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  1. You're thinking of the pop up that came after/during TapaBar. It has now re-opened as R Family Kitchen and Bar, and supposedly has Pho, although I can't confirm that. "R Family Kitchen & Bar Opens in Former TapaBar Space" by Joe Zimmermann on bethesdamagazine.com --- Edit: Looks like they only have chicken or veggie pho, which is disappointing.
  2. L’Academie de Cuisine, the local culinary school that’s produced distinguished alumni including James Beard Foundation Award-winner Aaron Silverman, Mirabelle pastry chef Aggie Chin, Daikaya co-founder Katsuya Fukushima, and celebrity chef Carla Hall, just shut down its professional campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland. L’Academie founder Francois Dionot, who started the now-revered institution in 1976, informed staff late Friday, December 15, that the professional facility (16006 Industrial Drive, Gaithersburg, Md.) was done effective immediately. "L'Academie de Cuisine" by Don Rockwell on donrockwell.com "Culinary Launchpad L'Academie de Cuisine Is Closing" by Warren Rojas on eater.dc.com Wow. I admit I don't follow DC-centric food news much but since I have friends who live in the area, of which one is an alum of this school, the news of this close struck me like a blow.
  3. There may be some major news coming out tomorrow afternoon at L'Academie de Cuisine. Francois Dionot has called a mandatory meeting for the entire staff tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 PM, with almost no information being handed out in advance. Rumors are swirling, but right now, they remain unsubstantiated - people fear the worst in situations such as this, which is understandable.
  4. Class 520 opened there second Montgomery County location in Bethesda on Friday, May 5. The other location is in Rockville. If you don't know what Thai Rolled Ice Cream is, do a search on you tube watch a video or two or three, be mesmerized, then try out this specialty. Essentially, you pick a flavor, they pour some liquid ice cream base on a cold stone, work it for a while, once it approaches freezing, it is put into a think sheet, then rolled and put in a cup. At 520, the journey ends at a fixins bar. I got the strawberry green tea. It is on the expensive side, but worth the experience. They also sell bubble tea in a light bulb shaped glass.
  5. Update on the Bethesda Fine Dining Location, which reports a May opening (credit--Bethesda Magazine)
  6. Although a discussion was never started on this place, I guess its demise will be reported by my post. There is another dining casualty at Montgomery Mall new "dining deck" (credit, Bethesda Magazine). It was not around long enough for me to give it a try. Pizza looked good enough though. The sit down dining area never looked full to me.
  7. Not sure if an actual thread is started yet (if so please merge), but per this link: "Small Bites: Community Diner Targeting Late Summer Opening in Bethesda" by Andrew Metcalf on bethesdamagazine.com it was to have opened by 'late summer 2016' but I can tell you it is still not open and it is officially fall. That being said, I am interested in seeing it open soon as I would like to check it out. From the construction looks, I still think it is at least 2 to 3 months away though.
  8. Now open in former Black Finn space. "Tapa Bar Opens in Bethesda" by Aaron Kraut on bethesdamagazine.com
  9. One point of clarification. We (don't know why I say "we" as I'm not a pharmacist) are actually the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP). The American pharmacists Association (APhA) is downtown renting space in a State Department Building. We're very different associations (some may say friendly rivals). ASHP has been a fixture in Bethesda for decades - even before we bought the building at 7272 we had rented space on Montgomery, I think. Food Wine & Co was the default restaurant for ASHP to hold business lunches at. I suspect Q will be the same.
  10. Breaking News! Bethesda Magazine is reporting that Peter Chang will open a new "flagship" restaurant called "Q by Peter Chang" in Bethesda. Don will have to decide if this qualifies for it's own thread.
  11. From Bethesda magazine: opening in later summer. I am pretty jazzed about this opening. Hopefully it will live up to other NRG spots. Will be interesting to see how they deal with Montgomery County liquor controls (although selection in Montgomery has gotten much better in the last year as far as beer in concerned).
  12. I am tasked with organizing a pre-launch customer go-live drinks thing near my office as we have a big customer going live. The company has done it before at places like Rock Bottom (boring), Gringos and Mariachis (OK), but looking for something different. Suggestions for a place with a decent bar, ideally decent cocktails, and at least some tasty nibbles to go with? Redwood? Barking Dog? Food Wine & Co? Tyber Bierhaus? I am really kind of at a loss for a place in Bethesda that does decent cocktails, good beer and wine, ideally some beverages for the 2 or 3 under 21 crowd on staff, and decent appetizery stuff we can order to share. Having decent room for us to mill about would be good, so no tiny bar areas allowed. Not planning on securing a time or designated room as # of people is up in the air (probably up to 20), so just planning on heading wherever it is early (like 5)... TIA!
  13. This is a cute little place that opened last fall. My husband and I have stopped in for lunch several times (they have lunch specials), and have been very pleased with the experience. We've tried a variety of dishes and all have been excellent. Most recently, my husband had the Sushi special and I had Tuna Tataki. Everything was very fresh and tasty. They serve beer and wine. The space is bright, modern and attractive.
  14. This doesn't really fit in any other category, except, perhaps, arts, but I think it is very cool. Pinball Arcade pop up opening in Bethesda, per Robert Dyer
  15. Hi, many of you may have seen me posting in other forums. My name is Philip Raskin and I am an attorney at Paragon Title & Escrow Company. I am a licensed attorney in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. Paragon has been around for over 30 years conducting real estate settlements (residential and commercial) in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our 7 attorneys have over 100 years of combined service. In addition to the attorneys, we are supported by 20 of the best staff in the industry. Our office is known for our thoroughness and ability to get the most difficult cases closed. We do not cut corners. We stay every evening until all emails and voice mails are responded to. I am sorry if the above sounded a lot like a sales pitch--it was not meant to be. I am proud to be associated with this company knowing that we are conducting business at a very high level, act ethically and provide our clients with a great result. Enough about me. If anyone has any real estate questions, ever, please feel free to reach out to me without any obligations. I am always happy to help. Philip Raskin
  16. Modmarket is opening their first location outside of Colorado and Texas - in Bethesda in a spot which is cursed by the ghosts of Boloco and Baja Fresh. Per Robert Dyer. "Modmarket (Modern Market) To Open at Bethesda Row" on robertdyer.blogspot.com
  17. Pesca Deli is now advertising that have also opened a butcher shop across the street at 4961 Bethesda Avenue called Butchers Alley.
  18. Well, looks like I dropped the ball (work, kids, etc.) in making dinner reservations for our anniversary, which is actually today (11/6) but unable to do dinner tonight. Looking for someplace that we can walk into tomorrow night probably around 8 and somewhere not to far from Bethesda. We don't mind sitting at the bar as long as we don;t have a bunch of people hovering over us. Wife is not a big fan of Italian food. Drawing a blank right now. How is the bar area at Rasika-West End?
  19. I hadn't heard of this place until friends invited me to join them this evening for dinner and a Grateful Dead cover band show. Not sure I'm going yet, but I don't recall seeing anything about this joint on DR.com. Anyone been? The menu looks enticing with items for meat eaters (Villains) and vegetarians (Saints). http://villainandsaint.com/
  20. With Matuba closing, Azami's Japanese model railroad club is looking for a new place to hold their monthly sushi lunch. They've had an occasional lunch at Satsuma, but Satsuma won't work as a long-term solution. The most important criteria are a) reasonably priced (i.e. like Matuba); b ) good at handling large groups; and c) in Bethesda. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  21. Read this today: "4935 Bar and Kitchen Owner in Negotiations To Take Over Brasserie Monte Carlo Space" by Andrew Metcalf on bethesdamagazine.com Brasserie Monte Carlo might be down on the ropes.....or not. Only been there once in the past 4 or 5 years. Almost got there a couple of weeks ago, might try to get there for lunch in case they are gone soon.
  22. My wife will be retiring at the end of October 2015. A Bethesda area location would be best with 25 to 35 participants. I think that October 22 would be the best date. Her employees are used to paying between 10 to 15 dollars for similar events but I would be willing to supplement or pay for any costs incurred for this event. Let me know of any suggestions, A isolated area would be preferred but not required. Thanks for your help. - Paul