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  1. I wait for the day INO hits the east coast. I'd literally work out 7 days a week just to eat it more than once every few months I travel back to Cali
  2. I spent many years every summer traveling to Ocean City, MD and surprised I had never tried a small place nearby I was staying called Crabcake Factory on 122nd St. From the outside it looks like a small neighborhood bar, not much to offer but ohhhh man! I had the best crab cakes I've had by far anywhere in the DMV and west coast! I had their signature 5oz crab cake with a side of fries and coleslaw. The crab cake was jumbo lumps held together with possibly a thin egg batter, there was ZERO fillers, just pure crab and old bay The coleslaw had a nice creamy crunch and the fries (I drenched with vinegar) added the perfect amount of acidity. Service was friendly, they were super busy with the Memorial day weekend crowd so it was fine if service was a little more slow. Overall highly recommended!
  3. My favorite Chinese place! The duck, kung pow chicken, garlic sprouts, lo mein and orange chicken wings are out of this world. You can see bits of fresh orange zest in the sauce. I'm sure it's not so much traditional for orange chicken wings but they are definitely delicious.
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    Indian Restaurants

    Whole foods? I remember Fresh Fields there
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    Yum Yum Sauce

    Oh my goodness!
  6. Their portions were huge and at a lower price on their food truck. There's a compensation when moving from a food truck to a brick and mortar space, price change or portion change. They do have quality food which would definitely be worth the up charge in price. Wishing them all of the best of success!
  7. Restaurants tend to limit the distance not only to improve delivery times but more so because it is a liability. In cases of an accident, both the driver and business is held liable. If a business expands their driving distances to populated areas where accidents are more frequent or other states (DC/MD no matter how close you are to those state lines) you open the doors to greater risk of accident. Shall that happen the insurance premium for a business owner goes up.
  8. What I want to know is how does Blanca Gamaz go from living in Dupont Circle/Friendship Heights to Benning Road?!
  9. I've never been a fan of fusion food when it comes to tacos. I recently tried Taco Saam; a korean fusion taco spot located in Falls Church Culmore shopping center. Something about these they are doing right. I got a mix of 4 tacos, (2) Authentic Mexican carne asada and pollo tacos and (2) fusion Korean bulgolgi and galbi. The authentic Mexican tacos weren't anything extraordinary I would come back for. The bulgolgi was more on the sweet side- didn't have much depth to it other than a generous sprinkling of sesame seeds on top. Something about the beef short rib galbi had me! Perfectly seared meat, good balance of sweet/salty topped with a crunchy spicy kimchi. The best part I must commend is making the tortillas fresh to order. I do think that has a leg up on a lot of other places serving tacos. The establishment was clean, well kept.A very small area with about 6 bar stools only at the counter. Service was average.
  10. I agree, the coconut ash ice cream is very good although walking around with a black tongue afterwards from the charcoal color, not so much
  11. As far as portion and flavor, Tortas Y Tacos La Chiquita in Arlington has good fish tacos. Living in CA a number of years the simplicity of an authentic taco is key; cilantro, online and squeeze of lime is just about all one needs and this place does it well. All their menu items are done very well. My only complaint is their carne asada has taken major short cuts, "steak-umms" meat chopped up does not constitute carne asada by any means in my book.
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    Dining in Annandale

    That statement gave me a good laugh..I can totally relate to having these cravings