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The Birthday Thread


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Happy Birthday Al! I hope you and your assless chaps are celebrating somewhere nice. :blink:

Thanks Heather. At 41 I'm finding that people are less and less enamored with my cheekiness. Perhaps it's time to retire them or pass them on to the next generation. Though it seems that today's yutes prefer to have their ass hang out of the TOP of their pants. So misguided...

I look forward to my multi-course extravaganza tonight. It won't be Citronelle like last year, but it'll be memorable just the same.

fartin' dust,


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Thanks for all the birthday wishes, pms, and ecards.

I'm doing the perfect diet barbecue here in Tallahassee -- no need to eat, just stand outside and take in the smoke from all the area wildfires! Softshells at Corduroy would be much better.

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Thanks JPW - I think I've had as many good wishes from my imaginary food friends than in real life so far today.

Did everyone remember to get their birthday greetings in to our friend Fat Guy ;) ? He's exactly one day older than sshorter and I.

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