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  1. I think the premise of the Washingtonian article was, "What is wrong with you that you're going here?"
  2. In the EPL the improbable becomes the result, and one half of a city/county is grateful. Chant from the WBA fans: "Manchester City, We Won it for You." WBA has won 3 of the last 5 at MU.
  3. lovehockey

    Eating at Nationals Park

    I can see why they'd offer the drink pouches. It's been awhile since I've been to Nats Park, but if things haven't changed since I have these will offer more variety in the non-beer department, since if you don't drink beer and want an alcoholic beverage it's cheap wine or basic cocktails like a bourbon and Coke or a margarita (and the basic cocktails cost as much as the drink pouches). Although just thinking of the calorie and sugar amounts those bags must have makes me cringe a bit. I think the packaging will be a big draw, at least at first, and there will likely be people taking the empty bags home with them to reuse. It's something new and interesting, and I'm sure there will be people foregoing a beer to try one of these (more expensive) items, especially if the beer line is long and it could be faster to get one of these. I assume they're pre-made and will be sitting in coolers or on ice, because when it does get hot they will be a cold beverage option. Pounding headache to come later.
  4. lovehockey

    Worst Pizza

    Little Caesers played the odds... And lost (although it's likely the insurance company and the local employees).
  5. lovehockey

    The Bias Against "Local" Wines

    Two things: 1) In my 15 years or so of tasting Virginia (and to a much lesser extent, Maryland) wine, there is a lot of product that doesn't justify the cost. That being said, there are wines I will buy; and 2) I don't know the about the politics, bureaucracy, or demand (and I believe the latter could be a big thing), but the VA ABC stores at least in the Arlington/Alexandria area have a very limited selection of VA wines. I know they need to get stuff sold so they likely go for the dependable sellers and just enough varietals, but I wonder if the selection changes based where you are in the state. But I'm a bit doubtful about that.
  6. Read the posts that have come after that one. Not only did Cafe Milano contact him, but Ivanka Trump. Edit: I've never stepped foot in the place and have no plans to ever do so.
  7. lovehockey


    I confess, if I'm in a hurry or just lazy I make egg a la nuke in a coffee mug, set on the pizza setting. About 30-40 seconds through, I add shredded cheese, and it takes about another 20 seconds, give or take, to cook through. Gets the egg fluffed up. Salsa optional.
  8. UnWined has a selection of Organic Butcher items for purchase online for pickup (locations at the Bradlee Shopping Center on King Street near 395 and the Belle View Shopping Center at Fort Hunt Road and Belle View Boulevard) or local delivery in Alexandria.
  9. If you happen to be watching TV at the moment (8 p.m. hour, Tuesday, November 28) they're re-running his Chopped episode.
  10. The NFL is failing. Papa John's is looking at all of their stats and they need to pull pack from the NFL. The Koch brothers? Most of America doesn't know about them.
  11. I recall when New Orleans is Sinking was yanked off the airwaves after Katrina. And Pool Boy...I know you're a legit fan because you referred to them as the Hip.
  12. A website that most people have never heard of (I hadn't until you linked it) hosted by a small-minded person who doesn't deserve any notice.
  13. Sometime around 2007 I bought a bottle of white wine from the discount shelf at Schneiders. I can't remember what exactly it was, but it was a 1982 vintage. Since the cost was only about $5 I thought, "Why not?" If it turned out to be terrible I wasn't going to be out a lot of money. When I applied the corkscrew the cork fell into the bottle. I poured the wine into a pitcher and it turned out to be just fine. Quite nice, actually.
  14. I think the anthem protests do have a part in the sales slump. Given what this WSJ article says, it's safe to say Papa John's NFL sponsorship has hit its zenith. The head honcho's political views and the quality of the pizza aside, they can't continue as a major advertiser/sponsor for the NFL. Polling shows that for people who have quit watching the NFL this season, the protests have been the reason or one of the reasons they did so. For some, it was strictly the protests. For others, they were hanging on to their NFL viewing for various reasons and this was the straw that broke the camel's back. As to why other pizza chains haven't seen the same problem? Some of these people who quit watching are also boycotting the advertisers (or at least doing their best to). Earlier this season lists of advertisers were circulating around the internet and people were being encouraged to stop patronizing them. Anhauser-Busch even set up a dedicated complaint phone number as a result. So you end up with people who have quit watching football and also have quit ordering pizza on game days because it's not needed anymore. Or they have changed from Papa John's to another chain like Dominos whenever they want to order pizza. It's easier to decide to change your pizza delivery source than it is to decide to change, for example, your phone/internet/TV company (Verizon is another NFL advertiser). I would be interested in seeing how much of a drop in store sales there has been on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays, but I'm guessing they won't make that publicly known. As for the timing of his complaint, it definitely wasn't good. I'm not typing this to defend the guy, but just wanted to point out that it's possible that at least some of the people who have quit the NFL have also quit Papa John's because they're a sponsor.
  15. You can also find games from Germany's Bundesliga on Fox Sports1 and 2. Occasionally a game will appear on the main Fox network.
  16. Tonight's game, delayed 3 hours, has brought a new addition to the DL (and I personally wouldn't be surprised if it's for the rest of the season) after Harper slipped on 1st base at full speed in the bottom of the 1st. Legs are not supposed to move that way. He couldn't put any weight on left his leg as he left the field. I'm sure there are tears in some of his knee ligaments.
  17. lovehockey

    Chicken 65

    Namaste has it on the menu.
  18. They decided not to open in that location and instead will be opening soon at 7305 Richmond Highway. The building is next door to a Shell station and has been home to several other restaurants over the years.