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  1. He was the prosecutor in "To Kill a Mockingbird". An unenviable position!
  2. Sounds like Dusty Baker is getting tired of the bullpen situation! Opponents already know that once they get past our starting pitchers they have a good chance to win!
  3. There is a Supano's on Light Street, about a block and a half from the Convention Center, and it's quite an oasis far from the madding (maddening?) crowd all heading down to Inner Harbor restaurants at break time. Had two lunches there this week: lasagna one day and veal parmigiana day 2. Lasagna hit the spot, my low expectation spot. Not bad. My friend had penne with marinara sauce and meatballs both days. He was satisfied. Nothing fancy. It's a bar, really, with a projector screen showing a Frank Sinatra TV special with guest stars The 5th Dimension and Diahann Carroll. Wouldn't you like to fly in my beautiful balloon? Could have used a good Joe Piscopo parody of Frank right then, but hey! Made for a history/nostalgia lesson. Also on menu: pizza, burgers, subs. Wish I had tried. Looked like locals in there for lunch, but quiet.
  4. Robert Osborne of TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Guy really knew his stuff. His intros were so enjoyable!
  5. I have not, but I was telling a waitress that we used to go to Oval Room and really enjoyed the chef's short ribs and sweetbreads entrees and she said he has included those dishes in some of the tasting menus! We mean to check it out!
  6. Our first visit was a special occasion dinner (early Valentine's Day). We'll be sure to return for a taste of the regular/seasonal menu! Highlights Saturday Feb. 11 Tuna carpaccio with steelhead roe. Bursts of the sea! Potato gnocchi special, with pork belly, mushrooms (best dish of the night!) Goat Cheese Scarpinocc Ravioli with pear Branzino with sunchoke whip. Perfectly fresh and moist! (Lamb chops were a bit ordinary. Needed something). Tiramisu Friendly and attentive service, warm setting. We were in the front, glass enclosed room closer to the street. Looked a little bit cozy in the main room near the bar where there was always a lot of foot traffic going by. Fabio was there. You might want to go while he's getting the place underway and making a really good impression. Just past the Calvert Woodley wine shop.
  7. Historian Michael Beschloss said on C-Span this Thursday that inaugurations are celebrations of democracy, not winning a race. I will raise a toast for democracy, and humility. Not victory.
  8. Canned Heat's Al Wilson had a fine falsetto! On the Road Again Influenced by blues great, Skip James: Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Canned Heat's friend John Fahey "rediscovered" Skip James and brought him to Newport Folk Festival and a late in life revived career performing). Alternate verse: Ain't got no money now, can't pay my rent. Preacher gonna tell you it's heaven sent.
  9. Jimmie Rodgers used falsetto in his popular blue yodels, but I agree that it's not so common in country music. I can't recall too many instances of it in Cajun music.
  10. A bit of irony here! Walk Like a Man
  11. His best musical album is Blonde on Blonde, for me. I don't even listen for the lyrics sometimes, some of which can be too cute and seem like filler. Listen for the music. I Want You. Stuck Inside of Mobile. One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later). Absolutely Sweet Marie. Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands. Ok, listen to the lyrics in Just Like a Woman! They're great. Good Rolling Stone article on the making of the album. Another fine musical album for me is the Soundtrack to Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. The Mexican sounding guitar really pleases me. Not an obvious choice but a good one. For lyrics, I don't think he ever surpassed The Times They Are a'Changin', Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited. John Wesley Harding. His most fun album for me is Basement Tapes. Hands down. And some really stunning songs too. Goin to Acapulco, Tears of Rage, This Wheel's On Fire, Open the Door Richard. I Shall be Released. Then there's New Morning. The song order is remarkable. Very good production job, IMO. Moving songs, The Man in Me, Father of Night. Blood on the Tracks is too painful for me to listen to. It's critically up there, but it's just too painful. Time Out of Mind. Some people even prefer the follow up, Love and Theft. YMMV of course.