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Podcasts - What Are Your Favorites?

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Food podcasts:  The Feed podcast with Rick Bayless & Steve Dolinsky

Drink Podcasts:  Bartender Journey by Brian Weber;  Modern BarCart with Eric Kozlik

Other:  Productivity Alchemy by Kevin Sonney

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I listen to "Good Food on the Road" , with the LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold.  They are very short, usually a review of one restaurant. He has a gift of evocative language about food, it makes me very jealous of the LA food scene, especially Korean, Japanese and Mexican cuisine.

I like some BBC stuff for culture.  Most often "In Our Time", which covers a topic of history or culture for an hour with posh sounding British academics.

For music, I like La Montana Rusa , which is in Spanish, so I don't understand most of the dialog, but the music he plays is cool, if you like jazz.  Incidentally, it means "The Russian Mountain," which is what spanish and french call roller coasters, based on early russian sled rides.  Fun fact, when the 'real' motorized roller coasters came to russia, the called them 'american mountains.'

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