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  1. great article. Nice to catch up with Julien's doings as well.
  2. Just heard that the Old Town location is closing on the 10th of December.
  3. There's a ramen shop called Ramen Factory 42 in Falls Church that's opening soon, in the mini-strip with Takumi in the former Smashburger location.
  4. There was a nice story on Jose Andres' work in PR on 60 Minutes last night.
  5. It was still Portner's into the late 1990s. When it made the change from whatever the prior establishment was into Portner's, that may well have been in the late '70s. As for getting old, you never looked better.
  6. I didn't find a thread for this spot. Met up for a drink and a bite here at the bar last Wednesday evening. The place has an industrial/warehouse-y decor and it was busy but not crowded when we were there. Because of the association with Red Apron, it's a meat-focused menu with craft cocktails. We both got the "I Don't Even Know Myself," a tasty frothy bourbon lemonade type drink served in a stemmed martini glass, and split some beef fat fries with aoili which were nicely crispy and flavorful, Roman gnocchi with mushroom ragu (my favorite -- more of a custardy polenta cake prep than a traditional potato gnocchi) and the pork meatball, which was a good, competently made meatball. The bartenders were friendly and efficient and knew the menu well. I also had a glass of an interesting Greek white wine recommended by the bartender which I enjoyed. They also offer a sort of build your own charcuterie platter where you check off choices as on a sushi list. We didn't try that but it looked interesting.
  7. Had dinner at the Merrifield location last night and had the harissa mint roasted cauliflower and balsamic glazed winter veggies. Also shared an order of their other roasted cauliflower dish that has almonds and pomegranite seeds and goat cheese. Both were very tasty dishes, well executed with a nice roasty flavor and very bright and pleasing to the eye. Service was good, attentive but not intrusive. I really like their revamped menu and the care they take with their vegetable-centric dishes.
  8. I remember it from The Fugitive movie, Tommy Lee Jones. Also from a Cagney & Lacey episode once. I don't recall hearing it in real life conversations. Based on nothing but gut instinct, I thought it probably came from mangled derivation of "hi-jinks."
  9. Just throwing out a reminder that the holidays are coming up and you may be cooking, slicing and chopping more than usual. Are your knives up to the task? Maybe it's time to put a fresh edge on them. You can message me on this site or email me at ladygoodknife at gmail dot com. I'm in Annandale, inside the Beltway between the Braddock and Little River Turnpike exits. You can drop the knives off, or we can arrange a meet. I also have loaner knives available if you need a backup while I’m working on yours. Blades 6” or less - $5 per Blades 6”-12” - $7 per Serrated Knives - $8 per Swords & machetes - $15 Ceramic blades – steel blade prices plus $2 per knife Louise Comninaki Lady Goodknife
  10. Medical Alert Systems

    I would check with hospice workers. They are likely to have more familiarity with the quality of the service provided over a wide range of systems.
  11. My clearest memory, seeing the film in the theater during its initial release, was the ad hoc Gay Men's Chorus sitting down front singing along to Stand By Your Man when the closing credits started rolling.
  12. Hawaii

    Congratulations and best wishes!
  13. I saw this in the theaters when it was first released. I liked it and enjoyed Shirley MacLaine's performance (I think she's a bit underrated), but I don't recall the "lots of holes" feeling about it. Then again, I haven't been inspired to re-watch it, and that could be the reason why. When I'm hibernating this winter, I'll have to put it in the queue.
  14. The Springfield location is open and I've been twice now, each time weekend lunch visits. This is in the same shopping plaza as a Chick-Fil-A, so if you go on Saturday around lunchtime, there is a huge traffic-choking line of cars for the CFA drive-thru. It's best to park at the far far end near the Outback so you can avoid the gridlock when trying to leave. The setup has a square bar area in the center of the restaurant and ledge seating and some tables around the perimeter. Didn't see posole on the menu boards -- tacos, nachos, sopes and tortillas, plus sides -- so maybe that's just a wintertime addition. On this past Saturday, they had a special taco where the proceeds went to a relief fund for Puerto Rico. The previous week, I think I saw Chef Albisu hanging out at the bar and just checking out how the operation was doing. It was packed two weeks ago (on a Sunday, and CFA was closed), and on Saturday this week, we got there about 12:30 and it was relatively quiet but had picked up to almost full by the time we finished eating. I've tried several different tacos and have like them all, even more so with a bit of their salsa verde added -- creamy, limey, cilantro-y goodness. And I've gotten into the habit of getting a side of their rice & beans because it's just so good. In a nutshell, all the stuff you love about Taco Bamba continues in the new location, plus a bar, plus seating, and still the same mediocre tortillas.