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  1. We love the Ukranian festival on New Hampshire Ave. every year in mid-September! We have pictures of the very dancers featured in the YouTube video you posted! Near the church end of the grounds they set up a little grocery store and we always get kielbasa etc. Parking on NH Ave. and at the mosque next door. Home made sweets (and Ukranian beer). We always get the church ladies' cabbage rolls and pierogis under the big tent, but I think I used to enjoy them more in past years than lately. The priest is cool. Last year there were some long bearded bishops or something like that from the old country visiting. People were getting their pictures taken with them. Petting zoo for the kids. One reason why New Hampshire Avenue is known as the Highway to Heaven! Count the churches as you go by. If you see a lot for sale you almost hope it's going to go to a church, else it'll fall in Devil's Land!
  2. I saw goat today at Harvey's in Union Market. Haven't seen it there before. Looked like shank meat.
  3. Another great article on the recording of Blonde on Blonde. It's the music as much as the lyrics that make this album, to me!
  4. I'm guessing they were elected to the All Star team even though they were injured and had hardly played at the time of the voting.
  5. I would gladly support naming it the Brooks Robinson award! That's far more appropriate than the Cy Young award! In general one's skill at fielding will be rather consistent from year to year, but it can also improve over time or get worse due to injury or inattention for whatever reason. There's also the fact that competitors at your position retire while great new players come into the picture, so you wouldn't think the same player would win the gold glove so many years in a row. BTW, I'd include Maravich in the list of great passers! He could pull off some crazy stuff like unbelievable fakes. If you were on his team you had to pay close attention!
  6. Gold Glove votes are notorious. It seems that once you win one you win it again for the next 10 years. The voters seem to be lazy about looking at the facts. It's just not done as carefully as voting for Cy Young or MVP, as far as I can tell. You won't see Anthony Rendon, for instance, getting one any time soon though he should be in the discussion at third base in the NL.
  7. Thanks for all the great recommendations! You sure steered us right! Our favorites were FIG and The Ordinary, and we also liked The Drawing Room in our hotel, The Vendue. The single best dish on our visit was at FIG, an appetizer of ricotta gnochi and lamb bolognese. I wish I had ordered two servings of this as my entree! I think my next favorite was steak tartare with fried oysters at The Ordinary. Perfectly fried. Oysters Rockefeller and asparagus soup with lump crab meat at The Drawing Room. Tuesday was half price wine night. Our bartender told us Bill Murray sat there Easter Sunday. He's often seen around town.
  8. Monkfish meatballs in tomato sauce with raisins and pine nuts. From Lidia Bastianich's red cookbook. Fish from Pescadeli in Bethesda. Bread from the Portugese grocer in NJ that they use.
  9. He was the prosecutor in "To Kill a Mockingbird". An unenviable position!
  10. Sounds like Dusty Baker is getting tired of the bullpen situation! Opponents already know that once they get past our starting pitchers they have a good chance to win!
  11. There is a Supano's on Light Street, about a block and a half from the Convention Center, and it's quite an oasis far from the madding (maddening?) crowd all heading down to Inner Harbor restaurants at break time. Had two lunches there this week: lasagna one day and veal parmigiana day 2. Lasagna hit the spot, my low expectation spot. Not bad. My friend had penne with marinara sauce and meatballs both days. He was satisfied. Nothing fancy. It's a bar, really, with a projector screen showing a Frank Sinatra TV special with guest stars The 5th Dimension and Diahann Carroll. Wouldn't you like to fly in my beautiful balloon? Could have used a good Joe Piscopo parody of Frank right then, but hey! Made for a history/nostalgia lesson. Also on menu: pizza, burgers, subs. Wish I had tried. Looked like locals in there for lunch, but quiet.
  12. Robert Osborne of TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Guy really knew his stuff. His intros were so enjoyable!
  13. I have not, but I was telling a waitress that we used to go to Oval Room and really enjoyed the chef's short ribs and sweetbreads entrees and she said he has included those dishes in some of the tasting menus! We mean to check it out!