I've been to Boston a half dozen times this year and haven't gotten around to posting until now. And only now to reiterate that the above remains true. Dinner at the bar at No.9 Park was different, yet familiar. Same great wine list, same excellent, personal service and fabulous conversation - different pasta preparations and Halibut preps (this one with a riot of morels) but still delicious and worth the time. No. 9 is employing a coravin now and is offering several premium wines by the glass as well. Highlights of those were an '11 Allemand Cornas and a '12 Daguenaeu Sliex by the glass.
  4. Keithstg

    Chicago, IL

    Second the Revival Food Hall rec. Really enjoyed my trip there. Cool space, lots of options. Settled on Buldong Hot Chicken and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also enjoyed the Cherry Circle Room in the CAA building/ hotel for dinner. Solid food and an interesting, well-chosen and fairly priced wine list. Chicago's one of those places I don't get to often, but always thoroughly enjoy.
  5. I’m late to this, but what a silly, totally incorrect statement for any number of reasons. Pretty much.
  6. Keithstg

    Mount Rushmore of Cuisine

    Agree on the re-enactments - do wish there was more/ any footage of Jeremiah at Loomis back in the day. Did think that the archival footage of Chez Panisse was interesting. Really captured what a dilettante Alice Waters was in the early years.
  7. Thoroughly enjoyable and quick meal at the 2Amy's bar last night. Steak tartare, coquettes and a pizza to take home, washed down with a couple glasses of rose. Been here countless times before, always look forward to returning. (Don, I'll say hi next time).
  8. Interesting. Waiting with baited breath for Ed Lazere and the DCFPI to weigh in 🙄. Won't be long, I'm sure.
  9. Running day-care centers is extraordinarily profitable. This is the second day-care center owner I know of making a foray into restaurants. Gonna be a bumpy ride.
  10. Nice! When I went to see Hamilton we had a very nice meal at La Masseria, which is basically around the corner. We went after the show, but they do pre-theater as well. Exceptional service. If you are going to be at MOMA I also recommend The Modern or The Bar Room at the Modern. Should you want to walk down a few blocks and head east a bit you might enjoy the Lobster Club.
  11. That Kirkland Rioja is a screaming bargain for $6.99. Last year they had a Kirkland Provencal Rose' that was fantastic - super pale and dry and a huge find for sub $11.
  12. Brunch: Charlie Bird Dinner: Rotisserie Georgette or Peasant Lunch: JG Melon I realize that these recommendations are all over the city - are you staying in Midtown West or East, and do you have a preference for a side of town? Happy to provide more options.
  13. Keithstg

    King Street Oyster Bar

    But was it flavorful? . More seriously King Street Oyster has been a welcome addition to the Middleburg dining scene. The oyster bar is nearly always packed, with us locals during the week and "late night" and visitors on the weekend. Aside from the noise (high ceilings and hard surfaces are the culprit) I can only think of one thing to change - and that's the portion sizes, although they do offer the option of a double lobster roll, which is more akin to what I see elsewhere, and is priced accordingly. I'd imagine that when faced with the prospect of higher prices or smaller portion sizes they chose the latter, which works well as there really aren't any restaurants at their price point in town. Demand for the oyster bar has also made a reservation at Red Fox easier to come by. I'd imagine the bar will be very busy the next couple of weeks.