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  1. Dive Bars

    I'm surprised Brinkley's in Falls Church wasn't mentioned on here unless I didn't see it?
  2. Takohachi Japanese Restaurant

    You took me back to San Francisco where there was a little stand by the Pier they made uni ceviche right in the shell. It was so good I can't put it in words
  3. Dining in Annandale

    I agree, it was too sweet for me as well. I stick with ol' faithful Yechon
  4. On a whim, what are you up to?

    You may be off if this snow they're talking about hits tonight into tomorrow
  5. The Ox tail and jerk chicken with rice and peas, cabbage, okra have been my staples there. You can tell each dish has been braised for hours till perfectly tender. The beef patties have a perfect flaky crust with a nice and spicy ground beef filling. And thank you! Unfortunately, no..the pictures I post are of my restaurant. I'll be sure to take some pics of their food next week and post on here though
  6. I've been frequenting this restaurant WEEKLY. There are only about a handful of restaurants I will re-order from and this place takes a top spot. Home cooked, fresh spices, friendly customer service, and most important clean restaurant/kitchen/baseboards,ceilings (Yes, I look at every aspect of a restaurants cleanliness..it shows firsthand how much they care about the quality of food and their customers) The owner was super nice and very accommodating. Dishes run between an average of $20 a plate but well worth every penny!
  7. Food Halls

    My opinion is food halls/trucks only work well for start ups if you offer 1 or 2 items and do them extremely well. A menu that utilizes the same ingredients not only lowers food costs but reduces comprehensive overhead expenses.
  8. Liberty Barbecue

    You should see Peaking Gourmet Inn in FC. It's jam packed every weeknight
  9. Phở

    I'll admit I've never tried chicken pho, for some reason I keep thinking it would be a more milder flavor than the beef. Have you tried it personally?
  10. Phở

    Pho 75 Rosslyn or Pho Sate in Falls Church are my go to places --- Phở Nom Nom - MMM
  11. Cheese Zombies

    It sounds simple but their dough and baking technique is just something beyond words... Oh they have options; plain, pepperoni, ham, breakfast zombie... they're all amazing
  12. Cheese Zombies

    A bread puff stuffed with cheese..who knew something so simple could be so delicious. Or maybe it's the fact it's a high school memory of mine. Anyone else familiar with these simple, yet delicious snacks? I recently discovered a place that sells them! Patty's Original Cheese Zombies
  13. My suggestion is try to go on a weekday Mon-Wed. Any other night is jam packed and the food takes awhile to come out.