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Fujimar and Lima Lounge, Latin-Asian Restaurant with Latin-Influenced Lounge on 14th and K Street Downtown - Closed Jan 3, 2015

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I actually like the idea of 3 floors with 3 distinct functions. I'm actually going to check on the banqet table in the lounge as a possible spot for my wife's 30th birthday. It seems to fit what I'm lookin for (space for about 25, where friends could lounge around, gather for drinks, cake, and conversation, yet not be totally removed from the bar and the action).

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Ah, very nice. Now, are they actually planning to serve food there, or am I not trendy enough to be blessed with text on any of the menu pages?

Bridging borders its Latin-infused international cuisine created by  Chef Raynold Mendizabal tantalizes the palette with an array of sensual and savory dishes in a sophisticated technique.

At least they got that right. Vegetables are sensual. People are sensuous. Does the chef still want to show me his cucumber?

Cut the crap and get me a drink...

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well one of the owners is Masoud A, the mastermind promoter behind Platinum, VIP, Love (or Dream) and other cheeseball euro-trashy club nights, so one already has a good idea what sort of crowd this restaurant will be geared to.

This place is right next door to DC Coast, is it not? There seems to be another club in that area , between DC Coast and Corduroy on the north side of K Street, that attracts similar clientele.

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This place is right next door to DC Coast, is it not?  There seems to be another club in that area , between DC Coast and Corduroy on the north side of K Street, that attracts similar clientele.

Isn't it actually called "K St"?

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Who doesn't want to eat at a restaurant where "food is sacred" (the chef's words, not mine)?

Y'all are gonna LOVE the web site.  Its music doesn't appear to have an off switch.  :lol:

Interesting! When I went to the website I got this:

About Us

ABC Lawn and Garden was started in 1996 on the principle that you can have a beautiful garden with minimal damage to the environment. Our mandate is to, whenever possible, maintain and encourage healthy growth and development of greenery. Our team of trained specialists will help revive your environment by taking advantage of the natural light available to your property while maintaining the protection and shelter you desire. ABC Lawn and Garden is a member of the Lakeview Business Association.

and this...

Welcome! You have reached the future home of limarestaurant.com, another Doteasy hosted website.

Now that you have your website, the next steps are to:

1. Customize your website content

2. Create your email accounts

You may edit the content or design of this website by using our Doteasy Website Creator and begin by clicking on the Edit Page Design button.

Or you may create the website using your preferred website editor and upload your own files to your server directly using FTP.

For more information on how to connnect to the FTP server, create email accounts or setup your email software, please refer to your account setup instructions in Member Zone or visit our tutorials pages.

Advanced Scripting Tools for limarestaurant.com!

Some tools you may want to install to your website:

Content Manage Discussion Boards Shopping Cart Faq Form Processors

You can find many scripts in our Tools Library that can be used to create custom functionality (photo gallery, discussion forum, shopping cart, calendar...).

View Demo

If you need installation assistance, just let us know.

For further assistance please feel free to contact us.

Not what I usually expect to find in normal run of the mill restaurant websites...maybe they're feeding gophers and rabbits?

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I have advised my brother to take a first date to Lima on Saturday night. I did so because (1) it's supposed to be a beautiful space, (2) the online menu looks very, very good (if a bit strangely structured), and (3) its recency will hopefully indicate to his date that he is an aware diner and not a regular at Applebee's.

That said, I have not yet eaten there, and I am curious if anyone has firsthand knowledge of its atmosphere and/or food.

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Has anyone been to Lima on K St? I am looking for some reviews. Thanks
I went once when it first opened, and it was just an overpriced show, but it has been a while so maybe that is no longer the case. However, I went back a couple weeks ago for a happy hour and the food served demonstrated the same type of meh feeling; one decent hors d'eurves (not spectacular, but quite edible) and the rest consisted of bad hummus and dry meat on sticks.
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It probably has been about a year and a half since I was there. I had a pork chop dish which was actually quite good, but I am pretty sure it was somewhere around the $38 range. My date that night wasn't too hungry, so she had a side salad, which happened to be the only salad on the menu, and it was something like $13. So, the food that we had was pretty good, but wildly overpriced. The scene, however, is cool if that is the type of scene that you want. Some people are turned off by it, some people love it, it just depends.

When we left that night, we commented that this place really didn't want to be a restaurant, it wanted to be a bar, but they figured that they may as well serve food at astronomical prices if people will pay for it.

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Lima has very little to do with the capital of Peru, but that shouldn't shock anyone who has perused their website. Nevertheless, we kept comparing Lima to our meals in Lima. Here's the outcome:

Ceviche sampler of traditional with slices of jalepeno, tuna in ginger dressing, and salmon in chipotle dressing. I call them dressing because the fish taste like they were simply mixed with some dressing rather than soaked and cooked by the sauce. The fish were cut into small 1 cm cubes. While not really ceviche, they taste pretty good.

Empanadas with chimichurri sauce - simply not as good as the one we got at a street cart at Mi Tierra in Adams Morgan. The filling was heavy on sauce, which reminded us of barbeque (so my wifed liked it but I gave up on mine). The chimichurri was another aberration, served in a little plastic take-out container, it looks kind of creamy and tastes nothing like chimichurri.

Chicken croquettes - chunks of dark meat, with a hint of blue cheese - fairly tasty.

Salt cod fritters - salty fish and potato (nothing special here).

Razor clams - I finally get a chance to try them and I was disappointed. These were cooked, chopped into small pieces, dressed in olive oil and lime juice, and then put back in their shells. They were tough and chewy and the dressing did little to make them appetizing.

Lime breaded shrimp - 3 nicely fried shrimp but we don't know how the lime fits into the equation.

Assorted spanish cold cuts and a side of manchego cheese - good.

The city of Lima prides itself on using the freshest seafood. Lima the restaurant prides itself on attractive nightclub goers. We're more likely to return to the city than the restaurant.

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Our meals at Lima last Satureday were very satisfying. Having had recent disappointments with some restaurants that I have always regarded as sure things for a very good mean (Tabard Inn and 15 Ria), I put Lima on my list of places to return. Port

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Given all the jabs posted here, it's actually not half-bad. Of course, the showing of skinning away the fat on a chicken was, um, a bit too revealing on the projection screen in the lounge area, but other than that, and the smoke screen machine causing the fire alarm to go off, the atmosphere was pleasant (although a bit loud).

Company was fabulous, as were the arapas. They were really good, but I didn't understand why they would be served with guacamole. The empanadas, as ericandblueboy mentioned above, looked eh, so I didn't try it. I would avoid the plaintains, as they are listed as "fried plaintains," but come out as these floral, flat chips that wasted $7 of your savings.

The wine selections were really good and averaged about $7-8 per glass, which is nice in this area. If you go during HH, then it's only $5 a glass for pretty rich and sound tasting wine (both reds and whites).

I imagine this as a place to go to after you've eaten somewhere else, but would like to end the evening with a nice glass of wine.

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Lima Lounge and Fujimar are closing on Jan. 3, 2015 (Washington City Paper).

(In 2012, Lima restaurant became Fujimar.)

I'm somewhat embarrassed to ask this, but does anyone know if you could get Fujimar's menu offerings in Lima Lounge, and/or vice-versa? (If there was one kitchen, I suspect the answer is "yes to both.")

I wonder if they permit corkage?

Knowing what is was, and knowing who you are, this question is downright hysterical. :)

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