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  1. Char-Grilled Octopus

    I was watching an Andrew Zimmern show and he was with a fisherman who had developed a new, cheap & easily copied, method for catching octopus. He made concrete tubes for the octopi to hide in on flat, sandy sea floors and could somewhat determine the size of his catch by the diameter of the tubes he dropped. He just hauled them up, squeezed lemon juice on them so the creatures released from the tube, and plopped the tubes back down in the water.
  2. First preseason game tonight! A chance to get a look at the young blood vying for all the open spots on the roster. Sorry to see some of the vets go due to expansion & salary cap constraints, but it's an exciting time to see who will be able to capture spots in the line-up.
  3. exterminator

    Thanks so much! Same puzzlement for me -- no pets, either.
  4. exterminator

    Anyone have a rec for a good exterminator for a flea infestation? My efforts have not been sufficiently effective. Thanks.
  5. Don, since that looks like a barely-steamed naked squash, I'll throw out the guess of Elizabeth's Gone Raw.
  6. Knives

    They're gorgeous, wonderful, hold an edge and resharpen very well. But, do you use them often enough to make them worth the price? I've got a fairly inexpensive set of Wusthof steak knives -- made cheaper by buying from woot.com -- and I've made them my daily dinnerware knives. I saw a set of the fancy schmancy ones on a discount site several months back and debated getting them and decided against because I didn't think they would be significantly better than what I have now. If you need to replace or upgrade, though, and you can find a good deal, I'd say go for it.
  7. I was looking at their Restaurant Week menu and that had coconut cake as an option, so I think the answer is yes.
  8. Equipment Advice

    FYI, Groupon Goods today has refurb'd Vitamix blenders for $270 -- full 5-year Vitamix warranty. I finally decided to pull the trigger. That's the best price I've ever seen for them.
  9. Sushi in Grocery Stores

    I have only gotten the sushi at the Harris Teeter in Old Town at lunchtime, and it was okay. I'll only get it when the sushi chef is on duty and get something that's just been added to the case, and they are always willing to make up a roll if there isn't a fresh one in the case. the big drawback is the amount of farmed seafood that is used, which I try to avoid. There is a pretty good selection of vegetarian sushi if I can't find a wild caught fish sushi in the case.
  10. Falls Church Market

    Toigo Orchards has Mirai corn coming in now
  11. Congratulations to Edith and Daniel!

    Congratulations to the happy couple!