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  1. It's quite possible people have tried advertising and I've missed it, but I feel like I read the listserve enough to get a general feeling for what is regularly posted, and I've definitely seen realtors posting listings/open houses. Those threads get tagged as paid advertisements.
  2. I read the CP listserve on and off, I usually get 2-3 listserve e-mails per day, covering 10-15 topic threads per e-mail. Not once have I seen a CP restaurant place an advertisement on the listserve. The Post article says it has a readership of 17,000(?) people. Now granted there are probably many who are casual readers, but talk about a targeted audience. Some others have suggested maybe doing a monthly special with all the strip businsses participating. It would be great if the new CP farmers market started doing cool collobrative things with the businesses. obviously, there are many issues to deal with here, but I think some good old fashioned neighborhood marketing would be benefical.
  3. Thanks Don. Go see art, people - most of it in DC is admission-free.
  4. Big on the CP list serve as well.
  5. Live music tonight at the Uptown Art House. 8:30pm -11:30pm. $10 suggested donation at the door. Performances by: Tedy Brewski Mr. Daywalker LeDroit Victor Archie
  6. Brightest Young Things review: "Dangerous, whip smart and thought provoking"
  7. This could be interesting. Fare Magazine is a new publication with each edition centered on one specific city. Articles cover history, culture, local neighborhoods, and of course food. Kind of a travel/food publication with articles authored by local writers. The first issue, which apparently weighs in at 196 pages, is on Istanbul. Facebook page Saveur Magazine interview
  8. Mark Furstenberg is known for being crusty. That said, BreadFurst's ordering/payment layout is a bit of a scrum.
  9. Leftover rice stir fried with leftover grilled veggies topped with avocado, fried egg and tomato achaar.
  10. If you are sticking around town for July 4th weekend (well, July 4th is a Tuesday, but you get the point), NMWA will be having their Free Community Day Sunday July 2, noon-5pm. Their summer exhibit Revival opens this week, so it will be a great way to see it for free.
  11. I'm not sure how often Nanny's used to have music, but they generally have live music on Saturday nights these days.
  12. CP is like the DC United of dining. Once great, now sucky.
  13. Uptown Art House is a new-ish community art space in Cleveland Park, which started as a rallying spot for artists building banners and floats for the People's Climate March and then the Pride Parade. According to the executive director, they have funding until December 2017 at which point they will try to find a new location. Since they have a variety of events and activities, I'll try to keep this thread updated. Twelve Twenty One - Mensa Kondo. June 24-30. Opening June 24, 5pm-10pm. $10-$15 suggested donation at the door.
  14. If the weather is nice, grab some picnic fixings, a bottle of wine, and enjoy a picnic in Kensington Garden/Hyde Park or pop over to Regent's Park. Plenty of others will be doing the same and there's nothing better than a long summer night in one of London's Royal parks. I'd also recommend a late lunch at Palomar, Soho/Theater District, sit at the counter and the chefs will be cooking in front of you. The food is Middle Eastern/Modern Israeli
  15. Walking around downtown yesterday, the former DC Coast space will become a Taylor Gourmet and Le Pain Quotidien. I guess it's just another sign of the times.