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  1. Over the years, A&J Annandale has become our special occasion restaurant - not that we just save it for special occasions, but whenever it's someone's birthday or, in this case, an anniversary, that's where we end up. We were delighted to be able to get takeout from them on Monday for our anniversary, and the service and dinner were both up to their usual high standards. I called from the parking lot when I arrived, and they safely placed our dinner in the back seat of the car. Of all the takeout/pickups we've had over the last several weeks, this was by far the best. And as our family's f
  2. Had a lovely, long, and leisurely dinner here the other night. A delightful, descriptive wine list. A well put-together cheese and charcuterie plate (man, that ham hock pate). Here again, the cheese menu was very descriptive. Entrees were clams and chorizo with a killer broth and a hanger steak. This is most definitely now a go to neighborhood place and no longer really a retail shop (though bottles are for sale). So, yes, I think this ought to moved into the Restaurants forum.
  3. Showed up super early and sat at the bar around 5 on Saturday. Service nice overall and they let me take my time between courses and sipping on a couple of glasses of wine. And I'll assume that wasn't just because there were plenty of empty seats at the bar that time of night. Very hospitable. Started with the sea trout crudo that was super delicious and an incredibly balanced dish. A little crunchy element would've made it perfect. Went for the urchin linguine, and boy do I wish I had read this thread ahead of time. It was totally fine, but calling it sea urchin linguine sets u
  4. Have been excited about this place ever since they started talking about months and months ago. So had to take advantage of the opportunity to head over lunch. Got there about 11:50 and it was practically empty. 10 minutes later by noon it was nearly full. Opted for shio chintan and it was beautiful. So clean and simple. My one criticism is the broccoli rabe. Love that it comes with this. I love broccoli rabe, but it was a little awkward to eat given its size and texture. Love that menma is standard since that's my goto add-on at most places. This is different from Daikaya's as
  5. Had a very nice solo meal at the bar last night. Arrived just before the doors opened at 5:30 and there were just a few other people along with me waiting. Had generous pours of the Chenin Blanc and later the Millstone Cider. I started with a smoked catfish dip that was very similar in composition and texture to the pork rillettes I had right after. But they were both right in my wheelhouse, so I was happy. The catfish was very smoky with pickled red onion and served with very rustic corn crackers that took me a few bites to figure out how not to break them when dipping them. This was eas
  6. Finally, finally made it out to the Annandale location today for a Sunday lunch with the family. Ordered a handful of stuff that was all varying degrees of great, but I'd say the spicy beef noodle soup (ordered with wide noodles) hit me in a very special place. I loved it and could be happy eating just this for the rest of my life.
  7. Surprised to see this thread [Ray's City Vista] still quiet and listed as "not opening". Ray's Hellburger at this spot opened back in October 2015. I've been a handful of times since. The burgers have been as good as I remember from way back in the early days at the original spot. And the chicken sandwich remains the best anywhere in the city. The usual non-existent atmosphere. Still feels like a pop-up many months in.
  8. It had been almost exactly 4 years since my first visit here and 3 ½ since my last, so I've been eager to get back here. I had a rare solo night out, and figured getting a seat here early on a Wednesday would be easy and it was. As I recalled and like Komi, the service is just about perfect. Equal parts informative, hospitable, and unintrusive. If I had one complaint, it was the pacing. Courses were stacking up. For most of the meal, I had two courses at a time in front of me. Coupled with the fact that I didn't realize till 4 courses deep that I was being served the same portions as if for
  9. Had a wonderful dinner last night at Komi. Our first time back in more than 5 years, and hopefully our next time back is sooner than that. Service was as excellent as I remembered it. Friendly, casual, but just the right amount of attentive. We probably interacted with 6 different staff members with no lack of consistency or continuity. Bill, the sommelier, guided my wine choices very well and seemed surprised and excited when I told him I prefer Chenin Blanc, remarking no one had ever mentioned that before. All of the dishes were terrific. There really wasn't a dud in bunch. A few that
  10. Went here with my wife and our 2 month old for a lateish lunch over the weekend. The service was extremely accommodating to us. They were quick and attentive. They even went so far as unnecessarily whispering when serving us, so as not to disturb our son in his stroller next to our table. The restaurant was lively enough that they could've spoken in a normal speaking voice and still not disturbed him, but I really appreciated the effort and thoughtfulness. My wife got an assortment of sushi - spicy tuna and yellowtail rolls, eel, salmon, and yellowtail nigiri. The rolls were a little overly
  11. Finally registered for the site, though I've been reading in for a couple of years now. Looking forward to be more involved. Thanks, Don. For those that care, I've got a little food blog that covers some of my dining experiences, but also some of the fun I have at home. Check it out at http://istuffmyface.com/ . Carry on. ~J
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