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  1. The response to the allegations, in part:. I guess it doesn't count if done off-premises.
  2. Liberty Barbecue

    Liberty proves that good barbecue is a group project, by Tim Carman, March 20, 2018, on washingtonpost.com.
  3. One Infinity Is Not Enough: Broad Museum Acquires Second Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Room, by Andrew Russeth, 03/16/18, on artnews.com. The two rooms may be seen at no additional charge but do require a separate sign-up at the the iPad kiosk in the lobby once you enter the museum. First-come, first-served. More details here.
  4. Lawsuit accuses celebrity chef Mike Isabella of ‘extraordinary’ sexual harassment, by Danielle Paquette, March 19, 2018, on washingtonpost.com. at 1:06 PM Email the author
  5. A Flag Is a Flag Is a Flag, by Jason Farago, March 22, 2018, issue of The New York Review of Books, on nybooks.com.
  6. A Georgetown bartender raises a toast to the Old Glory Bourbon Club, by John Kelly, March 12, 2018, on washingtonpost.com.
  7. I thought my parents were the only people ever to do that.
  8. The Original Pantry (DTLA). Since 1924 Never Closed Never Without a Customer 24-7. Cash only, of course.
  9. I don't know much about the the topic question, but I do know that the 1st Amendment protects the right of free speech and the right of the people peaceably to assemble. Dozens of Arlington Households Set To Host Gun Control Marchers, by Bridget Reed Morawski, March 6, 2018, on ARLnow.com.
  10. I find the Georgetown Bagelry is worth the drive from Arlington - either by car via Chain Bridge and Dalecarlia Pkwy to River Road or by bicycle across Key Bridge and up the Capital Crescent Trail to River Road.
  11. Bagels

    Not a reasonable guess as your second sentence evidences. I may concede that bagels are getting worse all over, on average.
  12. Record Store Day

    It's baack! April 21, 2018.
  13. Bagels

    Watson Bagels from Newark were legendary back in the day. My father says he used to give these to us while we were teething. Growing up I do not recall a weekend when there were not a bag of these bagels sitting on the kitchen table.
  14. I have not been for a couple of years, but managed to visit a couple of times over the past month or so. I think the sandwiches still are mostly quite tasty and on balance better than most of what is available in the Rosslyn to Ballston corridor in Arlington, with the notable exception of Earl's. Sunday was their wine club pickup day and I saw a number of folks getting their monthly allotments. The place was mostly full the entire time I was there. It's nice to see that this place seems to be successful.
  15. David Bowie: Futurist?

    David Bowie is @ the Brooklyn Museum, March 2–July 15, 2018.