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  1. I think that was the best game the Caps have played all season. Domination of play through checking the puck and checking the bodies -- Ovi was a wrecking machine -- everyone played all 200 feet, quicker shooting, good at getting the puck in deep behind the net and creating plays there, not taking stupid penalties. They just need to keep it up for one more game and then they can get a short rest. --- These stats from NHL news coverage: Ovechkin finished with four hits. Orpik and forward Tom Wilson led the Capitals with six hits apiece. Smith-Pelly had five. Fifteen of the 18 Capitals skaters blocked at least one shot. "Capitals Get Physical in Game 6 against Lightning To Stay Alive" by Tom Gulitti on nhl.com
  2. Came out in the first period flatter than a pancake, no jump in their step at all. Bolts sniped two goals very early in the 1st & 2nd by getting behind our D on fast legs and reading Holtby well. Caps improved steadily through the game and rang several off the cage and had some good traffic in front of the crease a few times but slow to shoot, lack of sustained penetration behind the blue line, a strong opposing goalie and no puck luck to speak of. Our guys look really beat up and tired.
  3. <sigh> 50 minutes of really, really good hockey by the Caps thwarted by an excellent goaltender, 10 minutes of power plays by the other team that got them the win.
  4. I wish they had played that way last night. Tampa has figured a couple of things out and is now chipping shots over our D into the offensive zone and beating us on the boards to keep it in. We also started taking stupid penalties last night and not doing a good job of checking the puck/sticks in lanes. They also looked like they were on dead legs last night, weren't chasing down pucks as before. Hoping Backstrom is ready to come back into the lineup. That may be a way to light a new spark to keep them going. Also worried that Kempny may cost us a lot by penalties/suspensions. He's making more and more borderline or full-out dirty hits and the League is noticing. Doing without forward Wilson during his suspension was tough, but replaceable. Kempny on defense is not as replaceable. We need him on the ice. Player Safety has already levied a stiff fine on him in this series. Next will come a suspension.
  5. From Tom Jones' column in the Tampa Bay Times: "We've got to play with some urgency, and our desperation level has got to go up,'' defenseman Ryan McDonagh said. "We've got to be way better." But that might not be the answer. Unfortunately, for Tampa Bay, there might not be an answer. Because the problem isn't that Tampa Bay is playing lousy, but that Washington is playing really well. And that's the part that is disturbing if you wear a Lightning bolt on your jersey. The Lightning actually played better in Game 2 than it did in Game 1. It played with more energy. The bounces that didn't go Tampa Bay's way in Game 1 actually went its way in Game 2. And it didn't make a bit of difference. In fact, the result was worse. It got so bad that fans started filing out of Amalie Arena midway through the third period. Hope they got a good last look because it just might be the last time they see their team in person until next season.
  6. Loving this sub-headline on WaPo this morning: The Lightning anticipated a better showing in Game 2. It got one from the Capitals. Another masterful showing by the Caps, sticking to the plan and not losing their cool (well, except that one Kempny penalty that was, thankfully, killed), and scoring all over the lines. Cap Center is going to be deafening tomorrow night.
  7. I've always wanted to try this place, and it's where I would go in your situation
  8. Another smart game by the Caps, and I think they really surprised the Bolts. Shots on goal 32-21 in favor of the Caps, and in the 2nd period TB had so few shots that Holtby could have brought a book to keep himself entertained. I know TB was frustrated by the strong defensive play of the whole team and their ability to move the goalie out of position, so much so that Bolts pulled him in favor of their back-up for the 3rd period. Burakovsky is back from his injury and his speed still dazzles, but he's a young player and still makes some stupid plays that lead to turnovers, so he needs to get better aligned mentally with this new way of playing D by the forwards or he could be a bigger liability than his speed is an asset.
  9. weezy

    Watching Caps Game near Tysons Corner

    It will probably be on in the bar at Coastal Flats and Gordon Biersch inside Tyson's Corner Center (first floor below the movie theaters).
  10. weezy


    I saw them last weekend for the first time this season at the Falls Church market, so I imagine they'll be in good supply for the next week or two.
  11. What a smart, smart game they played! Penned the Pens in the neutral zone and ruined their rush, found the holes in the goalie's game, stayed patient and ground it out. Love these guys! So much heart and smarts. And Tampa's style of play is similar to the Pens', so a good lesson in how to shut down the next team. Oh but this glorious win!
  12. Holtbeast saved the bacon last night, but still an outstanding showing (except for that frighteningly bad 2nd period) for the Caps, considering they're without Burakovsky, Wilson and lost Backstrom in the 3rd, while playing against a basically full complement of Pens. One more for the conference, but scary to think that we may have lost Carlson (with his ice time and points) and Backstrom last night. Still waiting word on their evaulations; Carlson undergoing concussion review protocols and Backstrom went out last night with an upper body injury.