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  1. Communal Tables Have Got to Go

    I hate that there are communal seats on buses. When I am alone I am alone for a reason. Why should I have to tolerate someone sitting next to me?
  2. The high school speech by Stephen Miller that offended students. What You Can Learn about Stephen Miller from a High School Video
  3. Technically what Miller did was to distance the administration from the poem on the Statue of Liberty (The New Colossus, by Emma Lazarus (November 2, 1883)). What a strange thing to do. How are we to interpret this?
  4. Amex Platinum offers Priority Pass Select. It is no access to all lounges only certain ones under certain conditions. For example, United does not accept any Priority Pass travelers. More discussion on The Points Guy.
  5. It's hard to imagine this thread turning political. That said, and in a non-partisan spirit, I had read that Politico piece and found its factual research illuminating and its implications alarming and horrifying. Assuming that satire is still fair game, here is a link to Pauly Shore on Funny or Die with his take on Mr. Miller. For those listening at work, you should be aware that the clip does contain words that some have referred to as "profanity."
  6. The Ultimate Bloody Mary

    I think it is Texas thing and I fear it is all too real. I would not drink this if the Chef Point in Watauga, TX, paid me the $35. It would only encourage others.
  7. Lunch

    OMG! So sorry to hear that and glad you are on the mend Your posts are always a treat.
  8. I would agree this is not an "everyday" spot, but if you ballpark $10 for the wine, I think that there are a lot of places approaching $10/$11 appetizers and $17/$18 entrees for lunch if you are talking about something other than burgers, sandwiches, or pizza. You can no doubt eat cheaper and well at many places, just not the same. $38 for two courses and a glass of wine is probably less than what you would pay at Founding Farmers, for example, for appetizer, entrée, and a drink. Or on par with Amici Mei if you do an antipasti and a secondi.
  9. I find the $38 lunch special of two courses and a glass of wine to be a decent value for what you get. I have never been to happy hour but it looks like you can get a burger and a couple glasses of wine (or beer) for $21, among other possibilities, which seems like a reasonable deal imho.
  10. (Emphasis added.) Historic Anchor Steam Brewery Purchased by Sapporo, by Ellen Fort, Aug 3, 2017, 9:28am PDT, on sf.eater.com.
  11. Yelp - A California-Based Review Website

    Andrew Zimmern Finds Yelp ‘Useless’, by Greg Morabito, Aug 1, 2017, 1:31pm EDT, on eater.com.
  12. Starz Wins Bidding War for 'Sweetbitter' TV Drama From Brad Pitt, by Lesley Goldberg, July 31, 2017, 10:00am PT, on hollywoodreporter.com.
  13. New entrant to the market since then (Domaine Wine Storage): 300,000 Bottles Of Wine Live In This Old, Underground Rolls Royce Dealership, by Travis Mitchell, Jul 31, 2017 11:55 am, dcist.com.
  14. New York edition of DBGB Kitchen & Bar Will Close Next Month, by Melissa McCart Jul 28, 2017, 6:51pm EDT, on ny.eater.com.
  15. Asheville, NC

    We were at Catawba around 5 and at about 5:20 or so we noticed a line forming for Buxton (which opens at 5:30) so we drank up and joined the queue. A bit earlier than I prefer to eat but it was all good. Actually ran into people we know on our way out who were waiting for a table. They were also from out of town. Small world.